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You are viewing the Three Kingdoms Artistic Content category of our Three Kingdoms community link directory. We provide this directory to make researching the Three Kingdoms period, Chinese history, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel and even Three Kingdoms games much easier. If you are researching officers please check our Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia.


Section sub-categories. Click on one to view additional web sites.

Character Shrines


Character shrines are sites created by community members and dedicated to a specific character, frequently a popular characters from Koei’s Dynasty Warriors series.



Three Kingdoms-based online web comics.

Fan Art


Three Kingdoms and Koei fan-art and professional art, including game art.



Three Kingdoms or Koei-based fan-fiction. ‘Fan-fiction’ is a word used to describe fan-written fictional stories based on a common theme.



Fanlistings are directories of people who share a common interest (e.g. Dynasty Warriors). You can sign up or view them to meet people.



Miscellaneous online Three Kingdoms and Chinese games.



Online forum-based simulated role-playing games similar to Simulated RTK (simrtk.net). Sign up and compete with, cooperate with, and serve under or enlist other human players to unify the land (usually China or Japan).



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April 22, 2023