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Imperial Chinese Unit Conversion Tool

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Welcome to our Imperial Chinese to English unit conversion tool! You can use this tool to translate the various units found in the novel and associated historical records to familiar English forms (e.g. translate the novel-favored measurement or li to homely miles). First, select your unit type (e.g. distance/length) then use the conversion tool form to enter the number of original units, the unit’s type (e.g. li) and the form you wish to convert it to (e.g. miles). You will also receive feedback for other measurements.

Select Unit Type

Using the menu below, please select which type of unit you would like to convert.

Imperial Chinese Unit Conversion Tool

Now, enter the number of units, the type, and finally, what you want to convert them to!

By Length, 1 Chinese Li (市里) is equal to 0.3106856 English Miles

Chinese Value English Value

Notes: The li (里) referenced in the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms,
    is different from the alternate small
li (厘) measurement also found here.
The small
li (厘) and fen (分) used in measuring length, area, and mass may
    share the same name, but measure differently in each case.

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March 7, 2014