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Due to the popularity of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel and the era behind it, many commercial products have been developed over the years including movies, books, games, and even action figures. The objective of this section is to list the various products that one can find today with in-depth information, links to the items for sale at Amazon and eBay, and Google searches; all so you can make informed purchases (some items have dedicated pages).

It is worth reading all information provided because in some cases unexpected problems may crop up, and we do our best to inform you about them before you invest your money (e.g. Great Conquests animé DVD). If you would like to see information on a product that isn’t listed here, or would like to submit new information on a product already listed, please contact me. Purchases made through Amazon links also help in part with payment of our hosting fees, allowing us to put more content online (for those that don’t already know, we are a non-profit site).


Great Conquest: Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Runtime: 1:58; Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Depending on Version)

A Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Televison Series)
Runtime: approx. 48hrs; Chinese w/ English Sub; ASIN: 7799002441



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April 22, 2023