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Due to the popularity of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel and the era behind it, many commercial products have been developed over the years including movies, books, games, and even action figures. The objective of this section is to list the various products that one can find today with in-depth information, links to the items for sale at Amazon and eBay, and Google searches; all so you can make informed purchases (some items have dedicated pages).

It is worth reading all information provided because in some cases unexpected problems may crop up, and we do our best to inform you about them before you invest your money (e.g. Great Conquests animé DVD). If you would like to see information on a product that isn’t listed here, or would like to submit new information on a product already listed, please contact me. Purchases made through Amazon links also help in part with payment of our hosting fees, allowing us to put more content online (for those that don’t already know, we are a non-profit site).

Games (New Releases)

Video Game Purchase Guide
When buying a video game you have to be aware of several things so you don’t get the wrong copy. First, determine if you need a NTSC or PAL copy. If you live in the United States or Canada you will need an NTSC copy, but if you live in Europe, Australia, or most non-Asian parts of the world, you will need a PAL copy. Second, make sure you buy the copy for the right console (PlayStation 2, XBox, or GameCube; if in doubt ask the person who is to receive the game which they are looking for). If you are trying to decide on a gift for someone, I would suggest buying the newer games listed below rather than previous installments (e.g. Dynasty Warriors 4 instead of 3). I don’t mind answering questions which are not addressed on this page if they are sent in by email.

Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires

Dynasty Warriors 4

Dynasty Warriors 3

Dynasty Tactics 2

Samurai Warriors

Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX

Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII

More Three Kingdoms Games


Romance of the Three Kingdoms (General Links)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Moss Roberts)
If you are not sure what edition to get, read the purchase guide.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (C.H. Brewitt-Taylor)
If you are not sure what edition to get, read the purchase guide.

More Recommended Three Kingdoms Era Books
For more information on books below check the Amazon.com pages.

More Books Popular Among Three Kingdoms Readers
For more information on books below check the Amazon.com pages.


Great Conquest: Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Runtime: 1:58; Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Depending on Version)

A Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Televison Series)
Runtime: approx. 48hrs; Chinese w/ English Sub; ASIN: 7799002441

Other Three Kingdoms Products

External Three Kingdoms Product Links
Some other sites have various products link pages of interest.

Dynasty Warriors Products
Assorted products born of Koei’s game series, Dynasty Warriors.

Playing Cards: Three Kingdoms 54 Card Decks
Several companies have released 54 card Three Kingdoms playing decks. Use the links below to find some of them, and remember to buy two if you actually want to play with one while keeping the other safe.

Playing Cards: Portal Three Kingdoms
Expansion set for Magic the Gathering by Wizards of the Coast.

Playing Cards: Romancing Cathay Three Kingdoms Game
Two-player game played with 117 cards and a D6. By Romancing Cathay.

Statues and Figurines: Three Kingdoms Generals
Occasionally statues can be found of different Three Kingdoms officers.
Statues of Guan Yu/Gong, as he is seen as God, are virtually always available.



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April 22, 2023