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Three Kingdoms Essays and Writings

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Presenting a collection of essays and general writings related to the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history.  Content ranges between essays focused on historical or novel information and observation up to creative writing.  Notes for each item included help to determine the nature of featured works. See below for submission information. Enjoy.

Note: We are looking for writers to add their knowledge and writings to this section, if you are interested in becoming a writer for Kongming’s Archives please contact us.

Three Kingdoms Essays and Writings

Each author who has submitted material to Kongming’s Archives is listed below in alphabetical order (presently sorted by first name due to the existence of screen names).  Under each author a list of contributed material can be found with a brief description of the content below each link.

Kong, Moses (Jiang Zhi)

Lady Wu

Lanning, Brian

Loder, Adrian

Peirce, James

Williams, Sean

Wu, Jonathan

Essays and Writings Submissions

You may submit writings of many types to this page for display on this site.  The writings must be associated with Three Kingdoms history, the novel, or the events surrounding it in some way.  Content may range between historical and novel academic writing to creative literature associated with the era.  Please note that we also have a fan fiction section; information of that type does not belong here.

To submit your literature please use our standard email form.  If you wish to paste the essay as text please feel free to do it in the message body area, whitespace will remain intact, or if you wish to submit it by Word document (preferred) please send me your contact information (see below) and I will reply.  You can then send me an attachment.  Please include with all submissions your document title, sources if applicable, the email address you would like to see online (again, if applicable), and the name under which you would like to be credited.  Also feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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