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Although we strive to feature as much Three Kingdoms related content as possible here at Kongming’s Archives, we can never hope to match the combined content of other sites on the Internet. For this reason (and because you would be angry with us if we did otherwise) we are providing this links page. Here we will shamelessly jumble a brimming mass of sites together under various categories, toss you a life raft, and hope you can swim. Remember, if something doesn’t make enough sense it is because Cao Cao did it, blame him.

If you have come across a good Web site or two in your digital travels, or if you run one that might look spiffy in this section, please drop us a line with the site information. If it is your own, consider including an introduction. We always visit links people send in, and if we leave with a smile they appear here a few days later.

Please feel free to link to Kongming’s Archives from your own Web site (you don’t need our permission, but consider dropping us a line so we can visit yours and maybe link back). Also, if you like please avail yourself to our spiffy link buttons, you may even find some of them to be attractive.

Three Kingdoms Novel and Forums

This section includes some of the most popular English Three Kingdoms sites on the Internet (along with several useful Chinese sites). Listed sites may focus on one or more of the following: Romance of the Three Kingdoms History, Romance of the Three Kingdoms Novel, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms Games. Also listed are several popular forums.

  • Three Kingdoms Novel Online
    ( Open | Info )

The name says it all, this is a full translation of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel online. If you don’t want to fork over $30+ for your own copy of the novel you can go here and read it on the Net (or download it if you, like most people, can’t stand the thought of reading thousands of pages onscreen). I hope you have a tough printer and a lot of ink, it would be busy for a while. They do allow you to download the novel at no cost, you really can’t beat that, and to make things even better they have a good translation. Also great for webmasters and enthusiasts that like searchable documents to make it easier to find a specific part in the book. I cannot express how grateful I am to them for the work they have done. All the better considering the fact that they ask nothing in return (remember their copyright rules).

  • The Scholars of Shen Zhou
    ( Open | Info )

The Scholars of Shen Zhou is the Kongming’s Archives online community forum. There you can discuss Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, novel, and history, Current Affairs, World History, Literature, Kongming’s Archives, and whatever else you like in The Pub with many educated and experienced members and site viewers. Many translators and authors behind the novel and history section of Kongming’s Archives also frequent the SoSZ pages. We look forward to seeing you around.

  • Simulated RTK (SimRTK)
    ( Open | Info )

Simulated RTK (SimRTK) is a forum-based online Romance of the Three Kingdoms role-play game (RPG) and simulation. If you enjoy the Three Kingdoms era, and which to play in this 200+ player game as an officer competing under, over, and against other human opponents, role-playing as well if you wish, please have a look at this wonderful site off which many similar games have been developed. Though it may seem intimidating, it is actually very easy to learn.

Webmaster Emperor Chin, of the old Three Kingdoms site Sanguo Online, after several years of being offline, unexpectedly announced that Sanguo Online was to live again. The main site is rather young, but has picked up where it left off, and the forum—which is Sanguo Online to many old members—has also returned with the old content from a backup. Have a look!

At 3kingdoms.net you can find extensive content related to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Sanguo yanyi) novel by Luo Guanzhong in addition to game information and historical photographs. (See also the Three Kingdoms Frontier Palace for Three Kingdoms discussion).

Empire Divided, having recently vanished into the depths of the web due to hosting issues, has recently returned under a different domain (.net instead of .com). We are glad to welcome it back into the community, as Empire Divided features many Sanguozhi biographies, other historical articles, and other various fun game tidbits. The forum is still offline, but if it goes live again, we will link it up!

  • Three Kingdoms: A Somewhat Less Than Critical Commentary
    ( Open | Info )

Three Kingdoms: A Somewhat Less Than Critical Commentary is an excellent reference for some specific information on the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. We were happy indeed when we found it on the internet. Features of note include a complete novel appearance listing, background of the novel, a novel synopsis, quotes and scenes, and a chapter-by-chapter outline.

  • RTKGames.com Offline
    ( Open | Forum | Info )

RTK Games has gone offline. No news on the site’s future.

Another great source for officer profiles along with other things like warfare and equipment. If you are a fan of Romance of the Three Kingdoms you should make a quick visit to this site, you may really like it.

  • Liu Bei 98’s Three Kingdoms Page
    ( Open | Info )

Sad, but it seems this old site is no more. If it goes online again, you’ll find the link here.

  • Three Kingdoms Illustrated Story
    ( Open | Info )

Contains one hundred pages of summarized Romance of the Three Kingdoms story, though the site isn’t very fast. Most interesting to note, however, are the fun illustrations that accompany each stage of the story. Certainly worth a look. Also has similar content for other Asians classics.

  • Thatched Cottage of the Three Kingdoms
    (三國草廬) (Chinese)
    ( Open | Info )

Romance of the Three Kingdoms content, images, and a nice collection of very nice fan art.

Three Kingdoms and Chinese History

There are also many useful sites which focus specifically on Chinese history, and many directly on the Three Kingdoms era. A thorough understanding of Three Kingdoms history helps to further unravel the novel. Look below and learn more!

  • Dr Rafe de Crespigny
    Online Publications
    ( Open | Info )

Dr. Rafe de Crespigny of the Australian National University, in my opinion, is perhaps the finest source of published Three Kingdoms and Han Dynasty information available. He has written numerous books, but many of them—including the fine Generals of the South, a book dedicated to Wu—have gone out of print (and weren’t easy to find while in print anyway). He has recently started putting his marvelous out-of-print works online in PDF format for free download and reading. If you are interested in seriously studying Three Kingdoms history, this is an invaluable resource.

  • Wikipedia: Three Kingdoms Era
  • Wikipedia: Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  • Wikipedia: Personages of the Three Kingdoms
    ( Era | Novel | Personages | Info )
    Always verify Wikipedia ‘facts’!

Wikipedia has become an exceptional source for information on the Three Kingdoms era, the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and perhaps most important of all, the characters and culture behind it. The three links featured here should provide you with an excellent starting point, but they by no means encompass all the Three Kingdoms information that fans have placed on Wikipedia. Also, note that anyone can edit content on Wikipedia. Fictional content from the novel, plays, or mythology may be presented as fact. If using for research, verify your facts.

A very complete and extensive site focused on Chinese history. You will be able to locate information on many aspects of China’s history here. (English and Chinese Big 5).

http://threekingdoms.cjb.net/ (Quick Redirect)
This isn’t the first time Jack Yuan’s page has gone offline. At the time of writing, you can still view the Sanguozhi biographies through the Web Archives (see link above). Save copies of the biographies just in case. If we get a new link, we’ll let you know.

Maintained by Jiuwan (Giao Chau), Jiuwan’s Realm of Three Kingdoms contains historical translated information relative to the Han, Jin, and Three Kingdoms eras. Content includes the Sanguozhi (Chinese and some English), Reign Years, Ranks, Event Summaries, and Provincial Statistics.

  • Imperial China: A Legacy
    ( Open | Info )

Great Web site with extensive information on the Three Kingdoms era and other Chinese dynasties. Features content like maps, translations, links, and more. Also very attractive, visit with a modern browser.

  • Historical Analysis of China – Three Kingdoms
    ( Open | Info )

A great English site presenting a “political, social, cultural, and historical analysis of China.” The link above takes you directly to the Three Kingdoms section, but you can access more from the main page.

  • Chinese Library on the Web
    ( Open | Info )

A comprehensive listing of online links to various Chinese classics and writings. Navigation is presented in Chinese and English, and book names are presented in Chinese and Pinyin Romanization. Although most listed content is Chinese, there are some English translations.

  • Gotheborg.com: Chinese History
    ( Open | Info )

This section of Gotheborg.com features a large amount of information on Chinese history, some of which is hard to find on other web pages. It is worth your time to take a quick look at this site for future reference.

  • Maltz’ San9 Story: Three Kingdoms Site
    (歡迎光臨 maltz 的三國小說!) (Traditional Chinese)
    ( Open | Character Dictionary | Info )

http://protein.biochem.queensu.ca/~dlee/San9/maltz/table_of_contents.htm (Home)
http://protein.biochem.queensu.ca/~dlee/San9/maltz/school/dictionary.htm (Dictionary)
Maltz’ San9 Story is a traditional Chinese site featuring a very large wealth of information on the Three Kingdoms Era. The character dictionary is especially useful for historical biographies (primary sources are the Sanguozhi and the Jin Shu) on mostly late Three Kingdoms or early Jin officers, organized in family trees. It seems the ‘San9 Story’ part is derived from the site’s frequent use sometimes modified of Three Kingdoms IX portraits.

  • Sanguozhi (SGZ) Online
    (三国志) (Chinese)
    ( Open | Open | Info ) (Two Locations)

The complete Sanguozhi (SGZ) online in Chinese, an accounting of the Three Kingdoms era based in fact. The SGZ is divided into officer profiles which give a detailed accounting of the officer’s life. Unfortunately, this page is Chinese only.

Another online location to read the Chen Shou’s Sanguozhi.

  • Zizhi tongjian (ZZTJ) Online
    (资治通鉴) (Chinese)
    ( Open | Info )

The complete Zizhi tongjian (ZZTJ) online in Chinese.

  • Three Kingdoms Cultural and Economical Information
    (三国食货志) (Simplified Chinese)
    ( Open | Info )

An excellent site for information on the society, economy, and culture of the Three Kingdoms, along with associated events relative to the era’s rulers’ decisions.

  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Sanguo Yanyi) Mao Edition
    (三国演义) (Simplified Chinese)
    ( Open | Open | Info )
    (三國演義) (Traditional Chinese)
    ( Open | Open | Open | Info )
    (Ло Гуань-Чжун. Троецарствие) (Russian)
    ( Open – Lengthy Display | Info )

The complete Mao edition of Sanguo yanyi (SGYY) online in Simplified Chinese.

The complete Mao edition of Sanguo yanyi (SGYY) online in Traditional Chinese.

The complete Mao edition of Sanguo yanyi (SGYY) online in Russian.

  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Sanguo Yanyi) Old Edition
    (三國演義) (Traditional Chinese)
    ( Open – Lengthy Display | Info )

The complete pre-Mao edition of Sanguo yanyi (SGYY) online in Traditional Chinese.

  • Hou Han shu (HHS) online
    (后汉书) (Chinese)
    ( Open | Info )

The complete Hou Han shu (HHS) online in Chinese.

  • Officer Ranks and Progression by Year
    (武將頁) (Traditional Chinese)
    ( Open | Info )

Shows officer ranks by kingdom along with progression by year.

  • Edward Hung’s Three Kingdoms Collection
    (龍遊三國) (Chinese with some English)
    ( Open | Info )

Includes various Three Kingdoms goodies like maps and writings, but most of the content is in Chinese. The navigation has English aids, however, so it may be useful for English viewers looking for maps and other items of that nature.

Three Kingdoms Game Sites

Presenting a collection of good games sites. The sites listed below either deal with all Three Kingdoms games released, or focus specifically on an individual game or series. Check them out!

Originally a rather humble guide to characters from Dynasty Warriors 3, the Dynasty Warriors Character Guide has expanded beyond that to biographies, language information, fan art, wallpaper, an extensive links page, and more. I highly recommend this site. See also Words of the Mind, the site forum.

A while ago we introduced this site as the new face that showed promise, and that has turned out to be the case and more. Koei Warriors has an absolutely massive amount of content associated with Dynasty Warriors, and some related content as well, and should not be missed if you are a Dynasty Warriors fan. Don’t forget the very well made avatars.

LordYuanShu.com is a wonderful site featuring excellent information on the Destiny of an Emperor game series—including Destiny of an Emperor II, unique walkthroughs, and content not featured here. Due to my irrational fondness for that series, I have become very fond of this site. You can also find information on several Dynasty Warriors 4 and 5 XL, Romance of the Three Kingdoms III, and even Suikoden V.

Back in 2002 there was a wonderful site on the Internet named 5 Tigers, maintained by a most excellent fellow who went by the name of Sain Cai. That excellent site had an excellent forum, and when that excellent forum went offline, in sadness, we created our own forum so everyone had a new place to feel at home. Good news! That excellent site and that excellent forum are now back online, with all new content and all new updates. Do have a look!

It was recently brought to our attention that we do not maintain a link to this old (founded about half a year before kongming.net) Three Kingdoms gaming site. Romancing Cathay features a variety of Three Kingdoms gaming content, along with some various historical bits, and is updated with various news relative to the subject. Not only do they have some information on upcoming games, they have introduced a Romance of the Three Kingdoms card game to the US, and publish a quarterly ezine. Have a look!

The Dynasty Warriors Neo Portal, a page hosted by and affiliated with Neoseeker (a service similar to GameFAQs), features a very large collection of Dynasty Warriors information and content. It goes back as far as Dynasty Warriors 3, and is regularly updated with content for new introductions into the Dynasty Warriors game series. If you are looking for more good Dynasty Warriors sites, do yourself a favor and check this one out!

In the past, a fun resource for Romance of the Three Kingdoms III and VI. The page also featured a great deal of fun imagery from the games, making it a unique site indeed. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll and it has gone offline. I suspect it won’t appear again in the future.

  • The Golden Horde - RTK Fansite
    ( Open | Info )

Another online Three Kingdoms game resource. The Golden Horde, from what we have seen, is quick to post content from and news regarding new games and is a great place to find things like screenshots (that you would have to pay for elsewhere).

The Hall of Warriors is a new Romance of the Three Kingdoms / Dynasty Warriors site that just appeared on the scene. Content will include Sanguo games and it looks like she is also going to prepare a novel section. I will update the description as content is added.

  • Muni_Shinobu’s FAQ Page
    ( Open | Info )

Muni_Shinobu is probably the single greatest contributor and translator of Japanese Three Kingdoms games information in the community, and he also pioneers a great deal of the information that later forms into walkthroughs by other authors. He translates most of his work into English as well. All of his guides, and some of his additional work, can be found on this site.

  • Century of the Three Kingdoms Offline!
    ( Open | Info )

[Century of the Three Kingdoms has gone offline, the domain placed in the hands of an adult content dealer, and we know nothing more of its fate or relocation.] Century of the Three Kingdoms is an online Romance of the Three Kingdoms RPG. “Century of Three Kingdoms is based on the legendary three Chinese Kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu, which prevailed historically during the years spanning 179 to 280 AD. … In Century of Three Kingdoms, you will have the chance to lead other real life players, build your Empire and become a legend in the virtual world. …”

  • Dynasty Warriors Wikipedia Entry
    ( Open | Info )

Wikipedia features a very in-depth article on Dynasty Warriors. It includes a great deal of background information on the game series and its characters, an analysis of the individual characters, and a history of Dynasty Warriors games. All said and done, it makes for an interesting read read—especially for someone new to the series.

  • Sanguo Game
    (三国题材游戏大全) (Chinese)
    ( Open | Info )

Sanguo Game is an awesome Chinese Web page for all Romance of the Three Kingdoms games. They feature a great deal of content, media, and images. If you can read Chinese don’t miss out on this one.

  • The Last Kingdom: Dynasty Warriors (Spanish)
    ( Open | Info )

An attractive Spanish web site which features various Dynasty Warriors media (screenshots, portraits, etc.). Not all options on the menu are currently accessible, but if the webmaster lives up to the ambition they imply, The Last Kingdom should become a very wonderful site! While most of the content can be found elsewhere, this site makes it much more accessible to people who are most comfortable reading Spanish – always a wonderful thing.

  • Dynasty Warriors .DE (Deutsch, English)
    ( Open | Info )

http://dynastywarriors.de/ (Shortcut Domain)
This primarily Deutsch Dynasty Warriors site (English translations are provided for content through an ‘Enter English’ link on the main portal) features various information and news on just about every Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors release. Other various content can be found as well. If you like these games, this site is certainly worth having a look at.

  • Genzuxi.net (Dynasty Warriors 4)
    (僎儞僘傿棳) (Chinese)
    ( Open | Info )

This Chinese Dynasty Warriors 4 Web page contains a large collection of gameplay information, tips, tricks, and guides along with a few odd collections of media.

  • Samgugji.com
    (삼국지) (Korean)
    ( Open | Info )

Samgugji.com – companion site to Samgugji.net – is probably the best Korean site for the latest Romance of the Three Kingdoms information and media. Currently includes Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII, VIII, and IX.

  • Samgugji.net
    (삼국지.넷 - 고대 영웅들의 세계) (Korean)
    ( Open | Info )

Samgugji.net – companion site to Samgugji.com – features Three Kingdoms related content, information, and discussion; basically an online community.

  • Dynasty Warriors Resource
    (암흑쿠마군의 진삼국무쌍 캬오오~) (Korean)
    ( Open | Info )

This site is a comprehensive Korean Dynasty Warriors resource. Includes detailed illustrated guides on everything from items and weapons to stages and officers.

French site containing a fair portion of content from Koei’s Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors game series. Also lists general game information, explanation, release dates…

Warring States Period of Japanese History

Thanks to Samurai Warriors and Nobunaga’s Ambition, along with general studies in the Three Kingdoms community, interest has been growing more and more in Japan’s most exciting historic period: the Warring States era. For this reason we have decided to start including links to Warring States sites, games, and other content. Enjoy!

The Sengoku Jidai Academy is a Warring States-based general discussion forum similar to our own Scholars of Shen Zhou. There you can discuss the Warring States period of Chinese history along with associated games and interests. Sengoku Jidai Academy also welcomes discussions about literature, philosophy, current affairs, general discussion, and even Chinese history. If you are interested in the Warring States period of Japanese history, you should visit the Academy.

Comics, Fan Art, Fiction, Listings, and Shrines (submit link)

There are many good Romance of the Three Kingdoms (novel or game) related fan art sites on the Internet, many of which are in alternate languages. Obviously a search engine isn’t always useful here, so we are going to start gathering links for this list and your viewing pleasure.

Three Kingdoms Sites Under Development (submit link)

For years we only featured established sites on our links page, but that doesn’t do much to help new and upcoming sites which might blossum with membership. To remedy this, we have created this section. Below we will feature sites which are under development or searching for members. Have a look! One might become the new Kongming’s Archives!

Featured Game Developers

The great Romance of the Three Kingdoms related games we play, and on which many sections of this site focus, come from somewhere. Here are the people that bring these games to our front door (or ignore us and keep them in their own countries as some sort of cruel joke).

Chinese Language and Culture Resources (submit link)

Want to learn more about Chinese culture or language? Are you looking for tools to ease the learning process? We hope to build a helpful collection of resources for just that purpose in this section.

Good Reading, Essays, Articles, and Misc. Sites (submit link)

There are a few articles, essays, or sites on the Internet that are either closely related to content on this site, too useful to pass up, or far to informative to leave unmentioned. We have decided to toss them all in this little corner of Kongming’s Archives, once again for your viewing pleasure.

Other Wonderful Sites (See Descriptions)

Here are some other great sites that don’t quite fit into the categories above. They may be other Three Kingdoms sites with interesting or unique content, or they could be a site maintained by one of the people who have helped me out with Scholars of Shen Zhou or Kongming’s Archives.

Millennial-Fair, Jonathan Wu’s personal page of sorts, is a home to all sorts of odds and ends. He works with other project volunteers on things like language guides, game guides, anime reviews and information, historical biographies and essays, and just about anything else that he finds a way to fit in. See also, Radical Dreamers Forum.

Warlords: A Dragon Crashes to Earth, as Kongming’s Archives is to the Three Kingdoms, is focused on the Chinese Qin and Han Dynasties. A fairly new site at the this moment, it already features an online simulation game (Warlords) and numerous mini-biographies from Sima Qian’s Records of the Grand Historian. Other sections include books, movies, games, and links.

Simaqian Studio is a history discussion forum containing an impressive amount of content and articles along with a good amount of members. They are also quite active in the Three Kingdoms community. If you are interested in history you may enjoy paying them a visit.

Corners of History, a project started by Jessica with contributions from other members of our forum, is a site dedicated to history. Content includes essays, biographies, and more. If you want to take part in it, take a look and send her an email with what you are interested in doing. Corners of History is still in development.

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