Three Kingdoms History: Liu Ying (Ruzi)

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Liu Ying (Ruzi)
Ruled (AD 6-8)

Han Ruler and Emperor Biographies
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In the year AD 6, the two-year old Ru-zi succeeded Ping-di as Emperor. The family of the wife of Yuan-di dominated the palace, and her nephew Wang Mang was made regent over Ru-zi. Wang Mang was a Confucianist, and many Confucianists looked to him with hope that China would be ruled again with moral purpose. They encouraged him to found his own Dynasty, and in the year AD 9, Wang Mang usurped the throne and declared himself Xin Emperor, ending the two-hundred year rule of the Han.

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Major Sources: Shi Ji (Sima Qian)
Ancient Chinese History and Emperors (Brian Williams)
with notes from William Ho and Quentin Tran