Three Kingdoms History: Ancient Chinese Coins

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Ancient Chinese Coins: Han, Xin, Jin, and Three Kingdoms

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While enjoying the rich stories, personalities, and lessons of the Three Kingdoms era, it is all too easy to forget that this is all taking place within a unique culture. A culture full traditions, unique weapons, armor, and clothing, unique pottery—and coins. That’s right, coins! If you are a coin collector, you are already very curious. If not, read on and enjoy this section. You might find it much more interesting than you anticipated. Presenting a detailed coin-by-coin analysis, presented, photographed, and written by Adrian Loder (web site and more coins; discussion; full credits) of Chinese coins ranging from the Early Han dynasty on into the Jin. And let’s not forget the Three Kingdoms!

Han, Xin, Wei, Shu-Han, Wu, and Jin Coins

Featured coin collections are divided by dynasty and coin type. Each section is represented with a title four coin previews. Click on the previews to view that category’s full coin collection!

Copyright and Credits

This Ancient Chinese coins section was made possible only by the hard work of Adrian Loder (you may know him in our forum by the name of LiuYuanTe) and he holds full copyright over all featured coin scans and descriptive text. His wonderful work is duplicated here with his permission. You can (and should) view his full collection. Adrian wishes to point out that much of the information found here, and on the previously mentioned website, comes from David Hartill’s Cast Chinese Coins (ISBN: 1-4120-5466-4)—a book he describes affectionately by pointing out that any coin aficionado or trader should own it—and from Robert Kokotailo’s Calgary Coins website.

Copyright © 2001–2023 James Peirce
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All coin photographs and instructive text © Copyright 2006 Adrian Loder (Website)
Primary sources: David Hartill’s Cast Chinese Coins (ISBN: 1-4120-5466-4), Robert Kokotailo’s Calgary Coins Website
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November 20, 2023