Complete Walkthrough/FAQ for Destiny of an Emperor

Version 1.1

Copyright  2003-2008 Aaron Ringgenberg

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-My older brother Jon who introduced me to this game when I was
just a young lad.
-The webmaster of kongming.net, James, for providing me with some info
and secrets I was unaware of before.
-The ancient Chinese people for actually performing all the events
that this game was based off of, though this game's story is
quite starkly different from actual events.
-Capcom for making such an awesome game!

 Table of Contents
     I. About
    II. Getting Started & Things to Know
   III. The Yellow Scarves Rebellion
    IV. Dong Zhuo
     V. Yuan Shu
    VI. Yuan Shao
   VII. Fighting in Jing Zhou
  VIII. Shu
    IX. Wu
     X. Wei

    XI. Characters & Generals
   XII. Equipment
  XIII. Items
   XIV. Tactics
    XV. Experience Levels
   XVI. Game Genie Codes
  XVII. Version History

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 I. About

Destiny of an Emperor, released by Capcom on the NES in 1989, is a very
underrated and not well-known RPG. However, it is not only a long and
enjoyable game, but it is based on a true period of ancient Chinese
history, known as the Three Kingdoms period, which lasted about 50
years in the 200s A.D.

If you would like to learn more about this story, there are many websites
that have full information on the spectacular wars and unique people that
shaped this period of the past. The largest site I know of, which covers
every Three Kingdoms game, is www.kongming.net. There you can find full
descriptions and history for any of the amazing characters that you
learn of while playing this game.

 II. Getting Started & Things to Know

An opening sequence shows 3 best friends, warriors Liu Bei, Zhang Fei,
and Guan Yu, swearing an oath of loyalty to each other in a peach garden
in a small village. Afterwards, you learn of recent happenings from a
wise man. In the little village talk to every person. One man, a merchant,
will give you 200 gold and 1,000 rations, which are necessary for the
start of the game. Also, there are two men standing next to each other:
Song Ren and Song Yong. They will add their armies to your cause. However,
they are both very weak. They won't be with you too long, so don't worry.

Before you go outside, make sure to equip Liu Bei's, Guan Yu's, and Zhang
Fei's weapons and armor, and give Liu Bei's dagger to Song Ren. When you
go outside, go directly west to the castle Xu Zhou. When inside, go left
and to the house in the trees. There you will meet Mi Zhe. He will join.
Make him your active tactician. Now, go to the long building, shingled
roof, no curtain on door. There's no name for this place, so we'll call
it the eatery. Go in, and have Song Yong leave your party. He is weaker
than Song Ren and Mi Zhe, and so you don't need him. Also, if you want
a better chance for battles with higher EXP gain, fire Song Yong so you
can fight him out in the open.

Next, if you feel like using any of the 200 gold you started with, you can go to
either of the two shops at the top of the town, one is the merchant's shop and
the other is weapons and armor. Personally, I buy four bandanas at this time -
they're cost efficient sources of AC (defense). Whenever you need to heal your
party, go to the closest building to the entrance to the town. That is the Inn.
You can pay a small price there to cure all your armies. And lastly, to save the
game, or in some cases invite Liu Bei to a newly conquered castle, go to the
medium building, shingle roof, plain door, no window. It's right above the
Eatery and the food shop. You can find out how long you have to wait until your
party increases a level when you save. Also note that if you ever run out of
food, which is seldom because fort and castle battles give you a lot, you will
be losing men every step you take out on the world map, so get to the nearest
food shop quickly.

Another thing I should not fail to cover before we get going: The Destiny
of an Emperor "Power of 10" rule. Any general's best attack power occurs
when he is over the highest "Power of 10" number of soldiers he can be.
For example, say a general does 1,600 damage a hit while at or over 10,000
men. From 1,000-9,999 he will only do 800 a hit. From 100-999 he will do
400 a hit, from 10-99 he will do 200 a hit, and from 1-9 he will do 100.
Keep this in mind at all times. You want to keep your best warriors above
the highest thresholds of men they can be above. This often means putting
attackers like Zhang Fei and Guan Yu towards the bottom of your party so
that they get hit less often, allowing longer periods of time where they
achieve their maximum damage potential. Similarly, you always want to get
your opponents knocked down to at least one lower threshold as quickly as
possible in battle to reduce the amount of damage you take.

One final and important concept: TP (Tactical Points) and MTP (Max TP).
This is the game's "MP" or "Magic Points" if you've played other RPGs -
the resource you spend to use Tactical abilities. Here's how the system works.
Many generals in this game have tactics that they can use. You will often
see this when using the "Report" command on opposing generals in battle to
learn their statistics. Actual "tacticians", though, have some inherent
stats while on your side. First, they have a set of learned tactics, which
often relates directly to your current level and will all be similar sets.
However, tacticians start to diverge as the game goes on. Different tacticians
will have different intelligence levels and sometimes completely different
tactic sets. Secondly, they have their own TP value, which will always be
somewhat to very much lower than your MTP depending on the intelligence of the
tactician in question. In fact, strangely enough, the tactician with the highest
intelligence in the game, Zhu Ge Liang, will always be 1 TP shy of your MTP,
which doesn't make any sense to me.

Furthermore: your MTP is determined with each level up. Every time your army
hits a new level, you get between 3 and 5 TP. This stat is random, so if you
don't like the fact that you got 3 or 4, reset every time to get 5 if you
want to be a perfectionist. This does add up over time. However, you *only*
get these level-up TP when you have in your present army (of up to 7 generals)
a tactician of the right type with enough intelligence to learn the tactic
assigned to that level.

What it all boils down to is that, for the first 18 or so levels of this game,
you're going to want to seek out some very specific Tacticians, and also try
not to "power level" (grind against random battles until you're much higher
than you would be naturally).

Here's a rough list of what's important:

-At level 12, you learn Fu Bing. However, only Liu Bei at this time would be
intelligent enough to get you the associated TP. Unless you grind to 12 before
giving up Liu Bei for his son (which is a very laborious process), you're going
to miss these TP guaranteed.
-Before levels 16 and 17, you want either Li Ru (capture him in the wild after
facing him in battle with Lu Bu) or Xu Zhe (rescued in a cave northwest of Nan
Yang) in order to get the TP for these levels.
-Before level 18, you want to seek out either Pang Tong (found in the fields of
Jing Zhou after the country has been liberated) or the story-dependent general
Zhu Ge Liang, AS WELL as a tactician of a different type, Ma Liang (found in
the house north of the first castle in Jing Zhou region). Note that you do not
need Pang Tong at all if you have Zhu Ge Liang - especially on level 28 when
you learn Jix Xin, the best healing tactic, which is exclusive to Zhu Ge Liang
and his 255 intelligence rating. Another note is that you want to keep Ma Liang
(or another tactician of his type, such as Zhou Yu or Jiang Wei) around until
at least level 27 to make sure all of the tactics associated with their type
also get you the corresponding TP.
-All in all, this business ends by level 31 when Zhu Ge Liang or Pang Tong
learn Ce Mian, the most powerful tactic in the game (it stops opposing generals
from casting tactics for an undetermined number of turns). After this, you stop
gaining any more MTP.

A "perfect" game of MTP should get you 160, I believe, but a more realistic
target (if you follow the above rules and don't go for 5 at every level) is
~130. In the past, when I ignored this entire thing out of ignorance, I often
ended the game with ~110-120 TP.

 III. The Yellow Scarves Rebellion

Go to the palace and talk to the Tao Qian. He says he is sick, and will make you
his heir if you defeat the Yellow Scarves. So, our mission will be to crush the
rebellion. For starters, your generals armies are very weak right now and you
have little equipment. Spend time fighting battles outside against rebel,
bandit, pirate, and brigand forces, and the occasional random general(s). You
should get to level 3 or 4 before our next task, and have leathers for Zhang Fei
and Guan Yu. and maybe a few Bandanas to go around. Some Elixer A's wouldn't
hurt, either.

Leave Xu Zhou and go directly north to Qing Zhou and touch the castle entrance.

*****BATTLE 1*****

Zhang Liang - 259
Rebel Force (x2)

Zhang Lian has no tactics. Immediately all out attack, or if you're too low
of a level, then focus attacks on Zhang Liang until he is under 100 troops.
If any of your men are about to die, pull out and use Chi Xin to heal them (or
if you're even lower of a level, just play conservatively and possibly use some
elixers for healing instead). This shouldn't happen, though. Zhang Liang will


After the battle, enter Qing Zhou castle. For now, it's yours (but not for
long). First, heal. Second, go to the upper-right house and recruit Chen Deng,
who has similar stats to Mi Zhe but slightly higher attack. Put him in your
party in place of Song Ren (send Song Ren back to the eatery as soon as you get
the chance, though for the moment he can be your tactician). At the front of the
town, talk to the man and engage in battle.

*****BATTLE 2*****

Ma Yuan Yi - 177
Rebel Force (x4)

Knock any rebel forces close to 100 down below it, and otherwise just work Ma
Yuan Yi down with physical attacks (and maybe some of your fresh new Lian Huo
fire tactics) and you will be done with this one in no time; it is more like
a random battle than a story battle.


After returning to Xu Zhou, healing, and saving, follow the path directly
west of Xu Zhou. Touch the camp entrance and Zhang Bao will threaten you,
and the battle begins.

*****BATTLE 3*****

Zhang Bao - 299
Chen Yuan Zhi - 195
Rebel Force (x1)

This is a rather easy fight. Zhang Bao and Cheng Yuan Zhi can both use Lian
Huo, but rarely will it hurt. Start out by having Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan
Yu, and Chen Deng attack Zhang Bao, and Mi Zhe use Lian Huo on him as well.
Kill Zhang Bao first and foremost. Tackle Cheng Yuan Zhi individually if you
wish, or just go all out to end this. Zhang Bao also retreats.


Enter the large middle tent in the camp and search the corner pot. You
will find an Ax. Give it to Zhang Fei. Give the replaced Flail to Chen Deng,
and his dagger to Mi Zhe. You should be level 5 by now, and know Chi Xin.
If so, go back to Xu Xhou, heal, and save. If not, fight random battles
until you're at level 5. Then, head south and slightly west of Xu Zhou and
you will find another camp. Zhang Jao mentions you routing his brother and
says the guy was a fool anyways. Now he taunts you! Time to fight!

*****BATTLE 4*****

Zhang Jao - 346
Zheng Mao - 153
Han Zhong - 204
Rebel Force (x2)

This battle is a bit tougher than the last one, but not by much. Have
Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu attack to get Han Zhong below 100 men,
and have Chen Deng and Mi Zhi use Lian Huo to bring down Zheng Mao. Once
they're below 100, concentrate on just attacking Zhang Jao. Use Chi Xin
to heal if necessary, and if Zhang Jao heals one of the other two generals,
attack them again. After Zhang Jao has less that 100 men, do an all out
attack. The battle will end shortly, and Zhang Jao will retreat.


In the camp, enter the largest middle tent and obtain an Ax from a treasure
chest. Equip it on Guan Yu. After this, return to Xu Zhou, heal, save, and go
back outside. If you go north, you should now see a cave opened up behind Qing
Zhou. Don't go in yet, because you can't get through if you're not a Yellow
Scarves rebel. What you must do is wander the country until you meet up with
Han Zhong, whose loyalty to Zhang Jao is quavery. If you battle him, you will
capture him, but he may request a steed or money upon joining. Make sure
you have a steed on hand, they can be bought at the merchant shop in Xu

Once Han Zhong is on your side, heal, save, and enter the cave. Put Han
Zhong in front of your party, and talk to the man by the water. He will make
a bridge. You may return Liu Bei to the front of your line, now.
Cross, and then go left and up to get an Ax from a treasure chest.
Equip it on whom you please, preferably Liu Bei. This cave is very small and
easy to navigate. In the southwest corner you will find 3 men standing side
by side. They are the Zhang brothers. Fight them. Note that by doing all of
this, you have avoided a much harder battle, which would've been outside at the
front of the castle Qing Zhou - it would've also included Zheng Mao and Cheng
Yuan Zhi. Be glad you aren't fighting that battle.

*****BATTLE 5*****

Zhang Jao - 346
Zhang Bao - 299
Zhang Liang - 259

Your armies are now pitted against the 3 strong generals who previously
retreated from you. However, you hold the brains and the superior numbers,
so this will be a swift and sure battle. Have Liu Bei, Chen Deng, Zhang Fei,
and Guan Yu all attack Zhang Jao and Mi Zhe use Lian Huo on him repeatedly.
He has the highest attack and is in general the most dangerous. Follow up
by killing Zhang Liang in the same manner, as he has the greatest physical
attack. If you're of decent strength still, then an all out attack should be
good to polish off Zhang Bao. Congratulations, you stopped the Yellow Scarves


Exit the cave through the entrance in front of you. Enter Qing Zhou and heal,
and if for some reason you didn't collect Chen Deng earlier, do so now in the
northeast house.

 IV. Dong Zhuo

Return to Xu Zhou and talk to Tao Qian, who is lying on the bed in the back
room. He will give up his rule to Liu Bei, who will in turn leave you in order
to stay and rule. However, his son, Liu Feng, will be a worthy replacement, with
more men, and slightly higher strength. Note that Liu Feng is not as intelligent
and cannot be made to be your tactician, so if Liu Bei happened to previously be
your acting tactician, make it Mi Zhe. Save the game and head south as far as
you can go, until you get to another fort you haven't been to yet. When you
enter, Sun Ce (ruler of the Wu kingdom) tells you he attacked, but failed
because Dong Zhou's forces were too strong, and Yuan Shu didn't send
reinforcements. He leaves you. Don't worry, this battle isn't at all as tough as
Sun Ce said.

*****BATTLE 6*****

Hua Xiong - 439
Li Su - 299
Rebel Force (x3)

These enemies know no tactics, so an all out straight from the start wouldn't
be suicide, except that Xua Xiong has 162 strength, almost twice as much
as any general you've fought so far! Plus, his immense army will take a few
turns to bring down. Attack him and have Mi Zhe / Chen Deng use Lian Huo.
When Hua Xiong is dead, all out to destroy the rest of them.


In the camp, go to the back and talk to Yang Jin, who will join you. You can put
him in your main party to fight, and he would likely be replacing Chen Deng
which is a fair tradeoff (you lose decent tactical ability for 100 more men and
significantly better attack). Then, go into the right tent for an Ax. In the
middle tent you'll find an Inn. Stay there if you must. Go back outside. If you
want to go back to Xu Zhou to save, you may. Once ready, walk 8 paces west and 1
pace south of the entrance of the camp. Search the spot and find Chi Tu Ma, who
is Lu Bu's best horse (you'll meet Lu Bu soon). The person who has Chi Tu Ma
will be MUCH faster in battle, and probably go first every turn. I suggest
giving it to Zhang Fei, if you want his strong attack first, or to your best
tactic user, so you can get healings and other tactics in before other attacks
in a battle.

**Note: From here on for a while, make sure to always have a steed with you.
Be on the lookout for Hua Xiong, and if you fight him, hopefully you can capture
him! He can replace Yang Jin.**

Travel west of the camp and immediately upwards to the cave there. On the first
level of the cave, go either all the way left or right, go to the north end of
the floor, take the stairs and get about 1,000 gold in a chest. Return to the
entrance to the cave. Go up the middle, go left or right, and take the fork
downward. On the next floor, walk until there is a big fork. Go downward. Take
the stairs, and on the next floor go left and up to the stairs. Obtain the Gold
Key. Make your way back out of the cave. At the entrance, Guan Ping will be
waiting there. He is VERY strong. Replace a lesser fighter you have in your
battle lineup with Guan Ping. Now leave and return to Xu Zhou to heal and save.

Also get some more Elixer A's while you're there. Go back to where the fork in
the mountains by the cave is and go west. You will come to a fort - here you
will face the mighty Lu Bu for the first time.

*****BATTLE 7*****

Lu Bu - 439
Li Ru - 362
Rebel Force (x2)

Just one report on Lu Bu will tell you he is the strongest general in the game.
Thus, he is very dangerous to you and should be eliminated as soon as possible.
Note that Guan Yu has very high intelligence - he will be using tactics for this
battle. Have him keep doing Ye Huo on Lu Bu while everyone else attacks him
until he is dead. Once he is, Li Ru shouldn't be too much trouble (though watch
out, Ye Huo can do over 100 damage and possibly take out one of your generals)
and the battle will go quickly from there. After a threat, Lu Bu retreats.


In this fort, go right and talk to Huo Hu, who joins you. Replace your current
tactician with him. Now enter the central tent with the bushes around it. Talk
to Cao Cao, who is the leader of the Imperial Army. He talks of not being able
to catch Dong Zhou and says that Yuan Shu and Yuan Shao have gone ahead to the
castle of Lou Yang and he goes there also.

Check the right tent, left pot for another Ax.

Exit the camp, and return all the way back to Xu Zhou to heal and save. Make
any general replacements, and replenish any Elixer A's you've used up. You
should have at least one on each person. Also get a few Gullwings for easy
travel back Xu Zhou when you need it.

Now then, travel north and west of fort Hu Lao Guan to get to Luo Yang. You will
have to fight a few battles at gates before you fight the battle at the castle.
Battles 8 and 9 will be walks in the park. However, the one at the castle will
be just a little bit tougher. A general (I'm not sure who) will tell you he
failed to take Luo Yang because Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu are working together, and
then he leaves you. But I think you can take them on! Approach the first gate.

*****BATTLE 8*****

Li Jue - 399
Rebel Force (x3)

Little to no strategy required. Gang up on Li Jue, and when he is below 100, go
all out.


Approach the second gate.

*****BATTLE 9*****

Xu Rong - 314
Rebel Force (x2)

Little to no strategy required. Gang up on Xu Rong (but be wary of his Ye Huo...
I guess. He has very low intelligence though) and you will be done quickly.


Consider using some Elixers to lick the wounds you received in the previous
battles, and approach the castle of Luo Yang.

*****BATTLE 10*****

Dong Zhuo - 439
Lu Bu - 439
Rebel Force (x2)

OK - Dong Zhou doesn't have as much strength as Lu Bu, but he does have 20 more
attack power, making him just as dangerous. They both have a lot of men... but
you should take down Lu Bu first, because his attack is still the greatest.
Have everyone attack except Guan Yu who should use Ye Huo. If you want more
firepower, have Liu Feng use Ye Huo also, for he has very high intelligence
also. Just be ready for big attacks from the enemies each turn until you have
them both dead, because they still do a fair amount with under 100 men. When
it is over, Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu will retreat.


When you talk into Luo Yang, you will see it has been burned and pillaged. This
once grand capitol of China has been put to ruin. There are only 2 buildings
you can enter. Bottom middle is an Inn, and top left is a house. In the floor
in that house is a safe. Open it with the gold key to find the Gem sword. It
is not a weapon. Give it to somebody for later use.

There is also a general you can recruit in this town, Wang Gui. He has pretty
low attack, but if you find yourself hurting for more men, he has over 300 and
may prove useful. Really though, the best he could do is replace Yang Jin if you
happen to still be using him (doubtful if you acquired Hua Xiong prior).

Leave the city and continue westward to the next castle, where you shall fight
Lu Bu once again.

*****BATTLE 11*****

Lu Bu - 439
Cai Yong - 380
Hu Zhen - 299
Rebel Force (x2)

On your first turn, have a general use the Gem Sword on Lu Bu. After a few
tries, you should be able to convince him to join your side. He is an invaluable
asset, and as a bonus, you no longer have to fight against him! Now this battle
is a cinch. Just take care of these two loser generals the way you best see fit
(Cai Yong first, if you couldn't have guessed).


After the battle, replace your weakest fighter with Lu Bu. Enter Yang Zhou
castle. Stay at the Inn, then save. You cannot invite Liu Bei here, though it
would seem you could because of the palace. Also, go to the lower right house
and search in the pot for a Club. Give this to Lu Bu, and now you should be able
to start selling Ax's since you've got 5. Also give Lu Bu Chi Tu Ma, because you
want his super high attack to go first during battle.

As soon as you leave the city, you will see another cave. Inside, go left at
the first fork, and down at the next. On the next floor, grab the Club in the
chest above you. Give it to Zhang Fei. Now go down and left and to the first
staircase you see. This leads to the way out. I suggest you not go to Chang An
right now. Fight some random battles in the area, and when you need healing
go back to Yang Zhou. Always keep some gullwings with you. When you are ready
to attack Chang An, go up to the gate before it to fight the first battle.

*****BATTLE 12*****

Dong Min - 380
Fen Chou - 399
Rebel Force (x2)

Fen Chou has the greater attack, so kill him first. All out once he is dead.


Now attack Chang An castle.

*****BATTLE 13*****

Dong Zhuo - 439
Lu Bu - 439 (not present if he's in your party... obviously)
Jia Xu - 418
Zhang Ji - 362

Have all physical attacks go on Jia Xu until he is dead, and have Guan Yu keep
using Shui Xing and Ye Huo on Dong Zhuo and Zhang Ji. Jia Xu is very dangerous,
because he uses Shui Xing a lot, and it hurts. Be proud of yourself when this
battle has ended. Dong Zhuo is killed and peace returns to Chang An...

Note: If you did not convert Lu Bu using the Gem Sword at Yang Zhou, he appears
in this battle. You still have a chance to convert him if you want to. FYI this
battle turns from medium to actually possibly challenging with the addition of
Lu Bu on the opposing side.


 V. Yuan Shu

Now you enter Chang An. It is a giant monster of a city - the biggest in the
game. It is a paradise. This will be your main headquarters until you occupy Nan
Yang, much later. List of things to do here include buying Caps and Clubs for
everyone, stocking up on Elixers and Power Pills, and inviting Liu Bei to the
palace. When he has arrived, go speak with him. He tells you you've done a good
job fighting and he lets you rest. He awakens you however, and summons you to
the palace. A messenger has arrived from Cao Cao bringing ill news. He says
general Yuan Shu has somehow aquired the Imperial Seal and calls himself the
Emperor. This is a problem that must be fixed!

In this city you can find Zhou Chao, however, he is inferior to any of your
generals thus far (assuming you have Lu Bu), so put him in the reserves.

Leave Chang An and travel south. First take the fork at the left and talk to
Zhou Yun inside the house. He will promise to join you but not until later after
he finishes his current duty. Now retrace your steps and take the right fork
past the mountains and approach the next castle.

*****BATTLE 14*****

Lei Bo - 643
Chen Ji - 531
Rebel Force (x2)

This generals may see to have overwhelmingly large armies, but their attacks
are really not great, and neither of them use tactics. Wipe out Lei Bo with
attacks and with Guan Yu using Ye Huo. Then all out to kill the rest of them.


This is Yuan castle. Not a very important place. However, you can buy Padded
armors here, which are much stronger than Leather armors. Buy as many as you
can, but they are expensive. Give them first to anyone most vital to your party.
Leave and continue south. From here on you will be fighting many generals
with upwards of 500 men, and Rebel, Pirate, Brigand, and Bandit forces now
have over 200 men a piece. Take the shortcut through the mountains and go west.
You will come to a castle where you will fight two very powerful generals.

*****BATTLE 15*****

Ji Ling - 613
Zhang Xun - 675
Rebel Force (x1)

Both of these generals have insanely large armies and attack to rival any
of your generals due to the high AP they are given in this battle coupled
with their almost 200 strength each. They are both equally dangerous, so
use Power Pills to kill them quickly, and also have Guan Yu use Shui Xing.
Tactics will be more effective than physical damage because both generals
have very high defense. Once one of the two is defeated, then it should be
safe to all out attack. **Note: These are the two strongest capturable
men before Nan Yang, and I highly advise you to spend time trying to find
and capture them so they can fight for you. Have the first of two you catch
replace Liu Feng and the second replace Guan Ping.**


This is Huai Nan castle. Fairly small, but you can both heal and save here.
Spend some time in the field north of here trying to find Zhang Xun and Ji
Ling before you go any further. You want those two generals ASAP. Also,
around this point in the game, your health bars will change from pink to
orange, because the number of men generals are getting is too great for
the pink scale.

There is a small fortress just to the north of here.

*****BATTLE 16*****

Han Xian - 585
Li Feng - 557
Rebel Force (x2)

Han Xian has the slightly higher attack here, but these are both very weak
generals with low intelligence. Dispose of them via the usual attacks, but
it shouldn't be necessary to waste power pills or TP on them unless you're
interested in finishing faster. If you would like to complete this battle
and continue onward without backtracking, simply fight these guys raw.


Inside this fortress you can get a spear in the northeast tent.

You will also get a letter which, when taken southeast of here to a house,
will get you some advice as to who would be powerful tacticians for you to
ally with. They are pseudonyms, referring to Zhu Ge Liang and Pang Tong.

North of the fortress, just to the east of Nan Yang is a cave. In this cave you
will find 3 spears, so I'd say it's worth venturing in. Immediately inside, turn
north and then head west at the next intersection to acquire a Cap and a Spear.
If you don't already have a full suite of Caps, then give it to anybody wearing
a Bandana. Give the Spear to Zhang Fei (assuming Lu Bu possesses your first) and
his Club to anybody who happens to not yet have a Club.

Back at the entrance, there's some funny intersection business, but basically
there's a north path and a west path. The northern one leads to a floor in
which you can find a Robe (going South) and ~1500 coins (going North). Back at
said intersection (near the cave entrance), going west along the bottom wall
will lead you downstairs once again. On the next floor you immediately see a
chest which contains a Cap. Continuing on you come to some open space.
Northeast of this space is a Robe. In the southeast corner of this space is
another Spear (give to Guan Yu). Directly west of that spear is ANOTHER spear.
In the center of the room are stairs leading down - they bring you to 4 chests,
containing (clockwise from the left) Cap, Robe, Power Pill, and ~1000 coins.

You now have everything. Exit and leave. Hopefully that cave got you some good
experience; if not, level up a little bit.

Once you are about level 14, return to Huai Nan castle, heal and save.
Now venture northward towards Nan Yang castle and attack the gates.

*****BATTLE 17*****

Liang Ji - 643
Rebel Force (x2)

Beat him down. You can use tactics to speed it up if you want, but I'd say
save them (depending on your total TP).



*****BATTLE 18*****

Chen Lan - 460
Liang Gang - 506
Rebel Force (x2)

Same as the last battle, except that these generals are both even weaker
physically. Take out Liang Gang first.


*****BATTLE 19*****

Yuan Shu - 899
Yuan Yin - 643
Lu Fan - 817
Lu Bu - 613 (not present if he's in your party... obviously)
Rebel Force (x1)

Nan Yang would've been much tougher had you not had Lu Bu, because then
there would be a mighty fighter against you as well as all the tacticians.
Luckily, only Yuan Shu has somewhat of an attack. Focus on taking him out
first, with everyone attacking except Guan Yu who should use Yan Re, which
you learned at level 14. This battle may take a bit because all these
generals can heal, but if you have power pills, you should be able to pick
off one or two of them in one round apiece. Watch out for your health - have
Zhang Xun heal if you're low (he has lowest attack). After the battle is
over, you're given the choice whether or not to release the traitor Yuan
Shu, and will have to emphasize this with "no" 4 times before you finally
have his head!


 VI. Yuan Shao

Now that the battle is over, DO NOT TAKE A STEP NORTHWARD. Just enter Nan
Yang RIGHT AWAY. Once you've gone in and healed and saved, take off all
of Lu Bu's items and give them to Guan Ping, who will replace him. Give
Chi Tu Ma to Zhang Fei now, though. He will keep him for a while. Now
when you step outside and go a few steps north, you will be met with a
horrifying battle. You don't have to fight this one, though. Yuan Shao and
Yuan Shu show up with immense armies and backing generals, and bully you
for a turn. Lu Bu switches sides, seeing that he is on the "losing" side.
That's why you took his stuff away.

Now go back inside the castle and heal. Invite Liu Bei in and talk to him.
He will thank you for killing Yuan Shu, Also, go to the northest corner of
the town and talk to a man walking around. Buy the key from him, even though
4,000 is a lot, it is more than worth it later. And even more importantly,
check the space facing the water at the top-right to find the Trident, the
most powerful weapon up to this point in the game.

Above Nan Yang you will face slightly harder rebel and other forces, but not
very much harder. However now a new group of generals will meet you out in the
open, and many now have over 1000 men and over 150 strength. The key to
fighting them is to get their health below 1,000 as soon as possible. Above
that number, their attacks will be great, but below they will be just average
of what you're used to.

Head north and west of Nan Yang and take a stop in a small cave. There are 2
people in here, and one you can't reach now. The one you can talk to is Zhou
Cang, who will join voluntarily. He is stronger than Guan Ping, so replace him
with Zhou Cang.

NOTE: If you want, at this point in the game you can instead branch off and
first go west and south of Nan Yang to embark on the next chapter (Jing Zhou).
It is advised that you do this if you are slightly better at the game, or
especially if you wish to quickly get to Pang Tong and/or Zhu Ge Liang in order
to maximize your MTP. If so, skip ahead in this guide, but remember to come
back and do this one afterwards!

That said, head north and east to Bo Hai castle.

*****BATTLE 20*****

Lu Guang - 1037
Shen Pei - 1255
Gao Lan - 942
Rebel Force (x2)

This is your first castle battle against generals of this caliber, and 2 of
them have over 1,000 men. Luckily, one is a weak tactician, and the other will
fall below 1,000 in just 1 attack. Simply, attack Lu Guang once, then focus
attacks on Shen Pei until he is dead. Have Guan Yu use Yan Re every turn.
Once Shen Pei is dead, then you can choose to all out or kill Lu Guang first,
then all out. Shouldn't make much difference, just watch your health, because
no one in your party is really higher than 700 men, if any.


In Bo Hai, heal, then enter the left of the double house. Get the Gun Powder
and go to the cave in the west. Use the powder to free Xu Zhe who is trapped.
He will join you. Make him your tactician, because he is very intelligent.
Note that he is going by the name Dan Fu, so there's no confusion. Now with
him you can get past the woman blocking the bridge in Bo Hai. Get Wood Helmets
for at least Zhang Fei and Guan Yu, and if funds permit, for other generals
in the front of your group.

Continue east of Bo Hai until you see a gate in the middle of nowhere. Attack.

*****BATTLE 21*****

Xu Shou - 1255
Yan Liang - 1381
Wen Hun - 1449
Rebel Force (x1)

This is a hard battle, but though you're outnumbered, you are a human and they
are just NES intelligence. Wen Hun and Yan Liang have two insanely high attacks,
and with their HP are hard to get below 1,000 immediately. In fact it will take
at least 3 turns to get all generals below 1,000. Xu Shou has Yan Re and is not
afraid to use it. Be ready to heal anyone who gets down to around 250, because
they could be killed in one turn by consecutive hits on their armies. The main
thing is to focus on Xu Shou and kill him, after Wen Hun and Yan Liang are
under 1K men. Guan Yu should be using Yan Re every turn. Once you have routed
this enemy force, you should be happy. Now, you will not face any of them again,
which means if you meet up with Wen Hun or Yan Liang out in the open, hope that
you can convert them, for they are as you saw very powerful.


Enter this fortress and free the girl behind the bars. She gives you a letter.
Before we do anything with this, you should go back to Nan Yang to heal and
save. Try to capture Wen Hun, Yan Liang, or at least one of the two. Lu Guang
is also pretty good. Now, travel to the castle east of Bo Hai. Go ahead and "go
in", but actually this just gives the game a chance for you to talk to Zhao Yun.
Show him the letter from his sister and he joins you. Fit him into your team,
because he is one of the 5 what are called "Tiger" generals. He gains men every
level, and has insanely high attack and intelligence. When the end of the game
comes he will be your best man all around. Now, attack the castle.

*****BATTLE 22*****

Yuan Tan - 1594
Yuan Xi - 1519
Tian Feng - 1141
Rebel Force (x1)

Attack Yuan Tan and Yuan Xi using power pills with Zhang Fei and whatever
random generals you have. Guan Yu and Zhao Yun should use Yan Re every
turn. Once Yuan Tan and Yuan Xi are below one thousand, concentrate attacks
on Tian Feng until he is dead. Once he is gone, all out attack.


Now enter this castle, which is Guang Zong. Check the second well to find a
Sabre, which is marginally better than your current Spears (though inferior
to the Trident), this should go to your second-strongest (Guan Yu, or possibly
an Zhang Fei if an over-1,000 general has the Trident). Heal, and save (the
building is at the far end of the city). Do not talk to the pink and white
general in the middle until you've saved. Ok, now talk to him. He is blood
of Yuan Shu and Yuan Shao, and he wants to kill you.

*****BATTLE 23*****

Yuan Shang - 1672
Rebel Force (x4)

Yuan Shang is a strong general. However, with only Rebel Forces as backup,
you can take him down quickly. Have Guan Yu and Zhao Yun use Yan Re, and
everyone else attack him. If he is not below 1000, then do another round,
all attacking him. Watch out in case he uses Yan Re, for he is a capable
tactician. Now, you can all out to kill him and any remaining rebel


Heal and save again, and continue eastward towards Ji Zhou, the castle where
Yuan Shao, Lu BU, and others await you. But first, the gates!

*****BATTLE 24*****

Ma Yan - 942
Lu Xiang - 942
Rebel Force (x3)

Kill Lu Xiang first. There is little else to worry about in this battle.


And the next...

*****BATTLE 25*****

Zhang Yi - 989
Guo Tu - 1317
Rebel Force (x2)

Focus attacks on Guo Tu first, and then finish off as usual.


Return to Guang Zong for a quick heal/save. If you are not level 18, get
there, so Zhang Fei will have a little over 1,000 men. Make sure to get all
generals at least 2 power pils and 1 elixer B each. Now, attack Ji Zhou.
Yuan Shao will again say you killed his brother.

*****BATTLE 26*****

Yuan Shao - 1754
Yuan Shu - 899 (if you decided to let him go earlier, he appears here!)
Zhang He - 1317
Ju Shou - 1449
Lu BU - 1449

THIS BATTLE IS HARD, and in fact harder than first glance. Not only do all these
generals, and there are 4 of them, have a mass army of over 6,000 men, but each
of them is a strong fighter except Ju Shou, and all are expert tacticians except
Lu Bu. Note that Lu Bu now has about 1,500 soldiers, and will be doing over 300
damage a hit until brought down, and 150 until he is defeated. Basically, we
take this battle slowly, one step at a time. First turn, your strongest warriors
should all use power pills to attack Lu Bu. Have Guan Yu use Ji Rou to reduce
enemy attack damage, and Zhao Yun use Yan Re. Hopefully Zhang Fei got to do his
attack before he was knocked below 1,000 (if you're even that high of a level to
begin with). He should do between 300 and 400 damage. Odds are you took some
heavy casualties, so have Guan Yu use Yin Xian now. Concentrate attacks and Lu
Bu, and keep using Yan Re with Zhou Yun. save your power pills for Yuan Shao,
whom you will kill last. After Lu Bu is dead, focus on Ju Shou. Go up the enemy
line from him, killing them one by one. When only Yuan Shao is left, have
everyone attack with power pills. Congratulate yourself, a lot, when they are
all defeated.


 VII. Fighting in Jing Zhou

Enter Ji Zhou, heal, save, and invite Liu Bei in. Talk to him and he tells
you the land of Jing Zhou is in turmoil and you need to stop the fighting
there. Before heading off, buy 3 sabres, for Wen Hun, Yan Liang, and Zhang
Fei. I'd have you buy more, but only 2 towns away is your next weapon, which
though expensive is very awesome, and you should save your money for some.

Gullwing back to Nan Yang and save. Go left now and down the path. Following
this path you will go by 4 houses, and then come to a castle.

*****BATTLE 27*****

Jin Xuan - 1317
Gong Zhi - 1197
Rebel Force (x2)

Get Jin Xuan under one thousand, then kill Gong Zhi so he doesn't get crazy
with Yan Re.


Enter Wu Ling castle. Grab the Bow by the well in the upper portion of the
town. Give it to Guan Yu. Heal, leave, and continue eastward along the path.
Before attacking the next castle, which is hard, get to level 19. When
you're ready, attack the castle.

*****BATTLE 28*****

Han Xuan - 1519
Huang Zhong - 1381
Wei Yan - 1317
Yang Ling - 1197
Rebel Force (x1)

This battle has 2 of the strongest men in the game fighting you. Huang Zhong
and Wei Yan. Basically, have Wen Hun, Yan Liang, and Zhang Fei keep attacking
Huang Zhong and then Wei Yan, and Zhao Yun should keep using Yan Re. Once they
are dead, kill Yang Ling, and then allout to kill Han Xuan.


Entering Chang Sha you see Huang Zhong and Wei Yan standing in the way. They
will join you now. Replace the worst two expendable officers you've acquired
with them. First thing, search the well in the town for a Sword. This is the
strongest weapon yet available - give this to your strongest officer who has
over 1,000 men (this will either be Wei Yan or Zhang Fei, likely). The
second-strongest of the two should get the old Trident. Head to the weapon shop
and buy as many Bows as you can afford. Now heal, leave, and go south. Enter the
castle you see; you don't have to fight your way in. Here again you will find
ANOTHER Sword by the well, so once again shuffle your weapons around so that the
strongest / over 10,000 have the Swords and so on downards. Go to the palace and
talk to the leader. He will show you to your sleeping quarters... or not. Refuse
him twice, then a battle will begin! Had you not refused, you'd have had to
fight after just waking up and would've had severely reduced numbers.

*****BATTLE 29*****

Zhao Fan - 1594
Bao Long - 1255
Chen Ying - 1197
Rebel Force (x2)

Have everyone attack Zhao Fan, but have Zhao Yun use Yan Re. With all your great
weaponry, and maybe a few power pills, this battle is a cakewalk.


Now this town becomes completely docile. You can heal and save here, and
invite Liu Bei in. He will siimply tell you that the fighting in Jing Zhou
needs to be stopped. Guess its up to you to stop it. Every fight between
here and the next castle will be simple because of your almighty bows.

*****BATTLE 30*****

Xing Dao Rong - 1519
Liu Yang - 1381
Rebel Force (x3)

Bows really make this part of the game cheap... hell, Swords + Power Pills
make it even cheaper!


*****BATTLE 31*****

Liu Du - 1672
Xing Dao Rong - 1519
Rebel Force (x2)

Mmmm, bows. Attack!! The end of this battle restores peace to Jing Zhou.


Enter Ling Ling castle. Heal and save. If you try and invite Liu Bei here,
the scribe will say that Liu Bei is going to Gui Yang, the last castle you
were at. You should visit him in a bit. First, go around the edge of the town
to a house on the left, and search in front of the man inside. You'll find a
sword. Equip it on whoever. You should now have 3 swords equipped on your best
men, along with either 2 bows or one bow and the Trident.

Now go back to Liu Bei at Gui Yang. You will probably meet up with a mighty
tactician named Pang Tong on the way back... (if you talked to the man in
Ling Ling who mentions that Pang Tong is out with his men).

*****BATTLE 32****

Pang Tong - 3765
Rebel Force (x3)

Pang Tong is... well, strong. He has quite a good few men, and very advanced
tactics such as Ji Mian, which stops you from attacking, Da Re, a fire spell
capable of huge damage to one army, and Wan Fu, which allows a full heal of
the target army. Ouch. Well, just never cease to attack Pang Tong. When hurt,
heal. However, with your bows, you can kill him in two turns flat, and so
just hope he doesn't use any of his big guns. And please, please hope that
you did not meet up with him near water. His Hong Shui tactic could wipe out
your party.


When he's defeated, he'll join you. Yay. Replace Xu Zhe with him, and if you
wish, put him in your battle party in place of Huang Zhong, due to his sheer
mass of men and great tactical capablities. But, on the other hand, greater
attack is better for now. Just let Pang Tong do his stuff from behind the
fight. When you get back to Gui Yang, Liu Bei gives you a letter for Xu Zhe
saying he needs to leave to care for his sick mother. Good thing you have
Pang Tong. When you walk out of the palace, Xu Zhe says something he almost
forgot. He is telling you to go see Zhu Ge Liang at his house, which is
the third one down to the left of Nan Yang. Go there. Stock up on Gull Wings,
you're gonna need em. Also note that the game music has now changed from the
fun, upbeat squeeky noise, to a more mellow, epic sort of sound. This is how
it will be until the end of the game.

*****Zhu Ge Liang Scavenger Hunt*****

When you arrive at Zhu Ge Liang's house, he is not there. You must go to Lou
Sang villiage, where you began the game. Gullwing to Xu Zhou. Enter the small
house and ask the man there, who will say Zhu Ge Liang was there but left.
Now go back to his house, and the man there will refer you to Nan Yang. Go to
Nan Yang, invite Liu Bei in. Talk to him and he says someone named Jin came
and was looking for you. Now go back to Zhu Ge Liang's house one last time.
You see Zhu Ge Liang sleeping. Talk to him but choose not to wake him, and
he will awaken by himself. He says he will join but go to Gui Yang castle

Now gullwing to Chang Sha and go down to Gui Yang and meet up with him
in the palace. Finally! In rapid succession you just got the 2 best tacticians
in the game. However, you can only use one of them, so you should make Zhu Ge
Liang the acting strategist and now if you want, put Pang Tong into your party
in place of Wei Yan. Also, around this time, your health bars should change
from orange to light yellow.

Now, go west to Ling Ling castle, heal, and save, and venture onward. Soon
you should meet up with a pretty crazy battle...

*****BATTLE 33*****

Lu Bu - 7003
Rebel Force (x4)

This battle is easier than it looks, though Lu Bu will take a while to kill,
and he does around 800 damage a hit. Best ways to deal with him are power
pills. If you have the tactic Da Re, it is also very effective, so have Guan
Yu, Zhao Yun, and Pang Tong use it, while the others attack. Hopefully Lu
Bu doesn't get any critical attacks before you kill him (and this time, you
kill him for good). Also, if you have Bei Ji, that would be great right now,
for double attacks. Yi Xin can also be good, to prevent Lu Bu from attacking.
Whatever you do, just have fun killing the stupid traitor.


Return to Ling Ling to heal and save. Now, I suggest you spend a lot of time
building up levels, at least to 25. Yes it may seem like a lot, but this new
area we've entered has many new generals and the rebel forces all have many
more men. Plus, experience should come pretty quickly. Also note that from
this point on there will be no more pirate, brigand, or bandit forces. Only
rebel forces. Something else to keep in mind: make sure that Zhang Fei has
your a sword equipped right now. Always keep him with at least 2 power pills
at hand. Give Chi Tu Ma to Pang Tong. Then, if you get into a battle with
some really big armies against you, have Pang Tong use Bei Ji and then Zhang
Fei use a power pill - he will deal over 2,000 damage! Hong Shui is another
great tactic right now. When near water, you can have Pang Tong deal over
1,000 damage to every opponent! Ouch.

Travel past Ling Ling, down, up, around, down, left, etc... until you reach
a house between some mountains. This is the gateway into the kingdom of Shu,
a land ruled by Liu Bei's brother which is in turmoil right now. Time for
you to step in. Before stepping in, make sure to have elixer Cs for everyone.

 VIII. Shu

Head west until you reach a fortress.

*****BATTLE 34*****

Liu Kui - 3262
Zhang Ren - 3262
Rebel Force (x2)

Cast Bei Ji on your best fighter (Zhang Fei...) and just have everybody
gang up on Zhang Ren. Pang Tong should throw a few Da Re's in there to speed
things up, but it's not necessary, especially if you're saving TP for your
journey northward to Fu Shui (and the subsequent battles).


There is nothing of interest in this fortress. Continue northward. You will
go through a series of twisting mountain paths. Also watch out around here,
for you can meet up with Ma Chao and Ma Dai, who are two of the strongest
generals in the game, especially Ma Chao. Eventually you will reach a castle
with a gate.

*****BATTLE 35*****

Meng Da - 3589
Tao Qian - 2226
Rebel Force (x2)

Meng Da has slightly worrisome attack power, so go ahead and gang up on him,
but don't use up too many resources. Tao Qian is a pushover.


Attack Fu Shui castle.

*****BATTLE 36*****

Yan Yan - 3262
Fa Zheng - 2965
Yang Huai - 2965
Rebel Force (x2)

These opponents are all very capable. Yan Yan is both an expert fighter and
a superb tactician. Yang Huai's attack is nothing to scoff at, either. I
suggest you use Bei Ji on Zhang Fei, and have everyone attack except Pang Tong
who should use Da Re on Yan Yan or Yang Huai. When they're dead, all out to
win. You've just made it past your first really long trek in this game.


Enter Fu Shui castle, heal, and save. Enter the palace, which cannot entertain
Liu Bei. Go through the door to the right, and then you see a prison cell. Keep
pushing your character against it, repeatedly tapping, or backing away and
running into it. Eventually the door will break. Then talk to the man. Now go
to the weapons shop. If you feel like making the switch from Bow to Sword, you
can. You should probably just keep your bows until the next weapon after sword
comes along. Also get copper helmets.

Head northward once you are at least level 26.

*****BATTLE 37*****

Huang Quan - 2695
Leng Bao - 2024
Rebel Force (x3)

I suggest having a Bei Jied Pang Tong use Hong Shui for an easy win.


Now, let's attack Luo castle.

*****BATTLE 38*****

Ma chao - 3262
Ma Dai - 3110
Pang De - 2965
Rebel Force (x1)

This battle is hard. You are facing Ma Chao, one of the 5 Tiger generals (you
have 4 on your side right now), Ma Dai, his almost as strong brother, and Pang
De, an obvious relative of Pang Tong and also an expert tactician. All of his
tactics are dangerous to you, so I would recommend killing him first. But to
start this battle, have Pang Tong use Bei Ji on Zhang Fei, and have everyone
else cast it on themselves except Zhang Fei, who should use a power pill on
Ma Chao. Next turn, have Pang Tong use Da Re on Ma Dai, and have everyone else
attack Ma Chao, except zhang Fei who should use another power pill, on Pang De.
After this turn, there shouldn't be much left of your opponent. All out attack
to defeat them. Now, Ma Chao and Ma Dai will join you. Put Ma Chao in your line
up in place of Huang Zhong, but keep him with you. Keep Ma Dai in the reserve.
We still want Pang Tong leading the party.


Enter Luo Castle. Note that you can gullwing here, so you can now go between
older cities and easily. Check the upper well for a Battleax, which is the
strongest weapon you've found thus far - I'd say Zhang Fei deserves it. Heal up,
and go somewhere else to save if you want. Continue south of Luo and you come to
a cave. In this cave is the Iron Ore, which you will really want. The cave is
relatively small. Take the lower of the 2 pathways left at the beginning and
it's straight directions from there to the Iron Ore. Gullwing out to Luo when
you have it. Then go back to Fu Shui, go a bit south of there, and hook around
back up to a house, and give the ore to the blacksmith. Gullwing back to Luo,
and return to Mt. Gang Tai (the cave). You can follow the northern of the two
west paths to go to about ~1500 gold, or just take the path upwards this time to
get through.

When outside, go down and left, then hook back up to a fortress.

*****BATTLE 39*****

Li Yan - 2827
Liu Ba - 2569
Liu Xun - 3110
Rebel Force (x1)

Attack these generals in bottom to top order. Should be a breeze.


Enter Mian Zhu Guan fortress. In the leftmost tent, there is a treasure chest
with a battleax in it. Give the battleax to Zhang Fei and his Sword to Ma Chao.
Leave and continue onwards. Attack the gate at the next castle.

*****BATTLE 40*****

Lei Tong - 3110
Wu Lan - 2965
Rebel Force (x3)

Though Lei Tong and Wu Lan both have great attacks, you totally outnumber them,
outsmart them, and out hit them. Plus you've faced them both many times. Time
to whoop them.


Now Cheng Du

*****BATTLE 41*****

Liu Zheng - 4142
Gao Pei - 2872
Wu Yi - 3589
Wang Lei - 2827
Rebel Force (x1)

This battle is much easier than it looks. The big "bad guy" Liu Zheng is very
weak in strength and intelligence, despite his mass of soldiers. Gao Pei and Wu
Yi are moderate, but you've beaten them before. Wang Lei is just crap. Use Bei
Ji on Zhang Fei with his battleax, then have him power pill-attack Liu Zheng
and then Wu Yi. Kiss them goodbye. Pang Tong should Bei Ji Zhang Fei the first
turn, then do Da Re on Gao Pei. Everyone else can attack whoever. Voila, you
win, Liu Bei now rules Shu.


In Cheng Du, heal, save, and invite Liu Bei in. He says something about the
blacksmith and your swords. Don't worry about that yet. Go buy battleaxes
for everyone who doesn't have one yet (except of course Zhu Ge Liang). Get Chain
Mails for everyone. Don't go back to the swordsmith yet. Spend some time around
here facing battles and owning with your battleaxes. You can gain some quick
levels. Get to at least level 29.

Ok, now go to the swordsmith's house. He tells you he made 5 great swords and
tells you what he named them. But they were stolen! Oh no! Don't worry. You'll
find them in various places later on.

Return to Cheng Du and talk to Liu Bei. He gives you a speech about how the
world is all good right now, but he says Shu is too vast for him to control
alone, so he makes Guan Yu the ruler of Chang Sha and Zhang Fei the ruler of
Gui Yang. This is to help keep the peace in Jing Zhou, a very hostile area.

 IX. Wu

But suddenly something happens. Some time passes, and Guan Yu and Zhang Fei
have left. Now two messengers come and say that Cao Cao and Sun Ce both died.
Uh oh. And, Wu is attacking Jing Zhou, and Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are barely
holding on. You must go help them. First, gullwing to Chang Sha. Go to the
palace and speak with Guan Yu, who offers his son to join your army. Good!
Do the same at Gui Yang where Zhang Fei's son will join you. Alright, awesome.
They are both a bit weaker in stats than their fathers but have the same men
and all the stuff the two dads left with.

Go back to Cheng Du and speak to Liu Bei. He says that Wu has invaded Jing Zhou.
Head to Wu Ling first and fight the enemies there.

*****BATTLE 42*****

Fan Zhang - 4780
Chen Wu - 5014
Rebel Force (x3)

This is your first fight against generals from Wu. These two are sort of strong,
but with power pils and you battle axes, you'll have them routed in no time.


Head to Gui Yang. Heal, save, and reload on power pills. Now go to Ling Ling to

*****BATTLE 43*****

Ling Tong - 5516
Wu Fan - 5014
Rebel Force (x2)

This battle is just as easy as the last one, because Ling Tong isn't that strong
and Wu Fan doesn't have any dangerous tactics. Use power pills and whoop them.


Get back to Cheng Du and talk to Liu Bei again. He gives another speech, and
this time you'll do some butting in also. At the end of the speech, 3 people now
claim the title of emperor. Woah. Go back to Gui Yang and you will find a bridge
there now. Woah, cool. You can cross it and explore a bit if you want, but until
you are level 31, stay close to Gui Yang. There are dozens of new generals in
Wu, and many of them have immense strength, armies reaching over 10,000, and
very vicious tactics. Stay near water, because Pang Tong can use Shui Long to do
over 2,000 damage to every enemy. Always keep a fresh supply of power pills,
especially on Zhao Yun and Ma Chao, who are your strongest attackers now. At
level 30, your health bars should change to light blue.

At level 31, heal and save. Take Pang Tong out of your battle party, but keep
him with you. Put it Huang Zhong now. Give Chi Tu Ma to Zhao Yun. Heal, save,
and head west and south of Gui Yang now. Generals to watch out for in this area,
some you may have met while building up, include Tai Ci Si, Zhou Yu, Lu Sun, Lu
Su, among others. Do not hesitate to try retreating if you face any of them.
Attack the first castle you come to.

*****BATTLE 44*****

Gan Ning - 6069
Lu Su - 6365
Rebel Force (x3)

Gan Ning is a strong general, but he is the least of your worries. Lu Su has Ji
Mian, Yi Xin, and Li Jian, which prevent you from attacking, prevent one general
from doing anything, and cause one general to attack his allies, respectively.
First turn, have everyone cast Bei Ji on themselves. Next turn, have everyone
attack Lu Su with power pills except Zhao Yun who should use Huo Shen. That will
do over 3000 damage to anyone it hits, but probably won't hit Lu Su. One dose
of that should be sufficient. Then just own the battle with your Bei Jied hits.


Enter Jian An. Make sure everyone has at least 1 elixer D. Go to the back of
the town and search in front of the lone tree for some Dead Wood. Also, on the
back side of the tree is your first Scimitar. Equip this to your strongest
devoted attacking general (likely Ma Chao). Now leave and head north into the
cave in the mountains. In the cave, take the lower fork and take the stairs you
see. Then go left and up on the next floor. The path to the saltpeter which you
came for is straight-forward. Gullwing out to Jian An when done.

Talk to the man standing in place in the front part of the town. He will take
your saltpeter and dead wood and make dam so you can get across the canal. Leave
and head south. You will come to a fortress where you will fight a very hard

*****BATTLE 45*****

Zhou Yu - 6365
Gu Yong - 5014
Kan Ze - 5259
Rebel Force (x1)

Ok, you're up against 3 tacticians. Zhou Yu is probably tied for the most
dangerous in the game, next to Cao Pi, Si Ma Yi, and very few others. He is
who you want dead the fastest. First turn, have everyone use Bei Ji. Then,
have everyone attack except Zhao Yun who should use Shui Long. You will
probably have to heal often, since these guys love to use Hong Shui. Guan
Xing should do the healing, he's your weakest man. Use power pills and just
try to get Zhou Yu dead as fast as you can, and hope he doesn't ues Wan Fu
too many times. Also note he has An Sha, which can wipe out an entire general
of yours with one swipe. Hopefully someone has some resurrects, which we've
not really needed so far. When you finally get Zhou Yu dead, get Kan Ze, and
then all out to finish. An alternate way to start the battle would've been
for Zhao Yun to cast Ce Mian the first turn to ward off enemy tactics for
some undetermined number of turns. But note that it's expensive to use and
sometimes has to be re-cast every turn, and can hinder your ability to use
other tactics that are also expensive.

LOW LEVEL STRATEGY: If you are not as over-leveled as this guide typically
recommends, then you should fight this battle with Pang Tong leading. You
won't be able to rely on the crutch of Ce Mian to stop opposing tactics.
Basically, you'll want Bei Ji cast on Pang Tong by whoever is using your
Chi Tu Ma, as well as having Bei Ji on your 1 or 2 strongest men. Pang Tong
should try to deliver Hong Shui every turn, which will do 1200 to 2000 on
any hit to these intelligent tacticians. Your most powerful generals (one
of whom should have the Scimitar found in Jian An), likely Ma Chao and Zhao
Yun, should beat up on Zhou Yu and then Kan Ze with power pills until they
are dead.


Go into the lower left tent and get the Scimitar; give to your second-best.
Gullwing back to Chang Sha. Reload on power pills and gullwings, and gull
back to Jian An. Continue past the fortress you just beat until you get to
another castle.

*****BATTLE 46*****

Zhu Ge Jin - 6365
Jang Qin - 5259
Han Dang - 5516
Rebel Force (x1)

This is a rather easy battle vs Zhu Ge Liang's lesser brother. As long as
he doesn't get sneaky using Hong Shui repeatedly (your equivalent Bei Ji'd
Hong Shui, or better Shui Long is much more potent)


Enter Wu castle. Heal, restock on power pills if necessary, and grab the
Crossbow found next to the well. Give this to somebody you don't typically
cast Bei Ji on - maybe an attacking tactician, or just your weakest general.
Save your game and Continue onwards. You will come to the first confusing cave
in the game. This one is big and stupid. Get to level 33 before going in, and
make sure to have elixer Ds for everyone. Uhhh... I'll try to give directions,
though if you can find a map somewhere on the internet this would be much
easier. The first two rooms are very small. Then there's a big floor. Follow
the path around, then go left at the fork. This will lead you across some lava
to a Steel H - the best class of helmet in the game, which you won't be able
to buy for yourself for a long time from now. Give it to the general most
vital to your strategy, be it more strength-based or tactic-based. Zhao Yun is
a good selection for both such strategies.

Return to the fork you were at before and this time go down to some steps. On
the next floor take the stairs right next to you (note that doing so saves you a
lot of time you could've spent going the other way and getting an Elixer D, but
we're still pretty early in this cave, and you're probably still well-stocked on
that very cheap supply item), and on the next follow the plain path around.
Again take the stairs next to you. On this floor, follow the path, go left at
first fork, right at second (unless you badly need 1 more Power Pill), down at
third. This leads you to Nu Long, one of the 5 swords. Give it to your best
fighter, and move the Scimitars down to the second-bests. Now backtrack to that
last fork, and go right to get out of the cave.

Go north for a darn long while until you come to a gate and a fortress.

*****BATTLE 47*****

Ding Feng - 15769
Rebel Force (x3)

Ding Feng doesn't have any of the tactics considered truly dangerous at this
point - An Sha, Wan Fu, Ji Mian, or hell, even a respectable fire tactic (Da
Re). He's got tons of men, and honestly it's pretty safe to just all-out against
him, backing out only if something seriously abnormal happens to one of your
party members.


Double check that your best fighter (probably Ma Chao equipped with Nu Long)
has as many power pills on him as you have available, and attack the fortress.

*****BATTLE 48*****

Chen Pu - 9326
Zhang Zhao - 8082
Bu Xi - 7003
Rebel Force (x2)

The reason this fight will be tough is because you just went on a long journey
since your last heal, so you probably are way down on tactic points. Obviously,
this battle is against 3 very capable tacticians. Hopefully you've saved enough
tactic points to at least get a few spells in. Have your Chi Tu Ma general
immediately use Ce Mian, and the only tactics you need to cast in this battle
(assuming your TP is low anyways) are Bei Ji on your best fighter (whoever has
Nu Long) and your best tactician (that is, if you have somebody like Pang Tong,
Zhou Yu, or Zhu Ge Liang who could actually land hits against these guys with
Huo Shen). Take out Zhang Zhao, then Chen Pu. Bu Xi is relatively harmless.


Enter Po Yang fortress, which lovingly has a place to rest in. Leave and
go southeast. Attack the gate you see.

*****BATTLE 49*****

Huang Gai - 
Rebel Force (x2)

Huang Gai is kind of strong, but there's just one of him, and you significantly
outnumber his army overall. I'd say just beat up on him without sacrificing any
TP or power pills.


Now attack Jin Du castle.

*****BATTLE 50*****

Sun Yu - 13027
Zhang Hong - 10763
Zhu Zhi - 10261
Rebel Force (x2)

These generals have huge armies. 2 are amazing fighters, 1 is an annoying
tactician. However, with Bei Jied power pill attacks (on the tactician)
and Bei Jied Shui Long uses, you should be able to take them down quickly.
You might consider Ce Mian, just to avoid Ji Mian being used against you.

LOW LEVEL STRATEGY: You get a choice of attacking this castle from close or
far proximity to water. Choose close if you have at least 2 good tacticians
(or one tactician and Zhou Yun, for example) that you plan on using Hong Shui
with); choose far (straight on) if your army count is too low and you believe
a good Hong Shui could wipe you out. First round, have everybody cast Bei Ji
on themselves, and hope that the enemy doesn't cast Ji Mian, or (just as bad
in this case) Shui Jian reducing the effectiveness of water attacks. Second
round, have anybody down below 1,000 men use Wan Fu on themselves, while all
fighters should use power pills on Zhang Hong (and at least one on Sun Yu to
ensure that he gets below 10,000) and all tacticians should cast Hong Shui.
If all goes well and you get some luck, you will be making short work of this
battle. If you have a lot of misses or run into Ji Mian, play conservatively.
Focus on tactics while under Ji Mian, and have fighters defend or cast Wan Fu
on anybody in perilous health.


Be very happy, for Jin Du is on your gullwing list, you can go to and
from here easily. Heal now. Before talking to anyone, buy crossbows for
everyone except Ma Chao and Bronze Helmets for everyone. Now talk to the
soldier in the middle of the town to initiate a fight.

*****BATTLE 51*****

Lu Meng - 14333
Rebel Force (x3)

This is a strong general and even greater tactician. Use Bei Jei on
everyone, then give him dose after dose of attacks. He may use Wan Fu,
which would suck. Hope he doesn't! Don't use power pills except with Ma
Chao, because everyone else has double attack weapons. Huo Shen wouldn't
hurt. When you beat him he runs off, saying you're strong but Tai Si Ci
is stronger. Phhtt you've beaten Tai Si Ci a few times already I assume.


Gull out of Jin Du to someplace where you can get power pills and more
gullwings and come back. Head south of Jin Du to find a house. Attack
the group of pirates inside.

*****BATTLE 52*****

Pirate (x5) - 10261

They have moderately high attacks, but will be wiped out in a few rounds
of your strong attacks and dilligent tactic use.


Return to Jin Du and talk to a man who will give you Qing Long, another
one of the 5 swords (and one of the 3 stronger types). Give it to your next
best fighter after whoever has Nu Long.

When you feel you are ready level-wise (I suggest high 30s, like 36-37),
start attacking the gates of Jian Ye castle. Ideally you will be 38 by the
time you attack Jian Ye, which will put a number of your best officers over
10,000 men and give you a huge boost in attack. Those officers should get
your best weapons.

*****BATTLE 53*****

Sun Yi - 15769
Rebel Force (x4)

Sun Yi has more men then any general you've fought thus far, and also a
fairly high attack. But this is not a difficult battle. One Bei Ji on your
best attacker, who will use a power pill to help get him below 10,000 should
do the trick. Everybody else can just attack. Save your TP, unless you feel
like taking trips back to the Inn at Jin Du in between these few battles.


Now the second gate...

*****BATTLE 54*****

Zhou Tai - 10763
Xue Zong - 9326
Rebel Force (x2)

Possibly even easier than the last battle, nobody here has either high
strength or intelligence. Dispose of them as you see fit.


...and the third...

*****BATTLE 55*****

Sun Huan - 16540
Xu Sheng - 11289
Lu Ji - 11289
Rebel Force (x2)

Topping his relative Sun Yi, Sun Huan is now the general you've fought with
the highest soldier count. His 215 attack is kind of scary as well. Xu Sheng
is almost a match at 195. Fortunately this battle's tactician is a pushover.
Use a combination of Bei Ji and power pills to reduce all generals to below
10,000 men, then kill them in top-to-bottom order.


Before taking on Jian Ye, you probably want to heal/save, and maybe even
restock on power pills.

*****BATTLE 56*****

Tai Si Ci - 15769
Lu Sun - 11814
Rebel Force (x3)

Well, though you've probably faced both of these generals at random
times before, this time they're together. These are the two best generals
in Wu, in terms of Strength and Intelligence (respectively). At a high
enough level though, they shouldn't worry you too much. It'll be a matter
of the usual tactics. Bei Ji, use power pills, Huo Shen, etc...

After the start of the second part of the battle, you may want to cast Gui
Huan so you can return, save/heal/restock, and then come back to Jian Ye.

Sun Quan - 19087
Rebel Force (x4)

Wow. Sun Quan is a monster. 228 strength with 240 AP to back it up,
and plenty of men to keep him over 10K for a while. And, he has very
high intelligence and some of our least favorite tactics like Ji Mian,
Li Jian, and Yi Xin. So, start out with everyone using Bei Ji on himself.
Your best tacticians should do a few rounds of Huo Shen, and everybody else
should use any remaining power pills. This is honestly only hard if you didn't
heal after the previous battle. If you didn't, you might find Sun Quan getting
some heavy hits and possibly wiping out a few generals, but if you stopped
halfway through, this should be OK.


Sun Quan's ambitions are foiled and he dies. Liu Bei now occupies Wu.

 X. Wei

Enter Jian Ye, heal, save, and invite. Liu Bei says Cao Pi must die, and you
should attack from "Jian Ye, northeast of here" which is an obvious mistake-
you're in Jian Ye! Anyways, go to the weapon shops and replace your crossbows
with Lances. Also give Nu Long back to Ma Chao. Do not buy the mail here for
there is better armor at the next town. For now, just go outside to the east
and wander around a bit. There are many new generals with armies reaching over
20 and 30K men, so you should definately do some leveling up. Generals to watch
out for include Cheng Yu, Yang Xiu, Chen Qun, Cao Zhi, Xun Huo, and anybody else
that can cast An Sha, Ji Mian, or even Wan Fu.

When you reach level 39, head east and north of Jian Ye for your next fight.
Attack the gate.

*****BATTLE 57*****

Xia Hou Yuan - 11289
Rebel Force (x4)

Should be a relatively easy battle. He's got good attack but low men and only
mediocre intelligence/tactics.


Now attack Guang Ling castle.

*****BATTLE 58*****

Zhang Liao - 13027
Cao Zhen - 10763
Rebel Force (x3)

This battle, though the opposing generals don't have too many men, is hard
because they're BOTH strong warriors and elite tacticians, especially Zhang
Liao. Bei Ji everyone and power pill Zhang Liao to death before he kills
anyone with An Sha. If he does, don't worry about resurrecting, just kill
the bastard. Cao Zhen can go next. Don't all out against these guys. I suggest
using Shui Long once or twice with Bei Ji for ass-beating potential.

LOW LEVEL STRATEGY: You will be level 31 by this battle, so Zhu Ge Liang,
Pang Tong, Lu Sun, or Zhang Zhao (all tacticians with 240+ intelligence) should
have the final tactic, Ce Mian. As long as you maintain Ce Mian throughout this
battle, you should be able to get away with anything and take your time killing
these generals.


Enter Guang Ling castle and talk to the first person you see after the guard.
This is Jiang Wei, a great tactician and good fighter, who gains men like
all your other generals right now, and gets as many as Zhao Yun. He is so good
that you could replace anybody with him. Give Chi Tu Ma to Jiang Wei. In
the middle of a town, a tree sticks out on the side. Search there to find Bo
Ye, another sword. It is not as strong as the first 2 you got, but still
stronger than any generic weapons. Give it to Zhang Bao (assuming all your
generals are over 10,000 now, you want to maximize damage output, so your two
stronger swords should be on Zhao Yun and Ma Chao). Check in at the equipment
shop and get Plate Mail for everybody. You're now done buying armor, as this is
the best in the game.

Go back to Jian Ye and save. Build up to level 40. Heal, save, and continue
past Guang Ling castle. You might consider getting some smoke pots. Oh and
while fighting you should notice your health bars changed to a cool green.
That's the last color. After a lot of walking you come to a gate.

*****BATTLE 59*****

Cao Zhi - 13665
Rebel Force (x4)

Eek! Cao Zhi has all the tactics we're scared of. But it's just him, and with
a Ce Mian and some good hard hits, you should have him dead before he manages
to do much damage.


Now attack He Fei fortress.

*****BATTLE 60*****

Cao Pi - 20020
Cao Ren - 14333
Xia Hou Dun - 13665
Rebel Force (x2)

Your first battle against the second hardest opponent in the game - Cao Pi.
And, there's a very high chance you will be suprised as you enter the battle.
So you're already starting a turn behind. The most important thing here of
course is maintaining a consistent Ce Mian. If they don't use Shui Jian to
protect against water tactics, then you'll want your best tactician (hopefully
somebody with more intelligence than Cao Pi) using Shui Long. If they do, then
use Huo Shen instead. Anybody carrying a legendary sword should also have Bei Ji
on them. Take out Cao Pi as fast as possible, followed by Xia Hou Dun.


Gullwing first back to someplace with power pills so you can reload. Then gull
back to Jian Ye, get more Elixer Ds and gulls, heal, and save. Get more smoke
pots, because you've got to take that long hike again. This time we're going
even further. Continue past He Fei fortress where you fought Cao Pi. Go across
one bridge, then another, and then straight down. You will see a castle
protected by some gates. Go in and attack! 

*****BATTLE 61*****

Cao Xiu - 15034
Cao Chun - 13665
Rebel Force (x3)

Two of the lowliest Caos, they should not scare you! Their attacks are
identical, take them out in any order and don't waste tactics or pill resources
unless you really want some speed-up.


And the next gate...

*****BATTLE 62*****

Xia Hou Shang - 17349
Xia Hou De - 16540
Rebel Force (x3)

Nearly as easy as the last gate, this one has slightly more men and slightly
more intelligent generals. Dispose of them as you did the last gate.


And now the well-fortified Ru Nan castle.

*****BATTLE 63*****

Cao Pi - 20020
Cao Zhang - 19087
Cao Ang - 18197
Xia Huo Mao - 16540
Rebel Force (x1)

Here's Cao Pi again, this time with a load of strong backup, including the 6th
strongest general in the game, Cao Zhang. Yeah, that says something. You WILL
be caught off guard in this battle, so you'll have a round of beating on you
before you can even get going. Now on your first turn, everyone should use Bei
Ji. Second turn, everyone attack Cao Pi with power pills except Jiang Wei, using
Huo Shen or Shui Long (depending where you initiated the battle). This will
probably bring Cao Pi down below 5K. Do one more power pill attack and one more
regular on him to kill him. Hopefully he never An Shaed anyone. You should be
strong enough to all out after this to finish them.

But wait! Si Ma Yi has arrived! And he's backstabbing Cao Pi! Sounds like a cool
guy. Well, he kills Cao Pi and gives you his head. However, he says he claims
Wei for his own, then does some crazy thunder on you, and you wake up in Jian


Heal, save, and go talk to Liu Bei. He says Guan Yu's other son found you
unconsious and brought you back to Jian Ye. He says you should go to Chang Sha
to talk to him. So, do so! When you talk to him he says he knows Si Ma Yi's
thunder tactic, and says the counter is to press up, up, down, down, left,
right, up, down before the attack hits. Also restock on power pills here, and
get everyone at least three of them. Now gullwing back to Jian Ye. Reload on
gullwings and Elixer Ds.

Upon reaching Ru Nan, touch the castle from the left side, so you are away from
the water, because Si Ma Yi can use Shui Long. When it starts, you will first
have to counter the thunder. If you mess up you are returned to Jian Ye. So
don't mess up. Now, the battle starts.

*****BATTLE 64*****

Si Ma Yi - 40972
Xu Zhu - 20020
Dian Wei - 20020
Rebel Force (x2)

You'll probly be caught off guard. Now, do a report on Si Ma Yi. He has 250
intelligence, so he will a) be able to hit any of your guys with his tactics
successfully and b) it will be hard for you to hit him with tactics. He has Huo
Shen and Shui Long, two tactics that hardly any of your opponents had before. He
also has Bei Ji, so his attacks and tactics will be twice strength once he uses
it. In addition, he has Wan Fu, and coupled with his 40K men, will mean a long,
hard, tedious fight. And this isn't the only time you face him - you fight him 2
more times!

Begin this battle with Bei Ji on everyone. Now, focus on killing Xu Zhu, and
then Dian Wei. Don't use power pills - save those for Si Ma Yi. You can use Huo
Shen a few times, but try and save tactic points for healing. You will be
healing often because Si Ma Yi loves to hit everyone for 4K damage with Huo
Shen. Do power pil attacks on Si Ma Yi until you get him down to around or below
10K. But, if you are in range of killing him in just one more turn, start that
turn with Jiang Wei using Ce Mian so Si Ma Yi can't use Wan Fu. That should work
and have him dead.


Enter Ru Nan castle. Heal, and go to the weapon shop. Buy Steel Helmets for
everyone. You're now done buying helmets as these are the strongest that are
ever offered. Now go back to Jian Ye and restock on Elixer D's and Gullwings,
and definitely get some Smoke Pots. Gullwing somewhere where you can buy power
pills (Chang Sha works) and head back to Ru Nan. You are now about to embark on
the longest journey between heal points in the game. Head down to the
bottom-left of Ru Nan and go into the little niche in the mountains. A note
before you go: try your best to conserve TP throughout the caves. There are two
very difficult battles between you and the next inn.

On the first floor, follow the northern path going west. You will pass up a
power pill on a southern branch (unless you really want it), and when you curve
back around at the bottom, you will pass by a Bronze H (though that is more
appealing as you can sell it for 3000). Continue on to the stairs down.

On the next floor, the only treasure accessible is a Smoke Pot (but the
distance you would walk to it is longer than a Smoke Pot would even last...
completely not worth it), so I suggest moving a tick left of the stairs and
heading north. This leads you on a linear path for a couple small floors.

When you next have a choice of which way to go, first head south across the
lava you can see. This leads you to a Legendary sword (Wan Sheng, one of the
two weaker ones), a Plate Mail, and a Bronze Helmet. Collect them all, though
if you're strapped for extra space for whatever reason, leave the Helmet
behind. Return to the fork and head north. You will come upon some stairs
leading down. Take them (note that if you'd continued west, you'd have found
another set of stairs leading to the exact same connected floor). Go down and
take the left-most of the 3 paths. You're now on your way to the second cave.

In the second cave, heading west takes you linearly to the next floor. At the
first fork, head north to obtain the Halberd, the strongest weapon in the game.
Because the AP & Str scales in Destiny of an Emperor are not linear, an increase
of 10 between the best Legendary Swords and the Halberd actually results in
attacks that are roughly 40-50% higher. Give the Halberd to your strongest,
highest-manned, most-devoted fighter, in whose possession it will remain until
the end of the game. This will likely be either Ma Chao or Zhao Yun. However,
since Zhao Yun is also a master tactic user (especially compared to the average
level-gaining general in a traditional DOAE final party), you may find him
occasionally casting offensive tactics. This would be a waste of the Halberd's
potential, which means Ma Chao is probably your best choice. If you're at a low
level and Ma Chao is not yet over 10,000 men, give it to somebody else in the
mean time.

Return to the fork that took you north to the Halberd. This time, move slightly
west and then move south into a large room. East of this is a treasure trove
that contains such valuables as a Plate M and a Steel H. Return to the last fork
and go down the stairs.

On the next floor, head east until you see a couple diagonal paths. The first
one going up leads you to Qing Guang, the final legendary sword (and one of the
best!). Your main party of 5 should now have weapons with 250, 240, 240, 240,
and 190 AP. If you're missing any of that, you might want to backtrack in this
guide a little bit. That 190 should probably be paired with your character who
is A) most likely to use tactics, and B) the weakest strength. Also, that
person should PROBABLY have your Chi Tu Ma. It's always important to get that
certain Ce Mian or Bei Ji off as quick as possible.

Head over to the next diagonal path, and within sight beneath you is a Gullwing
if you need it. Else head up. Before reaching the next stairs you'll run over a
chest with a power pill in it. Grab it if you need it. You can either take the
stairs or first head east and collect an Elixer D. The rest of the cave is a
linear path taking you out.

Shortly after leaving the cave you will come to a gate...

*****BATTLE 65*****

Niu Jin - 20020
Rebel Force (x4)

Niu Jin is strong, but not *too* strong. Try to conserve resources for the next
fight. You can maybe afford one Bei Ji on your Halberd-wielder, just to speed
things up.


...and Chen Liu Fortress

*****BATTLE 66*****

Si Ma Yi - 40972
Yang Xiu - 20999
Jiang Gan - 19087
Rebel Force (x2)

Uh oh. You may have all your tactic points, Elixer Ds, resurrects, power pills,
and the best physical army in the land, but you're up against 2 generals with
Wan Fu, Ji Mian, and Yi Xin. Plus, you're close enough to the water where Si Ma
Yi can use Shui Long and the other two can use Hong Shui. You're in for a rough
ride unless you play your cards right. Start with a round of Bei Jis on everyone
except Jiang Wei, who should use Ce Mian. Gang up on Si Ma Yi with power pills
until he is dead, and whenever Ce Mian runs out, use it again. When Si Ma Yi is
dead, you can stop using power pills and Ce Mian. Take out Yang Xiu and then
Jiang Gan. These two wont last long against an army of Bei Jied warriors.


If you still have at least 34 TP (enough for 2 Ce Mians), and 4-5 power pills,
then go past the fortress and head north to Chin castle. Otherwise, strongly
consider heading back to Ru Nan (or even doing the whole re-stocking routine,
i.e. going elsewhere to get power pills) and heading back through the caves to
get back where we are. Make sure your Halberd-wielder is maxed out on power

*****BATTLE 67*****

Xun Huo - 25418
Li Dian - 23103
Wang Shuang - 20999
Rebel Force (x2)

Odds are you have between 20 and 40 tactic points left, 0-2 power pills left on
any given man, and you don't want to face another guy with Wan Fu. Don't use
any Bei Jis. Have your Chi Tu Ma user cast Ce Mian immediately. Hopefully you
can sustain it long enough for your forces to attack Xun Huo (with your Halberd-
wielder using power pills each round) before he gets the chance to Wan Fu
himself. If that all goes your way, the rest of this battle is just a slug-fest
between you and the two attacking generals. Take out Wang Shuang first as he is
significantly the stronger.


In Chin castle you find out that Si Ma Yi controls a newly rebuilt Luo Yang
castle. His very strong, intelligent sons are helping him guard it. Sounds like
fun. Walk outside and you see a bridge built. You can go across it and wow!
You're right next to Luo Yang castle! Don't fight yet. Gullwing to Chang Sha or
Chang An and fill up on power pills - 4 to 5 each for your very best fighters,
while anybody else should have a mix of resurrects and Elixer D's.

Go to Xu Zhou to save. This is the closest place on your gullwing list that can
attack Luo Yang - the path from Yang Zhou has been blocked off.

Now head back and launch your assault against the "million men" that Si Ma Yi
defends Luo Yang Castle with.

*****BATTLE 68*****

Dian Wei - 20020
Hou Cheng - 18197
Liu Ye - 16540
Rebel Force (x2)

Dian Wei's attack is high, and Hou Cheng's is respectable, but honestly, by this
point in the game you are such a high level and have really nothing to lose (you
are mere steps away from a cheap place to heal). Go all out, have some fun.

NOTE: Dian Wei can be recruited in Wei after you fight him with Si Ma Yi. If you
do so, Dian Wei will not be present for this battle.


One down...

*****BATTLE 69*****

Liu Dai - 26661
Chen Qun - 24233
Lu Wen - 22026
Rebel Force (x2)

Chen Qun is a somewhat dangerous tactician, so you'll want to do the Bei Ji
routine and gang up on him. Afterwards, all-out.


...one to go...

*****BATTLE 70*****

Le Xin - 29332
Wang Can - 26661
Mao Jie - 24233
Rebel Force (x2)

Le Xin and Mao Jie are the epitome if Wi's mediocre generals, while Wang Can is
similarly a very unspectacular tactician. You're gonna be healing after this
battle anyways... just all-out, honestly.


That last battle was the last meaningful experience points you'll get in this
game from story-related elements. If you are not level 50 but you feel like
being as strong as possible, consider leveling up in Wei for a little while.

Protip: At level 50, go to Ji Zhou castle, walk around the outside to the back,
and talk to the man in the house to automatically be put to level 51 - the
highest level in the game! Zhang Bao's soldiers will increase to the highest
known in the game, even higher than Si Ma Yi's!

Alright then. Heal and save at will, and come back to Luo Yang castle when ready
to meet your final matches!

******************************FINAL BATTLE PART 1******************************

Si Ma Shi - 27965
Si Ma Zhao - 30767
Rebel Force (x3)

Alright... let's see. Si Ma Yi's two loving sons which he seems to have raised
well, because they're both very bright people. And they even try to taunt you
into submission before every attack of theirs. What a nice thing to teach your

Begin the battle with Jiang Wei using Ce Mian and everyone else using Bei Ji.
Each time Ce Mian runs out, use it again. These generals are dangerous and not
afraid to use An Sha and Wan Fu. You will not need tactic points for anything
but Ce Mian, because if you gang up on the two generals one at a time with
power pills, you can get them dead very quickly (Ma Chao will be doing insanely
high amounts of damage). I really doubt you can get into a very big predicament
fighting them, though I could be wrong. If Ce Mian runs out for a short space
and you get really unlucky, they could squeeze in Ji Mian and An Sha,
significantly worsening your day.

When they're gone, you know it's not finished yet because you haven't fought Si
Ma Yi. And here he is...


Si Ma Yi says its his destiny to rule, and you can't prevent. Well you can,
just not in your tacticless condition. Though it may not seem like it, you can
run from this battle. Either do that or use the Gui Han tactic. Fill back up on
power pills, heal, save, and come back. Now, you will not have to fight his
sons, just the battle against Si Ma Yi and his henchmen.

******************************FINAL BATTLE PART 2******************************

Si Ma Yi - 40972
Yu Jin - 30767
Wei Xu - 27965
Cheng Yu - 24233
Xu Zhu - 20020

Alright, going into this battle, you should be confident, since you've taken on
all the other foes this game could throw at you, and you outnumber your foes
roughly 5:2 if you're on level 51. You also have the superior brains. Though
they may have infinite TP, you know how to use them better. So, try not to get
frustrated if you get An Sha'd or repeatedly Huo Shen'd when Si Ma Yi is Bei
Ji'd. Just know that you're superior to these punks.

Kick it off with a round of Bei Ji. Wittle down Cheng Yu until he is dead - he
is the most dangerous, with An Sha in his arsenal. When he's gone you can worry
a bit less and focus on getting the fighter generals out of the way. If at any
time someone dies, use 2 Elixer D's and 1 Jin Xian, to get them back up over
10,000 and repeat this if they fall back under. You should be able to
successfully revive 4 people if everyone has 1-2 Elixer D's.

When only Si Ma Yi is left, spend a few turns attacking, and defend for however
long necessary if he uses Ji Mian. If you get him down to about 15K, Jiang Wei
should use Ce Mian followed by everyone else attacking with power pills. Odds
are this will kill him. If you accidentally get Si Ma Yi to low on health and he
gets a chance he will Wan Fu and be fresh as new. And he will barage you with
Huo Shen a lot. Hopefully you get him down to the right health and can finish
him, because you only have so many power pills and TP until you're a goner. If
you win, he has some last sentiments, and then he dies. Yay. Congratulate
yourself. Kiss the nearest person. No more fighting. Now its time for the ending

LOW LEVEL STRATEGY: You should only be on level 39-40, depending on how you
played the game, so you are in fact quite heavily out-numbered. Ce Mian is your
friend - cast it right away and maintain it throughout. Si Ma Yi is currently
the most dangerous to you, as Bei Ji'd Huo Shen hurts a lot worse when you only
average 12,000 men per general. Once you've used your power pills to finish off
Si Ma Yi (hopefully within the span of a working Ce Mian barrier, and also
hoping that Si Ma Yi didn't get a chance to cast too many Bei Ji's on other
generals), shift your focus to Cheng Yu. When he is dead, hit up Xu Zhu, then
Yu Jin, then Wei Xu. If you're feeling lucky, all-out for a stellar finish :D


The music changes to that of victory. Ahhh it sounds so sweet. Enter Luo Yang
and gaze upon its majestic looks as a newly rebuild city. Everyone is talking of
peace and happy things. Go to the scribe and invite Liu Bei in. If you want to
fight Si Ma Yi again, don't save.

Enter the palace. Talk to Liu Bei and hear his final speech:

"Zhang Bao, Zhao Yun, Jiang Wei, Guan Xing, Ma Chao, Zhu Ge Liang, Huang Zhong,
my people. Finally peace reigns again. I thank you all for your devoted effort.
Through this great trial, I have gained much wisdom. I will rule fairly but with
an iron hand so that no uprising can threaten the peace again."

Now its time for the credits! Yippee! We get to see lots of clips of Liu Bei,
Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei in many places they never were together to some funky
music. Woohoo! Between each scene are some names, and portraits are displayed
of characters. Capcom thanks you for playing at the end. Pat yourself on the
back, give yourself a high five, whatever. You just beat on of the coolest RPGs

Now try the sequel, Destiny of an Emperor 2! Much more faithful to the Romance
of the Three Kingdoms storyline, it is another epic and gratifying RPG
experience. It's a little slow-going, but once you get Chi Tu Ma, movement
speeds up significantly. That's all I'll say here - see Lord Yuan Shu's guide
for the most in-depth explanation of everything Destiny of an Emperor 2 related.


 XI. Characters & Generals

Main Characters:

Name         Strength Intelligence Men   Note

Liu Bei      180      225          314   Leader of your army, stops fighting to
Guan Yu      245      180          Grows Mighty warrior in your army for long
Zhang Fei    250      75           Grows Second strongest fighter in the world.
Zhang Jao    93       136          346   Leader of the Yellow Scarves rebellion.
Lu Bu        255      72           439   Strongest fighter in the world,
                                         also a dangerous traitor.
Dong Zhou    162      72           439   Cruel ruler who burnt Luo Yang to the
Yuan Shu     142      152          899   Tries to make himself emperor, fails
Yuan Shao    170      140          1754  Mighty brother of Yuan Shao
Zhao Yun     245      216          Grows Your best warrior at end game
Huang Zhong  235      147          Grows Old yet strong and wise fighter
Pang Tong    99       240          3765  One of the greatest tacticians ever to
                                         live. You find him in the fields
                                         of Jing Zhou.
Zhu Ge Liang 122      255          Grows Greatest tactician in the world
Ma Chao      245      162          Grows Almost as strong in battle as Zhang Fei
Guan Xing    237      175          Grows Guan Yu's powerful son
Zhang Bao    240      150          Grows Zhang Fei's mighty son
Sun Quan     228      207          19087 Assasinates Sun Ce to rule Wu
Jiang Wei    204      225          Grows Great tactician/fighter, joins you in
                                         Guang Ling castle in Wei.
Cao Pi       216      204          20020 Devious ruler of Wei.
Si Ma Yi     180      250          40972 Kills Cao Pi to rule Wei

Other Generals:

Name           Strength Intelligence Men

Bao Long       126      63           1255 
Bu Xi          124      192          7003 
Cai Yong       117      180          380 
Cao Ang        180      84           18197 
Cao Chun       168      48           13665 
Cao Ren        180      156          14333 
Cao Xiu        168      108          15034 
Cao Zhang      242      168          19087 
Cao Zhen       192      192          10763 
Cao Zhi        132      220          13665 
Chen Deng      94       157          153 
Chen Ji        85       47           531 
Chen Jiao      48       192          11841 
Chen Lan       76       57           460 
Chen Qun       72       228          24233 
Chen Wu        161      115          5014 
Chen Ying      136      42           1197 
Cheng Yu       148      216          24233 
Cheng Yuan Zhi 85       68           195 
Dian Wei       222      48           20020 
Ding Feng      120      184          15769 
Dong Min       72       36           380 
Fa Zheng       66       198          2965 
Fan Zhang      185      90           4780 
Fen Chou       153      36           399 
Gao Lan        100      60           942 
Gao Pei        172      88           2827 
Gong Zhi       94       157          1197 
Gu Yong        127      184          5014 
Guan Ping      200      137          418 
Guo Ji         128      72           418 
Guo To         180      90           1317 
Han Dang       180      115          5516 
Han Xian       114      38           585 
Han Xuan       136      126          1519 
Han Zhong      80       30           204 
Hou Cheng      192      108          18197 
Hu Zhen        90       45           299 
Hua Xiong      162      36           439 
Huang Gai      217      103          9326 
Huang Quan     66       165          2695 
Huo Hu         80       175          236 
Ji Ling        192      47           613 
Jia Xu         18       220          418 
Jiang Gan      136      180          19087 
Jin Xuan       147      42           1317 
Ju Shou        40       180          1449 
Kan Ze         160      199          5259 
Le Xin         168      72           29332 
Lei Bo         142      76           643 
Lei Tong       184      88           3110 
Leng Bao       180      99           2024 
Li Dian        156      108          23103 
Li Feng        76       57           557 
Li Jue         120      72           399 
Li Ru          18       200          362 
Li Su          99       45           299 
Li Yan         90       160          2827 
Liang Gang     85       28           506 
Liang Ji       85       76           643 
Ling Tong      161      103          5516 
Liu Ba         99       176          2569 
Liu Dai        168      84           26661 
Liu Du         126      157          1672 
Liu Feng       187      162          399 
Liu Kui        110      110          3262 
Liu Xun        132      99           3110 
Liu Yang       126      126          1381 
Liu Ye         60       180          16540 
Liu Zheng      110      110          4142 
Lu Fan         76       161          817 
Lu Guang       160      50           1037 
Lu Ji          57       161          11289 
Lu Meng        130      225          14333 
Lu Sun         215      240          11841 
Lu Wen         168      132          22026 
Lu Xiang       150      50           942
Ma Dai         225      175          3110 
Ma Liang       59       211          1449 
Ma Su          138      195          1754 
Ma Yan         90       80           942 
Ma Yuan Yi     76       34           177 
Mao Jie        132      72           24233 
Meng Da        154      132          3589 
Mi Zhe         73       157          161 
Niu Jin        204      36           20020 
Pang De        212      200          2965
Shen Rei       60       130          1255 
Si Ma Shi      192      220          27965 
Si Ma Zhao     180      232          30767 
Song Ren       80       100          110 
Song Xian      168      60           13665 
Song Yong      60       40           104 
Sun Huan       215      115          16540 
Sun Yi         172      46           15769 
Sun Yu         210      180          13027 
Tai Si Ci      230      123          15769 
Tao Qian       90       160          2226 
Tian Feng      120      160          1141 
Wang Can       36       204          26661 
Wang Gui       110      40           346 
Wang Lei       135      132          2827 
Wang Shuang    216      48           20999
Wei Xu         180      84           27965 
Wei Yan        228      136          1317 
Wen Hun        190      40           1449 
Wu Fan         69       184          5014 
Wu Lan         180      99           2965 
Wu Yi          176      143          3589 
Xia Hou De     168      132          16540 
Xia Hou Dun    204      192          13665 
Xia Hou Mao    180      84           16540 
Xia Hou Shang  156      144          17349 
Xia Hou Yuan   204      168          11289 
Xing Dao Rong  168      31           1519 
Xu Huang       216      108          18197 
Xu Rong        90       117          314 
Xu Sheng       195      103          11289 
Xu Shou        40       170          1255 
Xu Zhe         73       220          643 
Xu Zhu         228      24           20020 
Xue Rong       69       115          9326 
Xun Huo        72       228          25418 
Yan Liang      180      40           1381 
Yan Yan        207      154          3262
Yang Huai      165      99           2965 
Yang Jin       125      40           247 
Yang Ling      168      42           1197 
Yang Xiu       124      228          20999 
Yu Jin         200      48           30767 
Yuan Shang     170      140          1672 
Yuan Tan       160      130          1594 
Yuan Xi        140      120          1519 
Yuan Yin       133      142          643 
Zhang Bao      68       144          299 
Zhang Hong     113      211          10763 
Zhang He       210      150          1317 
Zhang Ji       147      36           362 
Zhang Liang    102      34           259 
Zhang Liao     232      216          13027 
Zhang Ren      207      165          3262 
Zhang Xun      183      28           675 
Zhang Yi       100      90           989 
Zhang Zhao     140      240          8082 
Zhao Fan       136      105          1594 
Zheng Mao      93       34           153 
Zhou Cang      215      85           506 
Zhou Chao      140      20           346 
Zhou Tai       180      45           10763 
Zhou Yu        195      230          6365 
Zhu Zhi        210      95           10261 

 XII. Equipment

Name      Cost  Defense Found at:

Robe      100   20      Xu Zhou
Leather   300   35      Xu Zhou, Chang An, Yuan
Padded    800   45      Yuan, Nan Yang, Bo Hai, Ji Zhou
Ring M.   2000  50      Chang Sha, Fu Shui
Chain M.  4000  70      Cheng Du, Jin Du
Splint M. 10000 85      Jian Ye
Plate M.  30000 100     Guang Ling, Ru Nan


Bandana   50    10      Xu Zhou, Chang An
Cap       150   20      Chang An
Hood      500   40      Nan Yang, Bo Hai
Wood H.   1000  60      Bo Hai, Ji Zhou, Chang Sha
Copper H. 2000  70      Fu Shui
Bronze H. 4000  80      Jin Du
Iron H.   15000 90      Jian Ye
Steel H.  40000 100     Ru Nan


Name       Cost  AP  Found at:

Dagger     50    10  Xu Zhou
Flail      100   15  Xu Zhou, Chang An
Ax         200   20  Chang An
Club       500   30  Chang An, Yuan, Nan Yang
Spear      1000  50  Bo Hai
Saber      2000  70  Ji Zhou
Bow        4000  80  Chang Sha, Fu Shui
Trident    -     100 Nan Yang, hidden on the top-right of the water
Sword      6000  120 Fu Shui, Cheng Du
Battleax   10000 140 Cheng Du
Scimitar   20000 150 Jin Du
Crossbow   45000 130 Jin Du, Jian Ye
Lance      65000 170 Jian Ye, Guang Ling, Ru Nan
Bo Ye      Found 190 Below a tree in Guang Ling castle
Wan Sheng  Found 190 Cave in Wei
Nu Long    Found 240 South of the exit at Wu's mountain pass
Qing Long  Found 240 Defeat the brigands south of Jin Du castle
Qing Guang Found 240 Final cave past Ru Nan
Halberd    Found 250 Same cave as Qing Guang

 XIII. Items

Bought Items:

Name       Cost Use

Elixer A   20   Recovers 100 Soldiers
Elixer B   50   Recovers 500 Soldiers
Elixer C   200  Recovers 1,000 Soldiers
Elixer D   500  Recovers 4,500 Soldiers
Gullwing   100  Fly to a main city
Power Pill 50   User does an attack of 2x dmg in battle
Resurrect  100  Revives general along with 400 men
Steed      200  Help sway general's into joining you
Smoke Pot  200  Avoid enemies while traveling for short time

Found Items:

Name         Where                          Use

Chi Tu Ma    On a square 8 spots west and
             1 south of Fan Shui Guan fort  Rider gains passive increase in

Gold Key     Cave before Lou Yang           Open trap door to get Gemsword

Gem Sword    House in Lou Yang              Sway Lu Bu into joining you

Intro Letter Chen Cang fort                 Talk to Shui Jing in his house
                                            for good tips

Gunpowder    Bo Hai castle                  Destroy blocks by Xu Zhe in cave
                                            west of Bo Hai

Silver Key   Nan Yang, 4K to buy            Open cell where Zhou Yun's sister
                                            is held

Zhou Letter  In fort where Zhou Yun's
             sister is captive              Convince Zhou Yun to join you

Iron Ore     Mt. Gang Tai in Shu            Give to swordsmith for him to make
                                            best weapons

Deadwood     By tree in Jian An             Man in Jian An castle in Wu uses
                                            this and Saltpeter to make explosive
                                            to let you pass through Jian An

Saltpeter    Cave in northwestern Wu
             (west of bridge by Gui Yang
             castle)                        Used with Saltpeter 

 XIV. Tactics

Fire Tactics:

Name     TP Level Effect

Lian Huo 2  2     Attack enemy for about 40 damage
Ye Huo   4  8     Attack enemy for about 100 damage
Yan Re   6  14    Attack all enemies for about 200 damage
Da Re    8  22    Attack enemy for about 1000 damage
Huo Shen 12 30    Attack all enemies for about 2000 damage

Water Tactics:

Name      TP Level Effect

Shui Tu   3  4     Attack enemy for about 80 damage
Shui Xing 6  10    Attack enemy for about 120 damage
Shui Lei  8  15    Attack all enemies for about 200 damage
Hong Shui 12 21    Attack all enemies for about 1500 damage
Shui Long 15 29    Attack all enemies for about 2500 damage

Healing Tactics:

Name      TP Level Effect

Chi Xin   3  5     Heal one ally for about 90 soldiers
Tong Xian 5  13    Heal one ally for about 200 soldiers
Yin Xian  10 16    Heal all allies for about 900 soldiers
Wan Fu    10 23    Heal one ally's soldiers completely
Jin Xian  4  28    Heal all allies by about 5000 soldiers

Miscellaneous Tactics:

Name      TP Level Effect

Wuo Jian  4  3     Fire attacks do half damage
Cheng Nei 5  6     Reduces the defense level of a castle
Qi Shou   4  7     Raise targeted general's agility
Shui Jian 3  9     Water attacks do half damage
Jie Ce    5  11    Undo any status changes caused by enemy tactics
Ji Rou    5  17    Enemy attacks do 1/2 damage
Yi Xin    5  18    Targeted general will not be able to do commands
Bei Ji    8  18    Increases attack power of one ally
Li Jian   6  20    Targeted general attacks himself and/or his allies
Fu Bing   6  12    For a short time, user will do extra attack of 1/2
                   damage each turn on a chosen General
Ji Mian   7  24    Enemies' attacks do nothing
Tui Lu    5  25    Retreat from battle
Gui Huan  6  26    Teleport instantly to palace where Liu Bei is
An Sha    10 27    Behead an enemy general (instant kill)
Ce Mian   17 31    Enemies cannot use tactics for a few turns

 XV. Experience Levels

1  -      18 13547   35 181060
2  20     19 17040   36 202073
3  50     20 21232   37 225188
4  95     21 26263   38 250614
5  162    22 31797   39 278583
6  263    23 34884   40 309349
7  404    24 44579   41 343191
8  602    25 51944   42 380417
9  897    26 60045   43 421365
10 1267   27 68956   44 466408
11 1811   28 78759   45 515956
12 2518   29 89542   46 549978
13 3438   30 101403  47 627686
14 4634   31 114451  48 687775
15 6189   32 128730  49 750868
16 8210   33 144591  50 817116
17 10636  34 161957 

 XVI. Game Genie Codes

Code                Effect

AEKPZZGT            Buy 300 provisions for no money
AEKPIZYZ + AEKPTZAP Buy 30,000 provisions for no money
AENLULZL            Dagger costs nothing
AEVLKGZL            Bandana costs nothing
AENUKLGT            Flail costs nothing
AEXLXGGT            Robe costs nothing
AEXUOKGZ + AEXUXGPA Leather costs nothing
AEUUXLGP            Elixir A costs nothing
AEXUVLGT            Resurrect costs nothing
AEXLVUEG            Steed costs nothing
AEEUKUEG            Gullwing costs nothing
NNVUUAOV            Main character (Liu Bei) starts with 255 Intelligence
                    (instead of 225). Also, T.P. (Tactical Points) goes up.
AEKPLZLA            Buy 3,000 provisions for $232
AEKPLZLA + AEKPGXET Buy 3,000 provisions for free

 XVII. Version History

   April 25th, 2003:  Guide started, with progress tracked on Classic Gaming
                          Entertainment (my old site).
     May 21st, 2003:  Walkthrough portion completed.
     June 6th, 2003:  Appendices added. Guide v1.0 submitted to GameFAQs.
 October 20th, 2008:  Many corrections made, especially to battle numbering.
                      Specific directions added for more caves.
                      Formatting improved all around, with more paragraphing and
                          better line-breaking technique.
                      Detailed information about TP and MTP, thanks to
                          kongming.net has been added.
                      Version 1.1 submitted to GameFAQs.


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