Three Kingdoms History: Sima Zhong (Huidi)

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Sima Zhong (Huidi)
Lived (AD 259-306), Ruled (AD 290-306)

Jin Emperor Biographies
Authored by Sean Williams

Sima Zhong was born in the year AD 259, and was the first son of Sima Yan. He had a mental defect from birth. Upon the death of Sima Yan in 290, Sima Zhong ascended to the throne, however his wife, Empress Jia Nan Feng, made all the important decisions for the state and effectively ruled China from AD 290 to 300

Unfortunately, for China, Empress Jia was not very bright either, and she was very fearful and paranoid. She eliminated any who appeared to be a threat to her position, including a rival faction within the imperial family. In addition, her victims even included the Crown Prince of Jin.

In the year AD 300, the King of Zhao led a coup against the Empress. She was killed along with several others in her faction. In addition, Emperor Zhong was placed under house arrest. Not long after putting down this insurrection and regaining power, the kings began to fight amongst each another. We call this conflict the War of the Eight Kings. In which high-ranking nobles fought with one another for control of the mentally deficient emperor.

In the year AD 304, Liu Yuan, a member of the Xiong Nu tribe, founded the “Han” Dynasty in northern China near present-day Beijing. Two year later, in AD 306, Sima Zhong died at the age of forty-seven. His brother Sima Zhi succeeded him, and Sima Zhong received the posthumous title of “Hui-di,” or “Beneficial Emperor.”

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