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Using the form and instructions on this page you can submit a new fan-fiction to Kongming’s Archives for display on the Fan-fiction Home Page. If you are submitting your first fan-fiction through us, please read the Submission Information below, then complete the form. Please allow several weeks for review and reply or posting. Poor submissions or major violations of our requirements will be deleted without reply.

Submission Information

With the introduction of the poetry section of Kongming’s Archives you may now submit translations of historical poetry or original poetry you have created yourself. There are only two major requirements: quality and relevance. Your poem must have something to do with the Three Kingdoms era and if the connection isn’t immediately obvious you can also include a note about that in your submission.

That aside, there is also the question of quality. The poems must actually mean something and flow together properly. Additionally, incorrect spelling and bad misuse of grammar will disqualify a poem from inclusion on the site. The following items disqualify submissions:

  • Adult Content (we keep a large audience, nothing excessive please)
  • Spelling (incorrect spelling will disqualify, please use a spell checker)
  • Grammar (poor use of grammar and words will disqualify)
  • Incomprehensible (the poetry must have subject and meaning of some form)

Please fill out the submission form below in complete detail, or direct questions to the Webmaster.

Submission Form

To submit your poetry or translations please complete the form below, making sure you include all information you would like taken into consideration when the work is posted online while paying attention to the requirements listed above. All fields marked in red text must be included in order for the form to be accepted. Paste the actual poetry in the final large field, when submitted it will retain formatting such as hard returns or multiple spaces.

Subject (required, subject of e-mail)

Name (required, your name)

Email (required for reply)

Credit Name (required, name to appear on site)

Credit Email (email to be included with credit)

Credit Web Site (site to be included with credit)

Original Author (include with poem translations)

Poem Title (required, name of poem)

Category (required, please select one)

Type of Poetry (more information)

Poem Portrait (officer portrait to appear with poem)

Comments (unrelated comments or handling notes)

* Can be used to comment or suggest changes to editor.

Poem (required, please paste poem here)

* If you wish to include an introduction, include above.
* If you wish to submit by URL, include above.

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January 16, 2023