Three Kingdoms History: Sima Yao (Wudi)

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Sima Yao (Wudi)
Lived (AD 362-396), Ruled (AD 373-396)

Jin Emperor Biographies
Authored by Sean Williams
Edited by James

Sima Yao, born in AD 362, was the oldest son of Sima Yu. He ascended to the Jin throne at the age of ten.

Before he came of age, his mother, Empress Chong-de, controlled all the affairs of state. After being brought up, he became a drunkard and spent much of his time with concubines. This allowed his brother, Sima Dao Zi, to seize power.

When Sima Yao discovered that his brother secretly controlled the Empire, he was enraged and began plotting to kill him. He ordered his general Wang Gong to mobilize the northern armies against Sima Dao Zi.

Before any action could be taken, however, his concubine Zhang Gui Ren murdered Sima Yao in the year AD 396, he was thirty-four years old.

Sima Dao Zi ordered that Yao’s oldest son, Sima De Zong, become the next emperor. After his death, Sima Yao was posthumously named “Xiao Wu-di”, or “Filial Martial Emperor”.

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