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Three Kingdoms Quizzes: Submit Question

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This form is for submitting a question to be included in the Three Kingdoms Quiz. Fill out all fields below (six possible answers are required, up to twelve can be submitted), selecting what you feel is the correct difficulty (all game questions must be submitted to the ‘Game’ category) and correct answer using the drop down menus, then click the ‘Review Question’ button. You will then be taken to a new page to review your question. Please scan it over for spelling and grammar errors (but do not change the formatting) then click the ‘Submit Question’ button again. This will send the question in for quiz consideration, and then forward you back to the input question form.

It is important that, when submitting a question, you select a proper difficulty and make it clear enough to understand (this will be important when you send a question I won’t know the answer to myself). Please use your spell checker with all submitted fields, and use proper grammar (capitalize paragraphs, terminate them properly with a period, question mark, etc, and place a space between your sentences).

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