Three Kingdoms History: Rank by Reign Year

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms – General Ranks by Reign Year

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Presenting a list of officer ranks sorted by reign year in tables. Each section is dedicated to a kingdom (currently only Shu is available) and each kingdom has its own title table. You may view kingdom tables in the provided inline frames (use the scrollbars), or click an “open in a new window” link to read them in a new browser window (best for high-resolution monitors).

This section was designed with 800x600 plus monitors in mind, although it will function on lower resolutions (the tables will just be harder to read). If anyone has suggestions, comments, or concerns to share please send me an email.

Shu General Ranks by Reign Year

Translated from by Lady Wu.
You may view it using the inline frame below, or open it in a new window.

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March 7, 2014