Three Kingdoms History: Sima Lun (Zhaowang)

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Sima Lun (Zhao Wang)
Ruled (AD 301)

Jin Emperor Biographies
Authored by Sean Williams
Edited by James

Sima Lun was the ninth son of Sima Yan and the third Emperor of Jin. The year of his birth, however, is uncertain. When Sima Yan pacified Wu, he gave his son the title of King of Zhao.

Sima Lun was to become one of the Eight Kings who fought bitterly with each other at the end of the third century, in what is now known as the “Wars of the Eight Kings.” In the year AD 300, he was involved in a plot in which the Crown Prince and Empress Jia were executed. He also placed the Emperor under house arrest and claimed the throne for himself in AD 301

Sima Lun began rewarding all those who had helped with his vile plots by giving them rank and titles of nobility. At the time, it was a custom for senior officials to wear hats with sable tails while in the court, but Sima Lun had granted so many titles of nobility that the sable tails were in short supply.

Later in the year AD 301, another one of the Eight Kings assassinated Sima Lun. Emperor Sima Zhong was freed from house arrest as a result to Sima Lun’s death.

Sima Lun is the only Jin ruler who did not receive a posthumous title.

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