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The novel, Sanguo yanyi (Romance of the Three Kingdoms), contained a great deal of poetry to go along with the actual story, the total numbering in the hundreds. Additionally, poets of the time such as Cao Zhi composed their own work, and people today continue that tradition through new poetry. This page is dedicated to displaying favorite poems found in the novel, composed by people of that time, and original poetry about the Three Kingdoms era. To make contributions of translations or original work please visit our poetry submission form. Please enjoy!

Original Three Kingdoms Poetry

Poetry in this section is the original work of people who enjoy the Three Kingdoms era, and content is sorted by author. You are welcome to submit your own poetry using our poetry submission form, and don’t be shy of sharing your work with our audience.

Translations of Historical Poetry

Listed below you will find a collection of Three Kingdoms historical poetry that has since been translated. Poetry is sorted by original author’s name. If you would like to submit your own contribution to this page please use the poetry submission page.

Sanguo Yanyi (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) Poetry

Poetry listed below is from the novel Sanguo yanyi (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) and is sorted by subject. The particular novel translation from which the listed poetry originates is detailed at the bottom of each poem. At present there is no way to submit poetry to this section.


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June 22, 2023