Biography (SGZ): Lady Xie

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Lady Xie

Sanguozhi Officer Biography
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Lady Xie, wife of Quan, Lord of Wu, was a native of Shanyin in Kuaiji. Her father, Ju, was Prefect of the Masters of Writing and Prefect of Xu (1). The mother of Quan, Lady Wu, took Lady Xie to be Quan’s consort, and loved her greatly. Later, when Quan took Lady Xu, the granddaughter of his aunt, to be wife, he wanted to make Lady Xie treat her as her superior. Xie refused and became depressed. She died early. More than ten years later, her younger brother, Cheng, was made Gentleman of the Officers, and later was transferred to be Eastern Colonel of Changsha and Grand Administrator of Wuling. He compiled more than a hundred chapters of the Hou Han shu (2).

(1) Ju’s son, Cheng, in the Hou Han shu that he compiled, praised Ju to be benevolent and filial in his youth, and being of great understanding and intelligence he had the talents of a Prefect. Zhen, the younger brother of Ju, was heedful of the law, making learning and righteousness his priorities. He was recommended as a “Filially Pious and Incorrupt”, and made chief of Jianchang. He died in office.
(2) From Kuaiji Dianlu: Cheng, styled Weiping, was of great learning and broad knowledge. Once he saw something he would remember it for life. His son Song was General Who Manifests Power, and Song’s younger brother Mao was Grand Administrator of Wu commandery. Both were men of renown.
(I): Updates of this biography have been discontinued by the translator in favor of an alternate translation found in Robert Joe Cutter and William G. Crowell's Empresses and Consorts, a marvelous hardcover book detailing the role of women during the Three Kingdoms era. It includes the biographies of women included in Chen Shou's Sanguozhi. This translation remains online for archival purposes only.

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Translated from Chen Shou’s Sanguozhi