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Kongming’s Archives thrives on user contribution. In fact, the primary function of this site is to allow a larger audience access to guides, essays, biographies and other content prepared by members inside the community. If you have something to share, even if it is an idea or a suggestion, we would love to hear from you. Please use this form to get in touch.


Here is a list of things that we are always interested in. This is certainly not an all-inclusive list of items we will include here at Kongming’s Archives; we are always happy to include anything that presents valuable information or is the product of diligent research.

Submissions FAQ

Because we are asking you to submit your hard work to our site I feel it might be helpful to both of use if I presented a basic FAQ. If you have any concerns or doubts there is a good chance we will cover them here, if the question you have in mind is not answered here please send me an email for a prompt reply.

Web Site FAQ – Contents

Here is a list of hyperlinks (shortcuts) to questions that have been answered here.

Q: Do I maintain the copyright of my submitted work?
A: Yes, we do not assume any ownership of submitted work on these pages. <faq top>

Q: Do you make any changes to the work I submit?
A: In some cases, yes, we do (game walkthroughs and essays are the exceptions). Kongming’s Archives, as a community project, adopts various standards (regarding the presentation of information) and those standards are applied to various types of submitted works (biographies in particular). Possible examples include ‘Xu Zhu’ being changed to ‘Xu Chu’, ‘Lu Bu’ being changed to ‘Lü Bu’, ‘AD’ being moved to the beginning of a date or ‘CE’ being changed to ‘AD’, and common spelling or grammar corrections.  The reasons for these various changes, where they apply, and in what ways can be found on the site standards information page.  Please submit any questions you may have using the contact form. <faq top>

Q: Do you profit in any way of submitted work?
A: No, Kongming’s Archives is a nonprofit site. We do not profit from our content. Even if this changes one day we will still never attempt to profit off submitted work without advance permission for the authors. <faq top>

Q: I would like to update some of my work on this site, how?
A: Prepare a the new version of your submission in .doc, .txt, or .rtf format and send it to me along with a link to the submission you are updating, I will take care of the rest. <faq top>

Q: I want to submit something to this section, what should I know?
A: We will include all original work related to Romance of the Three Kingdoms as long as it is a productive addition to the RTK community. For example, we would be happy to include something like an analysis of the impact of diseases on China during this era or a translation of a popular book that is not available in English, but we will not include something like a hand-typed copy of SGYY chapter 1 (there is no need for material like this). Also note that we will accept multiple biographies for different officers, just make sure you include your sources (is the biography based off Luo Guanzhong’s novel, or is it based off actual history). Make sure your work is true to the things you referenced, if we see too many errors in your work we will not include it on this site. Also, please refrain from strong personal opinions (e.g. “Shu was the strongest of the Three Kingdoms”, “Liu Bei was an idiot”, “Sima Yi was a traitor”), but feel free to make an opinion the subject of an essay (e.g. “Was Shu the strongest of the Three Kingdoms?”, “Was Liu Bei a poor leader?”, “Was Sima Yi a traitor?”). Above all just use your common sense, do your best, and then submit your work to me by email for consideration. Make sure you include information on how you would like to be credited. <faq top>

Q: Can I change the way you have credited my work?
A: Yes, just e-mail the webmaster with an example or an explanation of how you would like your credit to appear. To avoid confusion tell me how you would like your name/handle to be displayed and what, if any, e-mail address you would like to be posted with your work. <faq top>

Q: Can I include <submission> on my Web page?
A: No, not without first getting permission from the submitting author. Check the work you want to include on your Web page for the credit (it will give you an author and usually an e-mail address). Use the contact information provided there to ask the original author for permission and for a text copy of the original document. If there is no contact information provided (just a name) and you do not know how to contact that person you will not be able to host their work on your site. You may not use HTML and CSS from this site even if the author has authorized you to host his or her work. <faq top>

Q: Can I include <original site content> on my Web page?
A: Please send me an email and give me some time to look into it (I work on this section with ). I will reply when a decision has been made. You cannot use HTML or CSS from our pages unless you get permission for that as well. Unless you get permission from one of us the answer is no. <faq top>

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