Original Poetry: Royce Freeman

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Royce Freeman’s Poetry

Three Kingdoms Poetry by Royce Freeman

Index of Poetry

The Final Encounter

Author: Royce Freeman
Type: Free Verse

As the warriors have showed there might
The kept the world from great fright
Now look at the aftermath
Of the warriors destructive path
Trying to make things right only made them worse
It was as if this empire was bestowed a curse
The future of China looked so bright like gold
But soon it began to grow dark and cold
Warriors form an age of timeless succession
Fought to keep up China’s progression
And Emperor’s fighting to keep their glory
While trying to earn a place in history
For China turmoil became the heir
Pain and sorrow none can bare
Ruling this empire became more insuperable
China needed a great miracle
And soon the nation became more tranquil
As the kingdom became more stable
Now the Three Kingdoms Era reared its final stage
As the last sentences are being written on this page
A country divided is now a country reunited

Lu Xun’s Trilogy

Author: Royce Freeman
Type: Free Verse

A once and powerful kingdom shall fall
Destruction and chaos reigns upon all
As the burning fires roar across the land
Powerful warlords fight hand-and-hand
As the serenity and prosperity disappear without trace,
Destroying a once superior race
The three kingdoms fighting until the end
But only one kingdom will win
Liu Bei fighting to restore the Han
The greatest empire of them all
That once stood so proud and so tall
Sun Quan a man unlike any other
Fighting alongside his older brother
And Cao Cao a man from a world amidst,
Chaos ruling with an iron fist
Battles, chaos, and turmoil beyond imagination
Emperors trying to restore a nation
A new dynasty is now proclaimed
With supreme authority is has reigned
As the people of China looks to this kingdom for humble peace
The fighting warriors will not decease
But only one kingdom will win
This glorious kingdom was the Jin

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All listed poetry copyright © 2004 Royce Freeman