Biography (SGZ): Zhuge Qiao (Bosong)

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Zhuge Qiao (Bosong)
諸葛喬 (伯松)
(AD 203-228)

San Guo Zhi Officer Biography
Translator Notes in Green
Translated by Jack Yuan

Sanguozhi Scroll 35 Shu 5
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Zhuge Qiao was styled Bosong, the second son of Zhuge Liang’s elder brother Zhuge Jin and originally styled Zhongshen. He and his elder brother Zhuge Yuanxun were both famed in their times. Critics surmised that Zhuge Qiao’s talent was not adequate to that of his brother but his disposition was superior. Before Zhuge Liang had a son, he requested that Zhuge Qiao become his heir. After informing Sun Quan, Zhuge Jin sent Zhuge Qiao west and Zhuge Liang made him his adopted son and hence changed his style. Zhuge Qiao was assigned Chief Commandant of Attendant Cavalry and accompanied Zhuge Liang to Hanzhong. At the age of twenty-five, in the sixth year of Jianxing [228], he died. His son Zhuge Pan reached the position of acting Protector of the Army, Flying Martial General, and died early. Zhuge Ke was executed in Wu and his sons and grandsons exterminated. Since Zhuge Liang had his own descendants, Zhuge Pan was restored as the heir of Zhuge Jin.

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