Three Kingdoms History: Liu Qi (Jingdi)

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Liu Qi (Jingdi)
Ruled (156-141 BC)

Han Ruler and Emperor Biographies
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In the year 156 BC, the son of Wen-di, Liu Qi succeeded his father as Han Emperor. He ruled for sixteen years as Jing-di, and attempted to extend his family’s domination over noble families.

A war between these nobles and Jing-di ended well for the Han. The war ended in a compromise, the nobles keeping some of their privileges but were no long permitted to appoint ministers for their fiefs.

In 140 BC, his son Wu-di succeeded Jing-di.

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Major Sources: Shi Ji (Sima Qian)
Ancient Chinese History and Emperors (Brian Williams)
with notes from William Ho and Quentin Tran