Three Kingdoms History: Liu Long (Shangdi)

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Liu Long (Shangdi)
Lived and Ruled (AD 106)

Han Ruler and Emperor Biographies
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After the death of Emperor He Di, the three month old Liu Long was put on the throne by Empress-dowager Deng. The child was chosen over two older brothers of Liu Long, who were born from a consort. This was done to prolong the rule of the Empress-dowager’s family. Knowing that a child, let alone a baby could not rule, the Han Empress’ power would be solidified.

Liu Long was a weak baby, and died before he reached the age of one. He was immortalized as Shang Di, and his twelve-year-old cousin Liu Yu was placed on the throne next.

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Major Sources: Hou Han shu (Fan Ye)
Ancient Chinese History and Emperors (Brian Williams)
with notes from William Ho and Quentin Tran