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Romance of the Three Kingdoms Novel and History

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Kongming’s Archives’ novel and history section is dedicated to the Chinese novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Sanguo yanyi, 三国演义), written in the 14th century and attributed to Luo Guanzhong, along with historical events, nations, and people behind it and the relative Han and Jin dynasties. We aspire to make this an interesting and educational storehouse of related material, a great deal of which is not available elsewhere in English.

Always working toward this goal, we present Three Kingdoms essays and manuscripts; introductions, translations (including historical records from the Sanguozhi) and biographies; battle, officer, and event chronologies; images (maps and cultural items), art, and even poems. We even offer an online forum, the Scholars of Shen Zhou, to discus these and other topics. This is also your chance to share your Three Kingdoms work with other people in the Sanguo community. This section is the product of its contributors, translators, authors, and writers; a community effort.

If you see any unfamiliar abbreviations hold your mouse cursor over them to display a definition (e.g. SGZ) if you are using a modern standards-compliant browser like Firefox. You can also read the novel and kingdom introductions, which should give you a nice basis with which to better understand and learn from content featured here.

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Three Kingdoms Novel and History Introduction
Read introductions to the Three Kingdoms era, the Han, Wei,
Shu, Wu, and Jin kingdoms, Wade-Giles, and buying the novel.

Three Kingdoms Officer Biographies
View all biographies by kingdom, by type, or select a category:
Original Biographies, SGZ, SGYY, Wei, Shu, Wu, Other, or Popular

Emperor & Ruler Biographies
Dedicated to information on Han, Sanguo, and Jin Dynasty
Emperors, includes reign information and many biographies.

Essays and Manuscripts
Reference a convenent list of Three Kingdoms essays, guides,
and introductions, all sorted by author with brief subject notes.

Chronology of Major Events
Enjoy different Three Kingdoms chronologies including one for
the full era, battles, and individual officer life chronologies.

Officer Names (Xing, Ming, and Zi)
Learn about or look up officer names in the style reference,
or search for names, including Chinese, in the Hanzi Project.

Submit Material or Participate in this Project
Have a part in Kongming’s Archives, submit your work for all to
see. If you have the knowledge and talent join us as a writer.

Contact Information (Alphabetical)

Contact information for major contributors with publicly available addresses.

Battleroyale (Sanguozhi Translator)

Chen Qiang (Sanguozhi Translator)

DarkAnthem (Sanguozhi Translator)

Dan Liao (Sanguo yanyi Biography Author)

Jiuwan (Giao Chau) (Sanguozhi Translator)

James Peirce (Author, Editor, and Webmaster)

(Author, Editor, and Translator)

(Sanguozhi Translator)

Sonken (Sanguozhi Translator)

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February 4, 2023