Three Kingdoms History: Sima Zhi (Huaidi)

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Sima Zhi (Huaidi)
Lived (AD 284-313)
Ruled (AD 307-311)

Jin Emperor Biographies
Authored by Sean Williams
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Sima Zhi was born in the year AD 284, and was a son of Sima Yan. In the year AD 307, Chi came to the throne to succeed his brother, Sima Zhong. He was only thirteen years old at this time.

It was during Sima Zhi’s reign that the Xiong Nu (commonly called the “Huns” in the West) grew much stronger. In the year AD 311, the Xiong Nu raided the Jin Capital Luo Yang and captured him.

They forced him to serve as a cupbearer for two years, and they executed him in AD 313. After his death, he was named “Haui-di” or “Cherished Emperor,” and was succeeded by his cousin Sima Ye, who had moved the Capital to Chang An in response to the Xiong Nu attacks.

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