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  The game is a historical-based and very unique RPG in its many
elements that people usually don't put in other RPGS including the ability
to recruit the unique generals that appear (and there are over 200 of them!)
and easier travel methods. But, I can't say everything here, so play it for

  For a more in-depth intro, read my Destiny of an Emperor II FAQ at Destiny II is basically a remake of Destiny I with the
basic same plot (heck, they are based on the same novel), more features,
and a longer game. My other FAQ contains more songs of praise and details about
the two games, and I don't feel like repeating myself. Go read it. You should
play Destiny II sometime anyway. Its different and a fun experience.

-                        W A L K T H R O U G H                            -


  A long long time ago, China was in turmoil. The once-glorious Han Dynasty
has weakened through corruption and civil warfare. Barbarians roamed free
and peasants are tortured under unfair treatment. This caused the Yellow
Scarves Rebellion, where countless peasants joined under Zhang Jao, a self-
proclaimed "General of the Heavens" to rebel against the government. The
urgent times called out for a hero...

  In Lou Sang village, there was a man named Liu Bei. Seeing the troubled
land, he met up with two able men, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei and swore brother-
hood. Little did he know how much he would change the nation... 

Lou Sang
  The story begins with Liu Bei's mother telling him to defeat the Yellow
Scarves by serving Tao Qian, a lord living in Xu Zhou. The brothers Liu 
Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei had already sworn under the peach tree to help
each other throughout their lives. 

  The brothers start with a bare-bones inventory of one Flail and one 
Dagger for Liu Bei, and Guan Yu and Zhang Fei has each a Flail and a Robe.
You should first equip each general with the respective flail. Let Zhang 
Fei and Guan Yu wear their Robes (they have the least hit points at the
beginning, and are vital generals to your army). You also start with a
measly 100 gold.

  Only three people are important nearby. One is the guy wearing green...
his name is Zhang Shi Ping and will give you 200 gold and 1000 rations to
start you off. The other two are two very bad generals Song Ren and Song
Yong. Both of them are very weak, Song Yong being the single worst general
in the entire game to boot, but let them fill your ranks anyway. I suggest
giving Song Ren the spare Dagger for fighting. The brothers should equip
the flails.

  Then, talk to one more person near east the house. He says that Cui Zhou
Ping is never home. Remember this. Talk to more people for self-esteem,
and go left in the world map to Xu Zhou. Maybe gain a level or two in the
way by fighting rebel forces and bandit forces. Get used to the ALL-OUT
command. It saves valuable time and energy.

Xu Zhou 
  This city is the first city in the whole game. Go to the left building 
and you will meet a man named Mi Zhe with a talent for military strategy. 
Recruit Mi Zhe, and make him your strategist. Look around the shops and 
buy things you need. Especially an extra Flail for Guan Yu. Talk to the 
lord of this palace, Tao Qian, to learn your quest of defeating the 
Yellow Scarves. He says that if you defeat these rebels, he will let you
inherit the city.

-  Merchant  -  Armoury  -  Provision  -  Other Shops  -
-------- -----------------------------------------------
- Elixir A   - Dagger    -   300 food  - Billeting - X -
- Resurrect  - Flail     -  3000 food  - Special   - X -
- Steed      - Bandana   - 30000 food  - Provision - X -
- Gullwing   - Robe      -             -----------------
-            - Leather   -             -

* The Provison shop is the same in every city it is in. The bottom bar 
  indicates what shops are present in the city. If there is no Merchant or
  Armoury bar, that automatically signals the absence of that shop.

* The Special shop is where you can ask the guy to save your game. He tells
  you how many experience points do you need to advance to the next level,
  and you can invite Liu Bei to come into the palace in the castle by
  coming to this shop. Worry about that part later.

* The Billeting place allows you to add generals, remove generals, fire
  generals, and look at their stats.

  It seems that the Yellow Scarves have resided in the north Qing Zhou 
castle. Heal up at the Inn, and go there for your first encounter with the
Yellow Scarves.

  Going straight north from Xu Zhou, you'll reach Qing Zhou. However, the
door is guided by the first Yellow Scarf brother, Zhang Liang. This will
be his attacking formation:

-Zhang Liang -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  First of all, Xu Zhe should by now already know Lian Huo and Wuo Jian if
a little better. If he doesn't, you're too weak. You can still win, but it
is easier with Lian Huo. This fire tactic takes 2 tactic points and does a 
fair amount of damage. So let Liu Bei, Xu Zhe, and possibly Guan Yu use it
on Zhang Liang and the others attack. Once Zhang Liang's soldiers go to
0, you've pretty much won the fight. (This is true in all cases)

Qing Zhou
  After you beat him, he'll retreat and you can go into Qing Zhou. It is 
smaller than Xu Zhou, and the only shop there is the Merchant, which has
the exact same items as Xu Zhou. A person tells you about the Five Tigers
and... if you are not too late, the gatekeeper is actually Ma Yuan Yi in
disguise. So if you talk to him, he'll fight you. He is not that strong,
but he could put up a fight after your last battle:

-Ma Yuan Yi  -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  After he is defeated, he will tell you the whereabouts of Mount Da Xing, 
the location of Zhang Liang's elder brother Zhang Bao. Heal up, get 
equipped if you want, and go into one of the houses. The old man will tell
you that his son Chen Deng is an able general. Let him join you. You can 
let become your tactitian, but he is equally as intelligent as Mi Zhe, so
make a choice. I suggest dropping off Song Yong in Xu Zhou's Billeting 
after this.

-  Merchant  -  Other Shops  -
- Elixir A   - Billeting -   -
- Resurrect  - Special   -   -
- Steed      - Provision -   -
- Gullwing   -----------------

  A person tells you that the legend says one must tame the five Tigers 
before he can defeat the Dragon.  Now, go west to Mt. Da Xing.

Mt. Da Xing
  This is where you will meet Zhang Bao. He will be a little harder than
Zhang Liang, partially because he has the help of Cheng Yuan Zhi.

-Zhang Bao      -
-Cheng Yuan Zhi -
-Rebel Force    -

  In this battle, take out Cheng Yuan Zhi first. He packs quite a punch
and may slow down your attacking process. Then attack Zhang Bao as hard as
you can. Lian Huo will work well here on Cheng Yuan Zhi.

  After defeating him, you will go in and find out that Zhang Jao's 
fortress is south of here. In the middle tent is an Ax in the upper right
pot. The Ax is a very strong weapon, give it to Zhang Fei and make him a
hard-hitter. Then proceed to Tie Men Xia to the south, after (if you need
to) a rest in Xu Zhou and maybe a level-up or two.

Tie Men Xia
  You will meet the final brother Zhang Jao here. He is a hard enemy to
defeat. Partly because of his high magical proficiency, and partly his 
two comrades.

-Zhang Jao   -
-Zheng Mao   -
-Han Zhong   -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  This will be a hard fight. Focus your attacks on Zhang Jao and/or one
of the other generals. Then it gets easier. I usually kill off Zheng Mao
first because he gets strongly annoying. After the fight, you enter 
Ten Men Xia, and find out that the Yellow Scarves regrouped in Qing Zhou
castle. You will talk to Dong Zhuo (I think) and learn that you should 
attack from the back. You will hear that Han Zhong is a friend of bandits
also. Finally, an Ax is in one of the chests around here.

  Hint hint. Recruit Han Zhong by beating him, make him your leader, and 
go fight from the back of the castle. The bridge-building bandits will let
you through. Now, get rid of Han Zhong if you wish, and go into the cave.
The key is to stay to the bottom of the cave here... it is not that hard.
However, there is an Ax in a treasure chest near the top... if you fight
with this path, you will meet the three Zhang brothers in the southwest

-The Generals of Heaven, Earth, and People-
  If you went in the front gate, you will fight all five Yellow Scarves: 
Zhang Jao, Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang, Zheng Mao, and Cheng Yuan Zhi. This path
is VERY difficult, and I suggest against using it.

-Zhang Jao      -
-Zhang Bao      -
-Zhang Liang    -
-Zheng Mao      -
-Cheng Yuan Zhi -

  If you went by the cave, however, the path simply becomes:

-Zhang Jao   -
-Zhang Bao   -
-Zhang Liang -

  This is a lot more simpler. I suggest taking out the generals from the 
bottom up. Heal up with an Elixir A when neccessary and use tactics often.
A good strategy is to start off the battle with a Huo Jian in the first
round. If you manage to defeat them either way, you have won this saga and 
killed the three brothers. Go back to Tao Qian (don't forget to get rid of
Han Zhong at Billeting. He is a very bad general).


  The Yellow Scarves have been defeated, and Liu Bei's army is filled with
the spirit of victory. But Tao Qian is... very sick in his deathbed. He 
will ask you to become the ruler, and you can't refuse. This is a sad 
moment in the game. After you agree with him, Liu Bei claims his place as
the ruler of Xu Zhou as Tao Qian dies in peace. (NOTE: In the novel, Tao
Qian asked Liu Bei three times to succeed him, and Liu Bei was forced to
agree the third time because of Tao Qian's illness.)

  As a lord of the land now, Liu Bei tells you he can't fight anymore... 
but his adopted son, Liu Feng, will appear in the castle palace and take 
his fathers place. He will start with the same equipment as Liu Bei as 
well. By this time, a messenger from Cao Cao will inform you that Dong 
Zhuo, a lord of the West, is trying to usurp the throne of the nation's
capital Luo Yang. The impending disaster calls for a gathering of heroes 
as the group hurries to the southwest, to Fan Shui Guan (a pass).

  At the gate, you meet the newly defeated Sun Ce, a lord of the east and 
a vital part of the alliance against Dong Zhuo. He informs you that the 
supplier of rice, Yuan Shu, did not send Sun Ce rice and Sun Ce was thus
defeated by Hua Xiong, who you will meet afterwards. (NOTE: In the novel, 
in Sun Ce's place should be Sun Jian, Sun Ce's father)

  Entering the pass, you will face off against Hua Xiong and Li Su, two of
Dong Zhuo's favorite generals. Hua Xiong is a strong fighter chosen by 
Dong Zhuo especially to defend this pass.

-Hua Xiong   -
-Li Su       -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Hua Xiong is quite a tough rock to break. Let Liu Feng, Zhang Fei, and 
Guan Yu attack Hua Xiong and let Chen Deng and Mi Zhe attack with Lian Huo.
After defeating Hua Xiong, beating Li Su should be a lot easier. Finally,
mop up the forces with the ALL-OUT command. After you beat him, you will
enter Fan Shui Guan.

  In Fan Shui Guan are people warning you about a great fighter named Lu 
Bu that is giving Cao Cao problems (NOTE: This is not said, but Lu Bu is
Dong Zhuo's adopted son) at Hu Lao Guan. In a chest is an Ax that you 
should give to Liu Feng. In that room, a person informs you that "Yuan 
Shao and Yuan Shu never go to the front line, I wonder why?", hinting you 
of two generals you will meet later. At the northwest corner of the pass 
is Yang Jin, a pirate, who is willing to join you. He is not that great, 
so make a choice to keep him or not. I suggest putting him, and probably 
Mi Zhe by this time, in the reserve ranks. In the center tent is a mini-inn
allowing you to take a rest.

  Going west to Hu Lao Guan, the path will branch west and north. To the 
north is a cave that you do not yet need to visit (although you CAN) and to
the west is the next pass. Lu Bu awaits.

  Fighting Lu Bu will be a lot harder than Hua Xiong, as the guy says

-Lu Bu       -
-Li Ru       -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  So Lu Bu has the same number of armies as Hua Xiong, and one less Rebel
Force to protect him. This should be easier, right? WRONG. Lu Bu's hits 
take away on an average 50-60 soldiers a hit, and on critical hits can 
take about 120 soldiers, instantly vanquishing a weaker general. Li Ru is
very intelligent but fortunately very weak. Be sure to use Wuo Jian at 
the beginning of battle and hit Lu Bu with a lot of Lian Huos, unless Li 
Ru also uses Wuo Jian, in which case the battle is a lot harder. Heal 
up Guan Yu and Zhang Fei at all times, they will do the most damage to Lu

  Beating him, Lu Bu swears vengence and will retreat. You will enter Hu 
Lao Guan. This pass is a lot bigger also. You can recruit a master of
powders, Huo Hu, at the bottom right. Make him your strategist because he 
is by far the most intelligent general you can recruit. In a house you 
will meet an old name called Wang Yun who says in his house (in Luo Yang) 
you can find the Gemsword. Others talk about Lu Bu's tendency to betray for
money or treasures such as the Gemsword. In the center tent you will meet
Cao Cao, who thanks you and says he must meet up with the 
commander-in-chief Yuan Shao and his brother Yuan Shu at Luo Yang. Lastly,
another old man will tell you the story of Chi Tu Ma, the king of horses
(otherwise known as Red Hare).

  You MIGHT want to go back to the cave now, just to get stuff. It isn't 
neccessary at all to do so for the whole game, but you will miss out on 
your chance to recruit Lu Bu and Guan Ping, as well as obtaining the great
Chi Tu Ma. So I suggest going there now and maybe level up a couple of

  Going into the cave, you will see it is very big. The reality is though 
that it only has two treasure chests! To get the first one, take a left or
right (doesn't matter, the cave is almost symmetrical) and go hugging the 
outside wall until you come to the north center of the cave. Go into the 
stairs and get the gold (1021 gold pieces). The second one is a little 
complicated. Go directly north from the entrance, take a left or right and
hug THAT wall (left wall for left, right wall for right) until you come to
a staircase. Go in there, follow a winding passage to an intersection. Now
you can go either north or south to another staircase. The two staircases
lead to the same floor. There is only one other staircase there. Go there
and open the chest, and you will find the Gold Key. Now exit the cave. But
near the entrance you will now see Guan Ping, whom you should recruit 
(Guan Yu's adopted son in the novel, but not implied here). He is a good
general with a good amount of soldiers.

  Now, rest up and start the Luo Yang siege. To go there go west from Hu 
Lao Guan (you have to make two branching choices). Both passes are quite

-------------- --------------
-Li Jue      - -Xu Rong     -
-Rebel Force - -Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force - -Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force - --------------

  Wow. Attack, win. Go into Luo Yang castle, or go back and heal up. You
will talk to a general who informs that Lu Bu returned and trounced the
remainder of the alliance. He says you are crazy to attack Luo Yang, which
is now inhabited by Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu. Attack when you are ready.

-Dong Zhuo   -
-Lu Bu       -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  This battle is quite difficult. Both Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu hits fast and 
powerful at about 50-60 soldiers a hit. Take out Lu Bu first with Ye Huo,
which you definately should have learned by now. Then, attack Dong Zhuo. 
No matter what you do there will be a lot of casualties, so you should 
have brought a potion or two. After you win, Dong Zhuo will retreat to 
Chang An.

Luo Yang
  The place is burned down completely. The only operating shop is an inn. 
There is also Wang Yun's house, in which if you use the Gold Key on you 
will receive the legendary Gemsword. Talk to Yuan Shao, who says that the
food have run out and the alliance is basically broken. He will retreat 
to his home province, Bo Hai.

  Now, it is time to raid Chang An. Going west, you will come to Yang Zhou
castle, guarded by Lu Bu.

-Lu Bu       - 
-Cai Yong    -
-Hu Zhen     -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  This will be a difficult fight. Neither Lu Bu nor Cai Yong are 
pushovers. But if you have the Gemsword, you can USE it on Lu Bu during
battle. Sometimes he will just say "What's that?", but he will eventually
ask you for the Gemsword and ask you to let him join. If you let him join
you the battle becomes a lot easier also (NOTE: It is possible to beat 
him without using the Gemsword at all or recruit him with a full roster.
Lu Bu tells you that his horse, Chi Tu Ma, is 8 spaces west and 1 space 
south. This means that you go from Fan Shui Guan's gate, go 8 spaces west,
and 1 space south and SEARCH (you will have to skip a rock). Chi Tu Ma
increases agility (order of attack) in battle.

  Now, put the guy in front of your party. He will be a strong asset.

Yang Zhou
  This is a castle built on a hill that can overlook both Chang An and Luo
Yang. It is quite small though.

-  Merchant  -  Other Shops  -
- Elixir A   - Billeting -   -
- Resurrect  - Special   - X -
- Gullwing   - Provision -   -

  People will tell you that the emperor has been put in the castle 
dungeon. Go there, and you will see Cao Cao and the emperor there. Cao Cao
explains that he was ambushed and will go back to Luo Yang with the 
emperor to rebuild it. Go back, heal up, and make sure to get a hidden 
Club in a house (inside the house is very small, with a pot to the
northeast. The Club is one space north of the pot).

  Now head west into the cave. The cave is quite large, and only has one
treasure chest containing a Club. To get it, go into either one of the 
staircases you can get to, and go to the northeast of that floor. Then, 
take the southernmost staircase on the floor, which leads to the exit. 

  After the long cave, head north to Chang An. But there is a gate you 
must go through first, guarded by Dong Min and Fen Chou.

-Dong Min    -
-Fen Chou    -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Fen Chou is the bigger threat here, so take him out first with the help
of Ye Huo and Lu Bu. Then take out Dong Min and head for the castle, where
you will finally confront Dong Zhuo.

-The Usurper of Han and Destructor of Luo Yang-
-Dong Zhuo -
-Jia Xu    -
-Zhang Ji  -

  What? Just three generals? Of course it is not easy! Dong Zhuo is just
powerful (enhanced with more attacking and defending power, nonetheless);
Jia Xu is very intelligent and will do a lot of damage with fire and water
attacks as well as performing defensive tactics; Zhang Ji is strong and 
can hit for 30-40 damage a hit. I suggest first attacking Dong Zhuo and 
Jia Xu simutaneusly, using fire and water attacks on Dong Zhuo and 
attacking Jia Xu, and finally beating Zhang Ji. But this is really a
difficult battle. After you win, Dong Zhuo will die and another threat 
will dissappear.


  The time of Dong Zhuo has vanished, so go into Chang An, INVITE Liu Bei
at the Special Shop, and talk to him. Liu Bei will let you take a rest 
automatically. Afterwards, he will tell you that a messanger has come from 
Cao Cao. It seems that Yuan Shu, the younger brother of Yuan Shao had 
somehow gotten the Imperial Seal, the sign of Royalty. He is calling 
himself the emperor and abusing his people heavily. It is up to you to
defeat this evil.

Chang An
  This is a huge castle with many shops and people to talk to. One will 
say that Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are two of the Tigers in the prophecy.

-  Merchant  -  Armoury  -  Other Shops  -
- Elixir A   - Flail     - Billeting - X -
- Steed      - Ax        - Special   - X -
- Power Pill - Club      - Provision - X -
- Resurrect  - Leather   -----------------
- Smoke Pot  - Bandana   -
-------------- Cap       -

  As you can see, there are new items for sale. A few Power Pills can be 
useful in a pinch, and Smoke Pots make later caves less frustrating. Maybe
pick up a Cap or two? Stock up and go south.

  To the south is a bar. Inside is an unusual-looking general. Talking to
him, he says that he wants to join you but has an obligation to Gong Sun
Qian (sic - Gong Sun Zan) and will join you later. Remember the general's
name - Zhao Yun - and continue on to the east.

  After a long trail, you come to Yuan castle, home of Yuan Shu. But, Yuan
Shu is not there... Lei Bo and Chen Ji meet you at the gates.

-Lei Bo      -
-Chen Ji     -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Lei Bo is dangerous. His whopping 643 soldier army can do major damage,
so slow him down with tactics. Then take out Chen Ji. The rest is quite
simple, actually.

  A small castle, with people to talk to...

-  Merchant  -  Armoury  -  Other Shops  -
- Elixir B   - Club      - Billeting -   -
- Steed      - Leather   - Special   -   -
- Resurrect  - Padded    - Provision - X -

  The new Elixir B and Padded Armor are worth getting here. You will hear
that Yuan Shu ran off with all the girls of the village, and he is letting
Ji Ling, another one of his favorite generals, guard the next castle, Huai
Nan. So stock up and continue.

  Going south and then west to Huai Nan, you will meet:

-Ji Ling     -
-Zhang Xun   -
-Rebel Force -

  This is quite difficult, actually! Both Ji Ling and Zhang Xun are
amazingly strong and can do 60-70 damage per hit, and doing more than 100 
on critical hits. I suggest using Shui Xing here because of the watery
battlefield to take care of the generals. After the battle, go into Huai

Huai Nan
  A very small castle with no armory nor item shop. A person by the gate
informs that Zhao Yun, who you met earlier, is a Tiger! There seems to be
one woman Yuan Shu did not take, and she is the wife of a villager. 
Meeting her, she says that the west Nan Yang gate is under construction, 
so it is a good time to attack.

-  Other Shops  -
- Billeting -   -
- Special   - X -
- Provision - X -

  Going north, you can see a possible path to the east. But first take 
your army across the bridge, you will meet Han Xian at the pass:

-Han Xian    -
-Li Feng     -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  This battle is a lot easier than the Ji Ling battle you just had. Only
Han Xian can do serious damage, so take him out. Then the battle is
basically over.

Chen Cang
  Going into the pass named Chen Cang, the guard says that he is the only
one there. This is false, because Xu Yuan Zhi sits in the middle tent. He
gives you an Intro Letter to take to Shui Jing. In a treasure chest is 
also a Spear, that you should give to your most powerful general.

  Taking the Letter south and east, you will see a hut. In the hut, a boy
will take your letter and let you in. Talking to the man in there, Shui 
Jing (otherwise known as Sima Hui), he will say that if you get Fu Long or
Feng Chu as your strategist, you can become unstoppable. This will be 
more clear for you later. Now, head north towards Nan Yang.

  There is a cave there, and going in is COMPLETELY optional. But I do 
suggest going in, because there are many useful items there, (but nothing 
you can't get later). If you do not want to go in, then skip the 
following paragraph.

  Going in, if you head west all the way to the wall and then go north, 
you will come to a staircase. Going through will get you a Robe and a 
chest of gold on the otherside. Going back to the first floor, going west
following the south wall will lead you to an intersection. Going north and
taking the first west turn will get you a Spear and a Cap in two chests. 
If you head west instead, going around a cave lake, you will find another
staircase. On the other side, you will find a Cap, a Robe, and two Spears.
There is yet another staircase on this level, and on the final level it
leads to are a Cap, a chest of gold, a Robe, and a Power Pill. That's all
the treasures in this cave.

  Now, go to the passes, both watery battlefields.

-------------- --------------
-Liang Ji    - -Chen Lan    -
-Rebel Force - -Liang Gang  -
-Rebel Force - -Rebel Force -
-------------- -Rebel Force -

  This battle is still easy. Finally, (after resting up, maybe?) you will
fight Yuan Shu at Nan Yang:

-The False Emperor of Nan Yang-
-Yuan Shu    -      -Yuan Shu    -
-Yuan Yin    -      -Yuan Yin    -
-Lu Fan      -  or  -Lu Fan      -
-Rebel Force -      -Lu Bu       -
--------------      -Rebel Force -
(watery battlefield)

  This battle is probably the hardest one yet. Yuan Shu and Yuan Yin's 
stats are all above 100, meaning they are good at both tactics and 
fighting. Lu Fan's tactics may prove difficult to avoid also, as he is an
able tactician. And, if you didn't do the recruitation,  Lu Bu appears 
again here again you. If most of your generals are equipped with Spears, 
and you gained adequate levels, you should be able to defeat this group.
Power Pills will help greatly in increasing the speed of winning this 
battle. Using an Elixir B or two wouldn't hurt either. After Yuan Shu is
defeated, he will attempt to run. But Zhang Fei will block his exit. He 
ill ask you to let him go. If you say NO four times in a row, he will be 
killed and you will restore peace to Nan Yang. If you say YES, he will go 
to Bo Hai, where Yuan Shao is.


Nan Yang
  Quite a large place! The people will thank you for all that you have 
done, so INVITE Liu Bei at the Special Shop, and buy some new items if

-  Merchant  -  Armoury  -  Other Shops  -
- Elixir B   - Club      - Billeting - X -
- Steed      - Padded    - Special   - X -
- Resurect   - Hood      - Provision - X -
- Gullwing   -----------------------------

  Talking to Liu Bei, it seems that Yuan Shao, the brother of Yuan Shu, is
preparing revenge for Yuan Shu. You should be careful, no? Heading out 
north, if you go across the bridge, you will meet Yuan Shao:

- Yuan Shao -
- Guo Tu    -
- Wen Hun   -
- Yan Liang -
- Lu Bu     -

  Lu Bu? Well, he isn't initially in the group, but he decides to betray 
you after seeing Yuan Shao's large force. Each of Yuan Shao's members has
more than 1000 soldiers, and you are caught off-guard. So, they pound you
for one turn, Yuan Shao find you no threat, and turns back to Bo Hai. 
Oops, did I mention that Lu Bu takes all of the equipment he had with him?
I'm sorry. If you did not recruit him, he just starts off in this army.

  As Liu Bei says to you, you can either go pursue Yuan Shao or settle 
Jing Zhou. Since Jing Zhou is pretty hard at this point, I will assume 
you are pursuing Yuan Shao. Otherwise, if you feel strong, you can go 
tackle the next chapter (You can actually do things there first, like
getting a better weapon). Anyway, there are two things you need to do in 
Nan Yang:

  One, there is a merchant wandering around the northeast of the castle. 
He offers a key for... 4000 gold. Accept it, because you will need it 
later. Two, if you go to the northeast and then go west hugging the north
wall and CHECK the little corner there by the water, you will receive a
Trident, a powerful weapon that is twice as strong as the Spear! This 
will help you a lot in the next battles. But for now, rest up and head

  (NOTE: If you have a good memory and remembered Zhao Yun and what he 
said, go back to the bar. However, he disappeared, and the people there 
says that Yuan Shao took Zhao Yun's sister hostage! Remembering this, go
back to the original track.)

  If you like, you can go west to the cave. You will be able to recruit a
general named Zhou Cang here (after a strange exchange). To the left, you 
may see a general behind some rocks. Remembering this, go east. But you 
will have to come here again anyway...

  Going east, you will come to Bo Hai castle, guarded by:

-Lu Guang    -
-Shen Pei    -
-Gao Lan     -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  The generals each have over 1000 soldiers! Now, beating them is no 
problem, actually, since they have no good tactician and Lu Guang is the 
only general you must worry about. If you beat Lu Guang first with tactics 
and such it shouldn't be hard.

Bo Hai
  What is this! The castle is separated in two by a bridge, and a woman that
talks about some Xu Zhe is blocking it! Well, at least the inn is on your
side, as well as:

-  Merchant  -  Other Shops  -
- Resurrect  - Billeting -   -
- Elixir B   - Special   -   -
- Steed      - Provision -   -
- Power Pill -----------------
- Gullwing   -

  In a house, a person tells you about Yan Liang and Wen Hun, two very 
strong generals that you should be aware of. In the bar, the right 
entrance will tell you that Xu Zhe is wanted so he goes by the name Dan 
Fu. The left entrance, though, will let you meet Shui Jing again, who 
asks you a few questions. If you say you have been to the west cave, he 
will give you some Gun Powder.

  Going west and USEing the Gun Power in front of the rocks in the cave, 
you will blow them up. Then, you see a man named Dan Fu who claims he is 
on a quest. Recruit him and make him your tactician, because he is very 

  After recruiting Dan Fu / Xu Zhe, you can now go to the other side of 
the Bo Hai castle. On this side is a Provision Shop and an Armory.

-   Armory   -  Other Shops  -
- Spear      - Billeting -   -
- Padded     - Special   -   -
- Hood       - Provision - X -
- Wood H     -----------------

  You will hear that Yuan Shao has a new headquarters in Ji Zhou to the 
east. Going east, you will see a small camp to the south with no castle. 
Go to the pass, and Xu Shou will fight you:

- Xu Shou     -
- Yan Liang   -
- Wen Hun     -
- Rebel Force -

  You think this will be easy? Well, think again. Yan Liang and Wen Chou 
does very consistant BIG damage and Xu Shou can harass you with tactics. 
Use as many tactics as you can incluing Fu Bing and/or Yan Re to take out
the two first before tackling Xu Shou. After you beat them, enter the 

  The camp is empty except for an empty tent and a woman locked in a cell. 
Now, use the Silver Key on the cell door to open it. The woman is Zhao 
Yun's sister. She will thank you for rescuing her and give you the Zhao

  Now, go to the castle in the east. Zhao Yun's army blocks the path to 
the castle. He asks you to return because he does not wish to fight you. 
If you show him the Zhao Letter though, he will realize that his sister is
safe, and will defect, pledging that Yuan Shao would regret the day he 
was born. Now, this powerful and intelligent (most of the five) Tiger 
enters your service.

  The castle itself, Guang Zong, is guarded by Yuan Shao's sons Yuan Tan, 
Yuan Xi, Tian Feng, and a Rebel Force. They are all pretty good actually,
but it is not as difficult as the previous battle. Beat them, and enter 
the castle. 

Guang Zong
  In the castle are various people that dislikes Yuan Shao. A Sabre is 
hidden in front of a well.

-  Merchant  -  Other Shops  -
- Resurrect  - Billeting -   -
- Elixir B   - Special   - X -
- Gullwing   - Provision - X -

  Yuan Shao's third son, Yuan Shang, is in this castle. He will pick a 
fight with you if you talk to him:

-Yuan Shang  -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Being the most able of the sons, he is actually pretty good. But since 
he lacks good support, he should be defeated in a few rounds. Then, heal 
up, and head east to Ji Zhou.

  Ji Zhou has two gates: 

-------------- --------------
-Ma Yan      - -Zhang Yi    -
-Lu Xiang    - -Guo Tu      -
-Rebel Force - -Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force - -Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force - -Rebel Force -
-------------- --------------

  Both should be relatively easy compared to the Yan Liang / Wen Hun 
battle. Afterwards, gain a level or two, and be really prepared for the
final battle.

-The Inheritor of the Northern Royal Family-
-Yuan Shao -
-Zhang He  - 
-Ju Shou   -
-Lu Bu     -

(NOTE: If you did not finish off Yuan Shu, Yuan Shao's empty slot will 
       contain Yuan Shu's army!)

  Yuan Shao does not even bother to put a Rebel Force in this already 
powerful army. Zhang He and Lu Bu are two of the most powerful fighters 
there is. Yuan Shao and Ju Shou aren't bad either, Ju Shou being a real 
pain sometimes and can use powerful tactics. Like usual, defeat Lu Bu 
first. The rest is up to you. Bring a Elixir B or two and maybe a 
Resurrect. You have been warned. This is the hardest battle in the game 

  Beating Yuan Shao, INVITE Liu Bei to Ji Zhou if you wish. Yuan Shao and
Yuan Shu's plans have now reduced to nothing.


Ji Zhou
  Another big place! People talking about a new type of sword being made
(which is, by the way, the Sabre) in this castle. 

-  Merchant  -  Armoury  -  Other Shops  -
- Resurrect  - Sabre     - Billeting - X -
- Elixir B   - Padded    - Special   - X -
- Smoke Pot  - Wood H    - Provision - X -
- Gullwing   -----------------------------
- Power Pill -

  The people speak of a priest that lives nearby. Exit the castle by one
square so that you are not leaving to the world map, and hug the wall. You
will find the house of a hermit that will raise your level by one 
automatically. I suggest saving this free powerup for later, when raising 
a level becomes harder.

  After the defeat of Yuan Shao, the only pressing problem now is Jing 
Zhou. Gullwing to Nan Yang, and head south by the west bridge. You will 
come to Yi Ji's hut. He tells you to talk to his friend Ma Liang and save
Jing Zhou. If you go south, you will arrive at Ma Su's house, Ma Su being
the brother of Ma Liang. Going further, you will go to an empty house 
which belongs to someone named Zhu Ge Liang. Remember this house. Finally,
going east, you will come to Ma Liang's house, who tells you about the
current state of affairs in Jing Zhou. It seems that the four governors of
the four castles have been fighting and raising terror on the people, and
the people are suffering for their selfish needs.

  What a problem! The first castle of Jing Zhou is south, at Wu Ling. The
gate will be guarded by Jin Xuan:

-Jin Xuan    -
-Gong Zhi    - 
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
  This is not a hard battle at all, even if you just finished the Yuan Shu
story arc! Just attack as hard as possible on Jin Xuan and take out Gong 
Zhi next. In fact, I suggest you beat this battle first, before you even
take out Yuan Shao! The reason is in the castle.

Wu Ling
  Wu Ling is a small castle with people to talk to, an Item Shop, but no 

-  Merchant  -  Other Shops  -
- Elixir B   - Billeting -   -
- Elixir C   - Special   -   -
- Ressurect  - Provision - X -

  A woman has a tiger named Wang. But this is not to be confused with what
another person said: That in the next castle Chang Sha is a old tiger 
named Huang Zhong, could he be one of the legendary five? Another mystery
arises: It seems that the name Feng Chu mentioned by Shui Jing was 
referring to Pang Tong, a great strategist of Jing Zhou. Keep this in 
mind. Now, the most important thing is that hidden before a well in this
castle is a Bow, an awesome weapon.

  Heading on, you reach Chang Sha castle. Han Xuan says that this castle 
will be very hard to conquer. He is right.

-Han Xuan    -
-Huang Zhong -
-Wei Yan     -
-Yang Ling   -
-Rebel Force -

  First, you have Wei Yan and Huang Zhong with attack powers > 220 who can
do a LOT of damage each turn. Second, you have the other two generals, who 
aren't bad themselves. Third, Wei Yan almost strikes first every turn. 
This can be a problem if you are not well prepared. Just remember that
tactics work very well on Wei Yan and Yang Ling. So if you can, let your
more intelligent generals strike those two with tactics and let the 
strong ones with good weapons attack Huang Zhong. After a hard battle, 
you will enter Chang Sha.

Chang Sha
  Ahh... what a pleasant sight! There is a river flowing through the 
castle, and the castle itself isn't small either. Wei Yan and Huang Zhong
blocks you at the gates and will ask you to join. Huang Zhong will be your
next Tiger.

-  Merchant  -  Armoury  -  Other Shops  -
- Resurrect  - Bow       - Billeting - X -
- Elixir C   - Ring M    - Special   -   -
- Gullwing   - Wood H    - Provision - X -
- Power Pill -----------------------------

  Don't forget to visit the armory and get the cool equipment (NOTE: If 
you beat this castle before fighting in the Yuan Shao saga, the game will
become very easy). In front of a well is a hidden Sword also.

  The townsfolk tells you to be aware that Zhou Fan of the next castle 
should not be trusted. Keep that in mind. Head south, and you will 
eventually come to Gui Yang castle. 

Gui Yang
  What? No fighting at the gates? Walk in. You won't be able to go into a
shop because there is a guy in front of every shop blocking the door and
every one of them is prepared with a long script about their lord being 
ready to give you the best accomodations. Before a well is a hidden Sword.

  Going in, Zhao Fan will ask you to go to sleep twice. If you answer yes
to either of them, you will go to sleep... and be trapped with most of 
your soldiers gone against Zhao Fan's army. If you say no twice, then he
will fight you right there.

-Zhao Fan    -
-Bao Long    -
-Chen Ying   -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Nothing too hard here. Just take care of the three one by one. After 
they are defeated, Zhao Fan surrenders and leaves the throne for Liu Bei.
You can now go to the shops. After defeating Zhao Fan, there is only one
castle left to settle! You can invite Liu Bei to the castle now, if you 
want to.

-  Merchant  -  Other Shops  -
- Power Pill - Billeting -   -
- Elixir C   - Special   - X -
- Smoke Pot  - Provision - X -

  People talk about a strong general in Ling Ling named Xing Dao Rong. 
Keep this in mind. Heal up, and go prepare for a battle at Ling Ling.

  At the gate, you will meet:

-Xing Dao Rong -
-Liu Yang      -
-Rebel Force   -
-Rebel Force   -
-Rebel Force   -

  Xing Dao Rong does hit quite hard, so try to take him our first with 
tactics (Da Re if you have it. It works wonders!). Then, take out Liu 

-Liu Du        -
-Xing Dao Rong -
-Rebel Force   -
-Rebel Force   -

Ling Ling
  Another huge castle that is full of life. The people will thank you for
all that you have done. If you try to INVITE Liu Bei, they say Liu Bei is
going to Gui Yang. So go there afterwards.

-  Merchant  -  Other Shops  -
- Power Pill - Billeting -   -
- Elixir C   - Special   - X -
- Smoke Pot  - Provision - X -

  A person says that Pang Tong has gone out with his troops. Remeber this.
By the way, if you go around the castle, hugging the outside wall, you 
will come to a house. A person in there says "Check the area around me". 
Do that, and you will find another Sword.

  Go out and return to Liu Bei at Gui Yang. However, be VERY careful to 
avoid water, because if you wander in Jing Zhou, you will eventually meet:

-Pang Tong   -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  The Feng Chu (young Phoenix) is armed with a 240 intelligence and a list
of powerful tactics including Da Re, Hong Shui, Wan Fu, Ji Mian, Yi Xin, 
and Bei Ji. Except for probably Bei Ji, all his other tactics will do bad
things to your army, as he uses tactics a LOT and gets successes almost
every time. If you are by water and he uses Hong Shui, you are probably 
dead because it will defeat over 1000 soldiers in each of your armies, and
that is probably all the soldiers you have! Even if you are not by water, 
he can Da Re, which will route a general in one hit unless you have a lot 
of soldiers. The only thing that you can use to neutralize his tactics is 
Ce Mian which is really hard to get at the present state. But, if you have 
enough Power Pills and luck, you can defeat him. He joins your army after
understanding your cause.

  Returning to Gui Yang, Liu Bei will give a letter to Xu Zhe from his 
mother saying that his mother is ill and he must go take care of her. Liu
Bei lets him go. If you exit the castle, Xu Zhe will be waiting there, and
he will tell you that you should go recruit Zhu Ge Liang, (or Fu Long as
mentioned by Shui Jing) who lives in a house south of the cave Xu Zhe was
in. Remembering his house, say farewell and head north. 

  In Ma Liang's house, you see both Ma Liang and Ma Su. Recruit them. Ma
Liang will come with Xu Zhe's equipment, by the way. They are both able
generals and have many soldiers.

  Going to Zhu Ge Liang's house, a boy says that his brother went to Cui
Zhou Ping's house in Luo Sang village. Remember where the village is? At 
the beginning of the game! Fly to Xu Zhou with a Gullwing and enter Luo
Sang. Cui Zhou Ping, however, tells you that Zhu Ge Liang left. Go back to
the house of Zhu Ge Liang.

  Now, the boy says that his brother left again and he would go call on 
Nan Yang if he returns. Go to Nan Yang, INVITE Liu Bei, and do whatever 
you want for a while (it is a good time to level up and get used to the
tactics. They become really powerful starting now). Now, go back to Liu 
Bei, and he will say that a boy named Jin came by. Go back to Zhu Ge 
Liang's house one more time.

  This, time, he is asleep. TALK to him, but do not wake him up. Do not
push any buttons after choosing not to wake him up, and after about 7
seconds he will. He will make a short speech, and join your army. Now, you
have one of the best strategists in Chinese history. He will head to Gui
Yang to meet old acquaintences. 

  In Gui Yang, Zhu Ge Liang says that he met an old friend Zhang Song of
Shu, where Liu Zheng rules the land. It seems that the Han Zhong army 
(from Zhang Lu, but this is not mentioned) is attacking Shu and the once-
peaceful land is under war again. Since Liu Zheng is a distinct relative 
of Liu Bei, you should go. Zhu Ge Liang will now finally join your ranks.
Make him the tactician, and prepare lots of equipment because you have a
long journey in front of you.

  Going south from Ling Ling, there will be a forest. If you think it will
be a nice and easy travel, surprise...

-The Treacherous Traitor of the Era Comes for Revenge-
-Lu Bu       -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Lu Bu now has 7003 soldiers and looks very intimidating. He can take out
about 800 troops a hit too, so guess he is. But, since he has no support,
the battle is actually easy! There are two very easy ways to beat him. 
One, is using Da Re on him continuously with your most intelligent 
generals. The second is either using Yi Xin, Ji Mian, or, the best of all,
Li Jian on him and then watching the fun. In any case, it will not be as
hard as it seems.


  In a hut, a man will tell you about the turmoils that Shu has gone under.
Continue on! The first pass you'll see after awhile already puts you into
a good battle.

-Liu Kui     -
-Zhang Ren   -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Apparantly, these guys kidnapped Liu Zheng and moved him to Fu Shui 
castle in the north. (NOTE: It is quite strange, as this part of the game
get out of context with the novel and history. I thought the Han Zhong 
army is attacking Shu, but Liu Kui and Zhang Ren ae Liu Zheng's son and 
best general, respectively, so something is weird) Zhang Ren is the main
general to defeat here, and the only real threat. 

  Now, you have a LONG trip in front of you, be forewarned...

  After a tedious journey through plains and lots of winding forests 
(easier said then done), the battered army reaches Fu Shui castle. If it
would be an easy battle... no, it is a hard one considering your tired 
army. Here goes:

-Meng Da     -
-Tao Qian    -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Take out Meng Da pronto. There isn't much to say about this battle 
except that I hope the trip didn't take too much out of you. Focus 
attacks and use some items, if you don't want to repeat the trip. There
is one more obstacle to cross:

-Yan Yan     -
-Fa Zheng    -
-Yang Huai   -
-Rebel Force -

  This battle will be hard if you didn't go back.  Yan Yan is basically a Zhang Ren clone
Yang Huai has a decent attack himself.  Fa Zheng is just another mediocre tactician. 
 Kill Yan
Yan immediately, then take out Yang Huai and you'll be fine.  

Fu Shui
  The castlefolk tell you quite a lot about the status quo. You'll hear of
the last tiger in the Han Zhong army, and the fact that there is a 
mountain in Shu with good iron. A blacksmith lives outside of the castle,
to the east. Remember this.

-  Merchant  -  Armoury  -  Other Shops  -
- Elixir C   - Bow       - Billeting - X -
- Resurrect  - Sword     - Special   - X -
- Power Pill - Ring M    - Provision - X -
-            - Copper H  -----------------

  Head up to the castle into the right room. Now, free Liu Zheng by 
ramming into the door (NOTE: I STILL have no idea how to consistently 
break the door after all this. I try switching formations, and I have hit 
it for an hour without breaking it and have sometimes broke it in one hit. 
I really don't know). Talk to him, and continue on your attack.

  There's a BattleAx in one of the Wells. 

  From Fu Shui, head onward to Luo Castle.

-Huang Quan  -
-Leng Bao    -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  This will be the battle at the pass. Nothing too hard, just get rid of
Leng Bao as fast as possible. I won this fight in exactly two rounds, 
since Hong Shui works wonders. The next fight is a totally different 

-Ma Chao     -
-Ma Dai      -
-Pang De     -
-Rebel Force -

  The legendary Ma brothers meets you at the gate. Each of the three 
generals has an attack strength more than 200, and Pang De isn't stupid 
either. If you have Ji Mian this is the chance to use it. All three 
generals are dangerous, and it isn't that easy to hit them with tactics 
either. It will be quite a difficult battle without Ji Mian, for the three 
generals do a lot of damage in combat. The key is to use sufficient 

  After the battle, Ma Chao asks to join you with his brother Ma Dai. If 
you refuse them you can recruit them later in field battles. But why? 

  Another important castle. You learn about the swordsmith near Fu Shui, 
and the startling fact that Liu Zheng betrayed you. Mount Gang Tai is in 
the south, followed by Mian Zhu Guan.

-  Merchant  -  Other Shops  -
- Elixir C   - Billeting - X -
- Resurrect  - Special   -   -
- Smoke Pot  - Provision -   -
- Gullwing   -----------------

  Well, what are you waiting for? Time to restore honor to the Liu Clan! 
Go south to Mount Gang Tai.

  When you enter this, the fastest way is to go to the top upstairs in the
first screen. Or you can explore the rest (you need to). You'll notice two
paths leading to the left. The top path eventually leads to a chest of 
coins while the bottom path eventually leads into a chest of Iron Ore. 
Both paths are quite linear routes in that they don't branch. The Iron 
Ore is important for the game. Give it to the blacksmith near Fu Shui as
quickly as possible.

Mian Zhu Guan

-Li Yan      -
-Liu Ba      -
-Liu Xun     -
-Rebel Force -

  Another standard battle. This should not give you too much problem. Its 
main purpose is to batter your army for the upcoming battle. Afterwards,
go in Mian Zhu Guan. There is a Battleax in one of the chests, a perfect
companion. You'll hear about Liu Zheng in Cheng Du waiting for a decisive

  Head north to Cheng Du. Lei Tong and Wu Lan, two of the best fighters of
Liu Zheng are waiting there to trouce your morale.

-Lei Tong    -
-Wu Lan      -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Ji Mian again comes in handy against these "all-brawns" generals. Else,
Yi Xin them, or Da Re them. This should not be difficult. Do not waste too
many Tactic Points for the big battle.

Cheng Du

-The Lord of Shu, Land of Scholarly People and Thriving Feng Shui-
-Liu Zheng   -
-Gao Peo     -
-Wu Yi       -
-Wang Lei    -
-Rebel Force -

  Seriously, this is not a difficult battle. None of the generals actually
pose a threat besides maybe Wu Yi. But you should have preserved some 
points just in case.

-  Merchant  -  Armoury  -  Other Shops  -
- Gullwing   - Sword     - Billeting - X -
- Elixir C   - Battleax  - Special   - X -
- Resurrect  - Chain M   - Provision -   -
- Smoke Pot  -           -----------------

  Invite Liu Bei to Shu. Liu Bei tells you about the coming of a 
blacksmith. Visit the old man, and he will apologize on how Yellow Scarves
stole the five great swords he made. Pay no worry to this now, you'll get
them all later. What is important is that Liu Bei, after such a long time, 
can now take his place among with Cao Cao of Wei and Sun Ce of Wu to 
establish a balance of power.


  Enjoy your temporary feeling of relief... the problems will start again.
Ahh, what a period to live in... when will the fighting be over?

  Remembering that you've told the blacksmith to make the swords, go back 
and visit the old man. You will hear that five powerful named swords were
made, but they were stolen by the Yellow Scarves! Go back to Liu Bei.

  With the multitude of castles, Liu Bei needs to provide more direct
control to other castles. He will ask Zhang Fei and Guan Yu to leave and
rule Chang Sha and Gui Yang. A period of peace finally comes to china,
with Sun Ce ruling Wu and Cao Cao ruling Wei... this peace will not last.

  Shortly after, a messenger from Wei arrives! Cao Cao died of apparent
illness. To add to the trouble, another messenger from Wu comes and 
informs you of Sun Ce's assassination, and the changed Wu is attacking 
Jing Zhou, severely harming the balance of the three factions. Liu Bei
orders you to help the defense of Jing Zhou.

  Gullwing to Chang Sha and get Guan Xing, Guan Yu's son, to replace him.
He is a bit weaker, but good enough, and has his father's equipment. You
can now go directly north and retake Wu Ling (or you can go to Gui Yang 
and get Zhang Bao first) in any case:

-Fan Zhang   -
-Chen Wu     -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  The guards at Wu Ling isn't hard, (though Fan Zhang boasts: "where's my
enemy?") so defeat them with an easy Ji Mian + attacks. Then speed to Gui 

  In Gui Yang you hear that Sun Quan is trying to usurp the throne with 
the seal, aka Yuan Shu. You also get Zhang Bao, who is less powerful but
thankfully more intelligent than his father Zhang Fei. Speed on to Ling 

-Ling Tong   -
-Wu Fan      -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Harder than last battle, but that is not saying much. Get rid of Wu Fan
and the battle is basically over. 
  By Now, you have seen the Wu army's primary strength - strength in 
number of soldiers. Remember that on your invasion of Wu... anyway, go 
back to Cheng Du. Liu Bei is distressed at the situation, and your 
generals plead Liu Bei to declare himself emperor to go against Cao Pi 
and Sun Quan. Liu Bei originally turns down the offer, then he realizes 
that all the battles he fought would have been in vain if he doesn't step
up. He agrees and declares himself emperor. The true Three Kingdoms era 
begins. Many battles will be ahead.

  Form your attack force and speed to Gui Yang. A bridge had been built
south to Wu, the southernlands. Prepare your troops well... it will be 

  A quick walk will bring you to a mountain. This is Mt. Po Yang. You will
need to come here eventually, so do it. Go in, and take either staircase
you see after some short traveling, then take the northwest staircase.
Follow the path and you will get to a chest with Saltpeter in it.

  Going south, and Sun Quan will have defended Jian An castle with two of
his best generals, Gan Ning with a 223 strength, and Lu Su with a 218 

-Gan Ning    -
-Lu Su       -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Pretty dangerous battle, especially watch Lu Su. About this stage in the
game the tactics of opponents get a lot more dangerous with the addition
of Wan Fu, An Sha, and Ji Mian, not to mention Li Jian sometimes. Lu Su
will probably An Sha you to death, so take him out first (maybe with Ji 
Mian to ward off Gan Ning). The problem is he can also Wan Fu himself... 
so just be prepared for a long, hard battle. Finish it, and you are in 
Jian An.

Jian An
  What a small place. People talk about someone named Zhou Yu had blocked
off the pass to the south with a canal, making it impassable. An old man
hints that he can blow up Mt. Po Yang and fill the canal with passable 
dirt and sand if he had some Saltpeter and Dead Wood. If you haven't 
gotten the Saltpeter from the mountain yet, do it now. To get the Dead 
Wood, you see that an old man says that the tree behind his house is over
1000 years old. Go search in front of his tree and you will get the Dead
Wood. Then blow up the mountain by talking to the original old man.

(Russ Menalin points out that there is a secret Scimitar behind the tree
 as well. What a tree...)

-  Merchant  -  Other Shops  -
- Gullwing   - Billeting -   -
- Elixir D   - Special   -   -
- Resurrect  - Provision - X -
- Smoke Pot  -----------------

  Now Elixir Ds will be available. Stock up on them now. You will need 
them since they are the best healing items left in the game. Continue 
south and prepare for a very tough battle.

Hui Ji Pass
  Zhou Yu meets you at the gates. His different appearance should signal 
to you that he is an exordinary person... you are right.

-Zhou Yu     -
-Gu Yong     -
-Kan Ze      -
-Rebel Force -

  All your opponents are tactician types now. This battle will prove that
tacticians are now officially the most dangerous enemies in the game. To 
add to the fun, the pass is near water, and Hong Shui will do ~1500 damage
to everyone in your army if Zhou Yu or Kan Ze feels like using it, maybe 
an An Sha or two to boot.

  To win this battle, take out Zhou Yu ASAP. I can not stress how 
dangerous it is. Two completely successful Hong Shuis will probably 
destroy your whole army if done in succession, and An Sha is nothing to
scoff at. To make matters worse, Zhou Yu will Wan Fu himself when he gets
down in numbers, and maybe Ji Mian you to keep you very annoyed. By this
time, your tacticians probably won't know Shui Jian anymore, but Gu Yong 
can use Shui Jian and reduce damage from your water attacks while Zhou Yu
and Kan Ze overwhelms you with Hong Shui. If both of them uses Hong Shui 
in one turn, your army will be decimated. Your best bet is to bring
resurrects (against An Sha) and do a full-forced blitz attack on Zhou Yu,
preferibly with Bei Ji on your stronger generals. For all the trouble he
gives you in this battle, it is only fair to hunt him out and recruit him 
afterwards. ^_^

  After the battle, go in Hui Ji. You will hear that Wu castle is defended
none other by the older brother of Zhu Ge Liang. Premonitions aside, go to
the lower left tent, and check the pot directly to the left of the corner
pot. You will find a Scimitar.

  Rest up in Jian An, you will probably need it :) After you are ready, 
head to Wu castle to the east. It will be a long journey and enemy troops
(sometimes led by generals with more than 10000 troops) will come and 
harass you. Fight quick battles, and eventually you will come to Wu.

  Without many words... "Crush them!" Zhu Ge Jin answers your siege.

-Zhu Ge Jin  -
-Jang Qin    -
-Han Dang    -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  You will see that this battle is a LOT easier than the previous. Ji Mian
the two warrior generals to shut them up, and pound Zhu Ge Jin.

-  Merchant  -  Other Shops  -
- Gullwing   - Billeting -   -
- Elixir D   - Special   - X -
- Resurrect  - Provision -   -
- Smoke Pot  -----------------

  You will see a dangerous-looking general named Lu Meng who is walking 
around. He will warn you to get out of Wu... you will see more of him 

  Your next target is Po Yang fortress, but you have to supposely tunnel
under the mountain to get there. Commoners talk about a strange light
glowing in the mountain tunnels... could it be a demon? Or is it something

  Prepare for a long journey! Go to the mountain. After a medium-length
path you will get to a fork in the road. If you go west now, you will, 
after a long winded walk and lava (which does constant damage to your
soldiers) get a Steel Helmet. It is quite worth it though, as you won't be
able to find a better Helmet. Continue on, and you will come to a choice 
of whether to take the stairs up or go east. If you go east, the only path
that will not lead to a dead end is to go east in a consequent branch, 
which gets you a magnificent Elixir D. Wow. So go to the stairs if you 
don't feel like going a long time for an elixir. You will get to ANOTHER
branch, which you can go either north or another stairs. Going north leads
to a dead end no matter what, so take the stairs. The following branch is 
a west or north choice, with the north being a dead end again. The west 
path leads to an east or south choice, with the south being a dead end. 
So go east. You will eventually see the exit - but don't get out yet! Go
south. After a walk and some lava you will get to a chest, opening it will
reveal that the source for the ghostly light was actually a well-crafted
sword... you've received your first Great Sword, Nu Long.

  Now, after all the dead ends and lava and enemies, you still have to 
walk a LONG time to get to Po Yang Fortress, which has a pass for extra
defense just to annoy you.

-Ding Feng   -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Nothing hard at all. The next fight is a little tougher, considering 
that you probably have used a lot of TPs and soldiers through the long 
cave and the previous fight.

-Chen Pu     -
-Zhang Zhao  -
-Bu Xi       -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
  What a pain, another strategy battle. Ji Mians and An Shas will be 
flying. I suggest taking out Zhang Zhao first...

Po Yang
  Nothing much in here... people tell you that in the southeast is Jin Du 
castle, and Sun Quan went back to Jian Ye castle with Lu Sun... hmm... who
is that? You will learn to fear him later. Lu Meng is here AGAIN... he 
tells you to go. Rest up in the Inn here.

  Continuing on, at the pass you will meet:

-Huang Gai   -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Hard hitter, but about now, I use the "Ninja Formation": since Zhu Ge
Liang the pacifist never learns An Sha, I instead use someone else, like
Zhou Yu or Lu Su (who you can now recruit after defeating) as the 
tactician. Then, I put Zhu Ge Liang (or some other smart guy, I don't 
care) as the leader of the group (so they can absorb hits, but it doesn't
matter since they don't attack), with Chi Tu Ma (for faster attacks), and
An Sha a general each turn. BAM! It rips through generals like a chainsaw.
If your fighting tactician is smart enough they can An Sha generals with
more than 200 intelligence with no problem. It pretty much works well for
the rest of the game.

-Sun Yu      -
-Zhang Hong  -
-Zhu Zhi     -
-Rebel Force -

  Not too hard. Take out Zhang Hong, as usual, and keep the rest at bay 
with Ji Mian. Or be like me and An Sha all three of them with Zhou Yu...

Jin Du
  Lu Meng is pissed again... this time he attacks you.

-Lu Meng     -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Pretty powerful guy... I An Sha'ed him and scooped up his army. You can
try something different if you wish. After you win, he warns you about a 
certain Tai Si Ci, who is even better than he is, and runs off. Hmm... 
who is this Tai Si Ci? The villagers talk about Sun Quan's castle in the

-  Merchant  -  Armoury  -  Other Shops  -
- Elixir D   - Scimitar  - Billeting -   -
- Resurrect  - Crossbow  - Special   -   -
-            - Chain M   - Provision -   -
-            - Bronze H  -----------------

  The Bronze H and Chain M is a waste, since at the very next castle you
will get replacements. I wouldn't bother with buying the weapons either. 
You will slowly get the most powerful special weapons in the game by just 
traveling... one is coming up right now. A guy tells you that brigands are
in the south terrorizing people. Go check them out. A short walk to the
south leads you to a house, with five pirates...

-Pirate -
-Pirate -
-Pirate -
-Pirate -
-Pirate -

  Intimidating with high AP (190 each). But a simple Ji Mian will get rid
of all your fears. Or An Sha them all... look, I talk about An Sha too 
much. Just remember it is always an option now for the rest of the game.

  Going back to the villager will earn you the next Great Sword, Qing 
Long, which is just as powerful as Nu Long (240 AP).

  Go east and you will find a fork in the road. Take the east path and go
north. You will see three gates, in consecutive difficulty:

-------------- -------------- --------------
-Sun Yi      - -Zhou Tai    - -Sun Huan    -
-Rebel Force - -Xue Zong    - -Xu Sheng    -
-Rebel Force - -Rebel Force - -Lu Ji       -
-Rebel Force - -Rebel Force - -Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force - -------------- -Rebel force -
--------------                --------------

  These guys are jokes compared to what you had to face earlier... the 
real battle is coming up next...

-The Usurper of Wu, the Southern Land of Water and Thriving Economy -
-Tai Si Ci   -  -Sun Quan    -
-Lu Sun      -  -Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -  -Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -  -Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -  -Rebel Force -
--------------  --------------

  Sun Quan tells you of his ambition and sends his best fighter and best
tactician at you. Tai Si Ci is a stunning 230 strength hitter and Lu Xun
is no pushover at 215 strength AND 240 intelligence. Luckily they have not
much else support (you should have figured out by now that the existence 
of Rebel Forces is NOT to defeat you, rather to annoy you). Your best bet 
is to save tactic points and heal against Lu Xun's tactics, and Ji Mian 
or An Sha to get rid of Tai Si Ci. The battle shouldn't be too difficult,
but you will take a beating. Directly afterwards, Sun Quan rushes out to
fight, supported by the best battle theme in the game. He has a stunning 
240 AP, but luckily he doesn't have much support either. Just watch your
soldiers' health, and you should win this battle.


  After the battle, if you wish, you can go recruit the many able generals
of Wu... though at this stage it isn't that important anymore. Lu Sun is
the best general to take. I kept him throughout the rest of the game to
keep in my fighting army as the tactician in battle.

Jian Ye
  Another all-purpose castle... go and call Liu Bei to the palace.

-  Merchant  -  Armoury  -  Other Shops  -
- Resurrect  - Crossbow  - Billeting - X -
- Elixir D   - Lance     - Special   - X -
- Gullwing   - Splint M  - Provision - x -
- Smoke Pot  - Iron H    -----------------

  Talking to the villagers reveal that Sun Quan was a good man until he 
was corrupted and deceived by Cao Pi of Wei, who plans to rule all of 
China. And his mistake of assassinating his brother Sun Ce (whom you've 
met earlier) was fatal and ended the ambitions of his family. Cao Pi is a
cunning man who "has eyes everywhere" since he scatters his family in many

  Liu Bei tells you that he knows you are tired, but peace can't come 
until the threat of Cao Pi is over. He urges you to attack Wei fast.
Refreshen your army and prepare for a long expedition. The final chapters
are about to unfold.
  Going northeast, you quickly come to a gate:

-Xia Hou Yuan -
-Rebel Force  -
-Rebel Force  -
-Rebel Force  -
-Rebel Force  -

  Xia Hou Yuan is the younger of the famed Xia Hou brothers of Wei, both
ferocious warriors. Though his lack of support makes him an easy opponent
to defeat.

-Zhang Liao  -
-Cao Zhen    -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Cao Zhen, Zhang Liao, both heroic generals of Wei with Zhang Liao being
a favorite of Cao Cao's when he was alive. Both are not morons and will 
proceed to fight. Treat them cautiously. Get rid of Zhang Liao first.

Guang Ling
  You will quickly meet Jiang Wei as you enter... he wishes to study under
Zhuge Liang. Jiang Wei is an able general, though with your many able 
generals by now, you have to consider whether to put him in your army.

-  Merchant  -  Armoury  -  Other Shops  -
- Resurrect  - Lance     - Billeting -   -
- Elixir D   - Plate M   - Special   -   -
- Gullwing   -           - Provision -   -
- Power Pill -           -----------------

  Plate Mail is the best armor available in the game. Take a couple if you

  A villager complains that the sword he stole from bandits is now lost. A
kid tells you that he got his foot cut on something by a tree... go to the
tree sticking out from the side. Search nearby, and you will find the 
third Great Sword, Bo Ye.

  Now, prepare for a really long journey... follow the land and you will 
be doing some island hopping. Eventually, you will come to two passes, 
both by the river.

-Cao Zhi     -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Cao Cao's third son and the most intelligent, Cao Zhi, challenges you. 
Don't waste too many tactical points on him.

-Cao Pi      -
-Cao Ren     -
-Xia Hou Dun -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Cao Pi welcomes you at the gates. Cao Ren is a feared general of Wei, 
and Xia Hou Dun, the elder Xia Hou, is here. All three pack quite a punch
and Cao Pi uses Ji Mian and An Sha. The nearby water also poses a threat 
to  possible water attacks. Focus on Cao Pi. 

  Cao Pi retreats afterwards. Here is when you make a choice. If you've 
used too many tactical points, you will need to heal up for the upcoming
battles, but that means walking ALL the way back to Guang Ling. If you 
don't want to take the tedious trip and conserved some tactical points,
prepare for a long battle.

He Fei Guan
  Nothing interesting in this small pass. You will hear that Ru Nan castle
is in the southwest, protected by Cao Zhang, a strong general. Prepare for
more battles.

  Going west, you will eventually reach a castle with two passes. This is 
Ru Nan...

-------------- ----------------
-Cao Xiu     - -Xia Hou Shang -
-Cao Chun    - -Xia Hou De    -
-Rebel Force - -Rebel Force   -
-Rebel Force - -Rebel Force   -
-Rebel Force - -Rebel Force   - 
-------------- ----------------

  Do not waste too much strength defeating these two passes... especially 
if you had a hard battle back at He Fei and didn't go back to Guang Ling. 
The generals here are just more parts of Cao Pi's family, no one 
especially outstanding.

-Cao Pi      -
-Cao Zhang   -
-Cao Ang     -
-Xia Hou Mao -
-Rebel Force -
  Here's where the battle gets interesting. You will meet Cao Zhang, a 
favorite of Cao Cao's who has a strength of 242! Cao Ang and Xia Hou Mao
are also able fighters. The key to this battle is to defeat Cao Pi quickly,
whose tactics pose the most threat. If you've conserved tactical points, 
use Ce Mian to stop Cao Pi, or Ji Mian/An Sha to stop the fighters if your 
tactician doesn't know Ce Mian.

  After you win, the special music (that you heard when you fought Sun 
Quan) starts again. Si Ma Yi seemed to have come with support for Cao 
Pi... except that Si Ma Yi backstabs Cao Pi and kills him. He gives you 
Cao Pi's head and declares himself master of Wei, and uses thunder magic 
on you. You are blasted far away...

  Waking up in Jian Ye, Liu Bei tells you that Guan Yu's third son Guan 
Suo found you unconscious and you should go thank him in Chang Sha. Going
there, Guan Shuo tells you that Si Ma Yi's magic is from Sun Zi's book 
(who is known as Sun Tzu in the west, by the way), and to counter it, you
need the ancient secret button presses (up, up, down, down, left, right, 
up, down) to counter it. Hmm. Thanking him, gullwing back to Jian Ye and
walk ALL the way back to Ru Nan.

  (pick up Cao Zhang if you wish. He is one of the few generals who can 
stand up to the Tiger Generals and still have a good-sized army to keep 
until the end of the game. And there's the historical justification that
Cao Zhang was the son of Cao Cao, who would not have let Wei just fall to
some outsider of the Cao family like Si Ma Yi... ^_^)

-Si Ma Yi    -
-Xu Zhu      -
-Dian Wei    -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Si Ma Yi battles you with two of the strongest generals in Wei, Xu Zhu
and Dian Wei. Though both are easy marks for tactics, Si Ma Yi isn't. 
Around this stage of the game it is advised to use Zhu Ge Liang or someone
with Ce Mian as your tactician, since enemy tacticians like to Wan Fu if
their army is cut down, and that could get very annoying.

  Nothing too hard if you take out Si Ma Yi first. The battle is difficult
without Ce Mian however, for it takes a long time to completely defeat Si 
Ma Yi if you allow him to use Wan Fu...

Ru Nan
  People say that there is no road directly to Chin castle, but someone 
says something about two tunnels...

-  Merchant  -  Armoury  -  Other Shops  -
- Resurrect  - Lance     - Billeting -   -
- Gullwing   - Plate M   - Special   -   -
- Elixir D   - Steel H   - Provision -   -

  This is the only place you can buy the Steel Helmet, the best Helmet in
the game. Stock up... this place has the best armor there is.

  Walking around town, you see a strange rock formation in the western 
part of the castle... go in and you will see it is a tunnel. This is a 
LONG one.

  The first decision in the road is a path near the top and one near the 
bottom, which leads to a dead end. Going on the top path long enough gives
you an extra branch to the south, which gives you a Power Pill. 
Continuing, you decide to either go north (getting a useless Bronze 
Helmet) or east, getting you to a set of stairs. Then you can go north, 
west, or south. Only west does not lead to a dead end. After a while, it
branches to a west/north path, with the west one yielding a Smoke Pot. 
Going north for a while and going through a couple of staircases leads to 
a final branch. Going east from here (through lava) grants three treasure 
chests with Wan Sheng (the fourth Great Sword), a Plate Mail, and a Bronze
Helmet. Going north and taking any staircase eventually leads to the exit.

  Whew... fresh air! Not for long though... another tunnel in the 
mountains appear...

  In the second cave, there are less choices. The first branch is a north
or west choice... definitely go north, for it yields the best weapon in 
the game, the Halberd (of Lu Bu, I think). Take it and continue west. If 
you take a detour to the south along the way you get a cache of six 
chests, containing an Iron Helmet, an Elixir D, a Plate Mail, a Gullwing, 
a Splint Mail and a Steel Helmet. Afterwards, continue to the set of 
stairs. On the way you will see three chests on the way, one with the last 
Great Sword, Qing Guang, one with a Gullwing, and finally a Power Pill. 
When you see the stairs you can go east for another Elixir D. The stairs
eventually lead to the exit.

  Head north, and you see a pass...

-Niu Jin     -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Definitely Shui Long fodder, if you ask me. Niu Jin is vulnerable to
tactics. The next battle is the hard one.

-Si Ma Yi    -
-Yang Xiu    -
-Jiang Gan   -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Another army of tacticians. Here is where Zhu Ge Liang really shines. 
Ce Mian makes this group of guys almost useless. Otherwise, be careful of
Shui Long attacks... the battle shouldn't take that long. Si Ma Yi is 
surprised at your power, and retreats again.

Chen Liu
  In Chen Liu, you hear that the poor people of Wei suffered misery and
enjoyed nothing after Cao Cao died. You also hear about Si Ma Yi's two 
able sons.

  Going north, you will finally see Chin castle...

-Xun Huo     -
-Li Dian     -
-Wang Shuang -
-Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force -

  Shouldn't be a hard battle if you conserved your strength. Xun Huo is 
again dangerous if you don't have Ce Mian to stop his Wan Fu.

  You heard that Si Ma Yi took over the newly rebuilt Luo Yang castle with
his sons Si Ma Shi and Si Ma Zhao... people urge you to defeat Si Ma Yi,
after which peace should return to the turmoiled land. Gather up your 
supplies and prepare for the last castle.

-  Merchant  -  Other Shops  -
- Resurrect  - Billeting -   -
- Elixir D   - Special   -   -
- Gullwing   - Provision - X -
- Smoke Pot  -----------------

  Luo Yang's three passes are still there... remaining generals of Wei 
will stop at nothing to defend their last castle.

-------------- -------------- --------------
-Dian Wei    - -Liu Dai     - -Le Xin      -
-Hou Cheng   - -Chen Qun    - -Wang Can    -
-Liu Ye      - -Lu Wen      - -Mao Jie     -
-Rebel Force - -Rebel Force - -Rebel Force -
-Rebel Force - -Rebel Force - -Rebel Force -
-------------- -------------- --------------

  Storm through the passes and go back and heal up. When you dash into the
newly rebuilt Luo Yang, you will have come to...

-The Dragons that Overpowered Wei, the Last Hold Against Liu Bei -
-Si Ma Shi   -  -Si Ma Yi -
-Si Ma Zhao  -  -Yu Jin   -
-Rebel Force -  -Wei Xu   -
-Rebel Force -  -Cheng Yu -
-Rebel Force -  -Xu Zhu   -
--------------  -----------

  The final battle is here. Si Ma Shi and Si Ma Zhao first faces you with
a combination of brains and muscles, and sweet talk to cajole you into
surrender. Definitely bring Zhu Ge Liang, your best strategist, for this 
battle to use Ce Mian. After the two fall, the special music plays again,
and you come face to face with Si Ma Yi.

  Si Ma Yi brought his last hopes and ambition with his four generals to
defeat you once and for all. If you have defeated Si Ma Shi and Si Ma Zhao,
you can use Gui Huan to escape battle and heal up, and only fight the
second part of the battle when you come back. However, it feels a lot 
better to defeat both armies in a row...

  For this battle, Si Ma Yi is again your biggest threat. You can go for 
him first or last, your choice. The key to winning the game is to keep Si 
Ma Yi's dangerous tactics in check with Ce Mian (he can Bei Ji himself and
then Huo Shen for over 3000 damage to everyone in your army). Feel free to
use up your Power Pills to attack Si Ma Yi with all your might. The other
generals are there to do some considerable damage on you in the process,
with Cheng Yu occasionally helping out with An Sha to annoy you. If you 
have a well-trained army after so many battles, a good mix of generals, 
and  patience, you will eventually win this tough battle.

  After the battle... the music changes to one of harmony. Si Ma Yi sadly
dies, his ambition dissipating into nothing. After the great relief of
having fought so many battles just to reach final victory, you should 
enter Luo Yang.

Luo Yang
  What is this? A rebuilt capital city! People are walking around, laying
down arms since they don't have to be soldiers again. Everyone you talk to
thanks you for peace. The trees and flowers are red in the spring...

  Hurry to the only door open... the Special shop. Invite Liu Bei to the
palace... he is here.

  Walk into the throne room accompanied by the tranquil music. Liu Bei 
thanks you with all his heart and promised to rule justly and with 
the strength of an able ruler. Your quest is at an end.

  In the ending, portraits of the important characters flash by as the
flashbacks of Liu Bei begin, all the way starting at Lou Sang village. 
Remembering the Peace Tree Oath, the three brothers journey across China,
marching in every direction until the final confrontation at Luo Yang. 
Pleasant music plays in the background... enjoy it. You have deserved it.

-             G E N E R A L   L I S T            -
-      NAME      - STR - INT - SOLD. - J - G - N -
- Bao Long       - 126 -  63 -  1255 -   -   -   -
- Bu Xi          - 124 - 192 -  7003 -   -   -   -
- Cai Yong       - 117 - 180 -   380 -   -   -   -
- Cao Ang        - 180 -  84 - 18197 -   -   -   -
- Cao Chun       - 168 -  48 - 13665 -   -   -   -
- Cao Pi         - 216 - 204 - 20020 -   -   - X -
- Cao Ren        - 180 - 156 - 14333 -   -   -   -
- Cao Xiu        - 168 - 108 - 15034 -   -   -   -
- Cao Zhang      - 242 - 168 - 19087 -   -   -   -
- Cao Zhen       - 192 - 192 - 10763 -   -   -   -
- Cao Zhi        - 132 - 220 - 13665 -   -   -   -
- Chen Deng      -  94 - 157 -   193 - X -   -   -
- Chen Ying      - 136 -  42 -  1197 -   -   -   -
- Chen Ji        -  85 -  47 -   531 -   -   -   -
- Chen Lan       -  76 -  57 -   460 -   -   -   -
- Chen Pu        - 120 - 210 -  9326 -   -   -   -
- Chen Qun       -  72 - 228 - 24233 -   -   -   -
- Chen Wu        - 161 - 115 -  5014 -   -   -   -
- Cheng Yu       - 148 - 216 - 24233 -   -   -   -
- Cheng Yuan Zhi -  85 -  68 -   195 -   -   -   -
- Ding Feng      - 120 - 184 - 15769 -   -   -   -
- Dian Wei       - 222 -  48 - 20020 -   -   -   -
- Dong Min       -  72 -  36 -   380 -   -   -   -
- Dong Zhuo      - 162 -  72 -   439 -   -   - X -
- Fan Zhang      - 185 -  90 -  4780 -   -   -   -
- Fen Chou       - 153 -  36 -   399 -   -   -   -
- Gan Ning       - 223 - 140 -  6069 -   -   -   -
- Gao Lan        - 100 -  60 -   942 -   -   -   -
- Gao Pei        - 172 -  88 -  2827 -   -   -   -
- Gong Zhi       -  94 - 157 -  1197 -   -   -   -
- Gu Yong        - 127 - 184 -  5014 -   -   -   -
- Guan Ping      - 200 - 137 -   418 - X -   -   -
- Guan Xing      - 237 - 175 -  vary - X - X -   -
- Guan Yu        - 245 - 180 -   100 - X - X -   -
- Guo Tu         - 180 -  90 -  1317 -   -   -   -
- Han Dang       - 180 - 115 -  5516 -   -   -   -
- Han Xian       - 114 -  38 -   585 -   -   -   -
- Han Xuan       - 136 - 126 -  1519 -   -   - X -
- Han Zhong      -  80 -  30 -   204 -   -   -   -
- Hou Cheng      - 192 - 108 - 18197 -   -   -   -
- Hu Zhen        -  90 -  45 -   299 -   -   -   -
- Hua Xiong      - 162 -  36 -   439 -   -   -   -
- Huang Gai      - 207 - 103 -  9326 -   -   -   -
- Huang Quan     -  66 - 165 -  2695 -   -   -   -
- Huang Zhong    - 235 - 147 -  1381 - X - X -   -
- Huo Hu         -  80 - 175 -   236 - X -   -   -
- Ji Ling        - 192 -  47 -   613 -   -   -   -
- Jia Xu         -  18 - 220 -   418 -   -   - X -
- Jang Qin       - 182 - 115 -  5259 -   -   -   -
- Jiang Gan      - 136 - 180 - 19087 -   -   -   -
- Jiang Wei      - 204 - 225 -  vary - X - X -   -
- Jin Xuan       - 147 -  42 -  1317 -   -   - X -
- Ju Shou        -  40 - 180 -  1449 -   -   -   -
- Kan Ze         - 160 - 199 -  5259 -   -   -   -
- Le Xin         - 168 -  72 - 29332 -   -   -   -
- Lei Bo         - 142 -  76 -   643 -   -   -   -
- Lei Tong       - 184 -  88 -  3110 -   -   -   -
- Leng Bao       - 180 -  70 -  2024 -   -   -   -
- Li Dian        - 156 - 108 - 23103 -   -   -   -
- Li Feng        -  76 -  57 -   557 -   -   -   -
- Li Jue         - 120 -  72 -   399 -   -   -   -
- Li Ru          -  18 - 200 -   362 -   -   -   -
- Li Su          -  99 -  45 -   299 -   -   -   -
- Li Yan         -  90 - 160 -  2827 -   -   -   -
- Liang Ji       -  85 -  76 -   643 -   -   -   -
- Liang Gang     -  85 -  28 -   506 -   -   -   -
- Ling Tong      - 161 - 103 -  5516 -   -   -   -
- Liu Ba         -  99 - 176 -  2569 -   -   -   -
- Liu Bei        - 180 - 225 -   314 - X -   -   -
- Liu Dai        - 168 -  84 - 26661 -   -   -   -
- Liu Du         - 126 - 157 -  1672 -   -   -   -
- Liu Feng       - 187 - 162 -   399 - X -   -   -
- Liu Kui        - 110 - 110 -  3262 -   -   -   -
- Liu Xun        - 132 -  99 -  3110 -   -   -   -
- Liu Yang       - 126 - 126 -  1381 -   -   -   -
- Liu Ye         -  60 - 180 - 16540 -   -   -   -
- Liu Zheng      - 110 - 110 -  4142 -   -   -   -
- Lu Bu          - 255 -  72 -  vary - X -   -   -
- Lu Fan         -  76 - 161 -   817 -   -   -   -
- Lu Guang       - 160 -  50 -  1037 -   -   -   -
- Lu Ji          -  57 - 161 - 11289 -   -   -   -
- Lu Meng        - 130 - 225 - 14333 -   -   -   -
- Lu Su          - 120 - 218 -  6365 -   -   -   -
- Lu Sun         - 215 - 240 - 11841 -   -   -   -
- Lu Wen         - 168 - 132 - 22026 -   -   -   -
- Lu Xiang       - 150 -  50 -   942 -   -   -   -
- Ma Chao        - 245 - 162 -  3262 - X - X -   -
- Ma Dai         - 225 - 175 -  3110 - X -   -   -
- Ma Liang       -  59 - 211 -  1449 - X -   -   -
- Ma Su          - 138 - 195 -  1754 - X -   -   -
- Ma Yan         -  90 -  80 -   942 -   -   -   -
- Ma Yuan Yi     -  76 -  34 -   177 -   -   -   -
- Mao Jie        - 132 -  72 - 24233 -   -   -   -
- Meng Da        - 154 - 132 -  3589 -   -   -   -
- Mi Zhe         -  73 - 157 -   161 - X -   -   -
- Niu Jin        - 204 -  36 - 20020 -   -   -   -
- Pang De        - 212 - 200 -  2965 -   -   -   -
- Pang Tong      -  99 - 240 -  3765 - X -   -   -
- Shen Pei       -  60 - 130 -  1255 -   -   -   -
- Si Ma Shi      - 192 - 220 - 27965 -   -   -   -
- Si Ma Yi       - 180 - 250 - 40972 -   -   - X -
- Si Ma Zhao     - 180 - 232 - 30767 -   -   -   -
- Song Ren       -  80 - 100 -   110 - X -   -   -
- Song Yong      -  60 -  40 -   110 - X -   -   -
- Sun Huan       - 215 - 115 - 16540 -   -   - X -
- Sun Quan       - 228 - 207 - 19087 -   -   - X -
- Sun Yi         - 172 -  46 - 15769 -   -   - X -
- Sun Yu         - 210 - 180 - 13027 -   -   - X -
- Tai Si Ci      - 230 - 123 - 15769 -   -   -   -
- Tao Qian       -  90 - 160 -  2226 -   -   -   -
- Tian Feng      - 120 - 160 -  1141 -   -   -   -
- Wang Can       -  36 - 204 - 26661 -   -   -   -
- Wang Lei       - 135 - 132 -  2827 -   -   -   -
- Wang Shuang    - 216 -  48 - 20999 -   -   -   -
- Wei Xu         - 180 -  84 - 27965 -   -   -   -
- Wei Yan        - 228 - 136 -  1317 - X -   -   -
- Wen Hun        - 190 -  40 -  1449 -   -   -   -
- Wu Fan         -  69 - 184 -  5014 -   -   -   -
- Wu Lan         - 180 -  99 -  2965 -   -   -   -
- Wu Yi          - 176 - 143 -  3589 -   -   -   -
- Xia Hou De     - 168 - 132 - 16540 -   -   -   -
- Xia Hou Dun    - 204 - 192 - 13665 -   -   -   -
- Xia Hou Mao    - 180 -  84 - 16540 -   -   -   -
- Xia Hou Shang  - 156 - 144 - 17349 -   -   -   -
- Xia Hou Yuan   - 204 - 168 - 11289 -   -   -   -
- Xing Dao Rong  - 168 -  31 -  1519 -   -   -   -
- Xu Rong        -  90 - 117 -   314 -   -   -   -
- Xu Sheng       - 195 - 103 - 11289 -   -   -   -
- Xu Shou        -  40 - 170 -  1255 -   -   -   -
- Xu Zhe         -  73 - 220 -   643 - X -   -   -
- Xu Zhu         - 228 -  24 - 20020 -   -   -   -
- Xue Zong       -  69 - 115 -  9320 -   -   -   -
- Xun Huo        -  72 - 228 - 25418 -   -   -   -
- Yan Liang      - 180 -  40 -  1381 -   -   -   -
- Yang Jin       - 125 -  40 -   247 - X -   -   -
- Yang Ling      - 168 -  42 -  1197 -   -   -   -
- Yang Xiu       - 124 - 228 - 20999 -   -   -   -
- Yu Lin         - 200 -  48 - 30767 -   -   -   -
- Yuan Shang     - 170 - 140 -  1672 -   -   -   -
- Yuan Shao      - 170 - 150 -  1754 -   -   - X -
- Yuan Shu       - 142 - 152 -   899 -   -   - X -
- Yuan Tan       - 160 - 130 -  1594 -   -   -   -
- Yuan Xi        - 140 - 120 -  1519 -   -   -   -
- Yuan Yin       - 133 - 142 -   643 -   -   -   -
- Zhang Bao      - 240 - 150 -  vary - X - X -   - (Zhang Fei's son)
- Zhang Bao      -  64 - 144 -   299 -   -   - X - (Yellow Scarf Leader)
- Zhang Fei      - 255 -  75 -   100 - X - X -   -
- Zhang He       - 210 - 150 -  1317 -   -   -   -
- Zhang Hong     - 113 - 211 - 10783 -   -   -   -
- Zhang Jao      -  93 - 136 -   346 -   -   - X -
- Zhang Ji       - 147 -  36 -   362 -   -   -   -
- Zhang Liang    - 102 -  34 -   259 -   -   - X -
- Zhang Liao     - 232 - 216 - 13027 -   -   -   -
- Zhang Ren      - 207 - 165 -  3262 -   -   -   -
- Zhang Xun      - 183 -  28 -   675 -   -   -   -
- Zhang Yi       - 100 -  90 -   989 -   -   -   -
- Zhang Zhao     - 140 - 240 -  8082 -   -   -   -
- Zhao Fan       - 136 - 105 -  1594 -   -   - X -
- Zhao Yun       - 245 - 216 -  vary - X - X -   -
- Zheng Mao      -  93 -  34 -   153 -   -   -   -
- Zhou Cang      - 215 -  85 -   506 - X -   -   -
- Zhou Tai       - 180 -  45 - 10763 -   -   -   -
- Zhou Yu        - 195 - 230 -  6365 -   -   -   -
- Zhu Ge Jin     - 125 - 215 -  6365 -   -   -   -
- Zhu Ge Liang   - 122 - 255 -  vary - X - X -   -
- Zhu Zhi        - 210 -  95 - 10261 -   -   -   -
J: Denotes that the general joins (or starts in) Liu Bei's army by the
   story, or asks you to let him join sometime (almost any other general can 
   be recruited in battle anyway). 
G: Denotes that the general joins (or starts in) Liu Bei's army AND gains 
   soldiers at level-up, getting powerful as you get into the game. 
N: Means that the general can not be recruited at all, meaning either he 
   dies or he is in the final battle. And some generals, after they are
   defeated, will still not join you, Jin Xuan for example.

1. Lu Bu appears 4 times: at Dong Zhuo's army with 439 soldiers, at Yuan 
   Shu's army with 619 soldiers, Yuan Shao's army with 1449 soldiers and 
   only 40 INT, and stays that way finally in the Jing Zhou -> Shu forest
   with 7003 soldiers. He joins you for a time, then betrays you. 
2. Generals that gain soldiers with level-up that fights you first has their
   army size shown as when they fight you. After they join, the size will
   depend on your level.
3. The five powerful Tiger Generals everyone talks about are Guan Yu, Zhang
   Fei, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong and Ma Chao. They are all very powerful and 
   gains soldiers at level-up.
4. The Pirates you fight for the villagers have strength 146, intelligence
   60, and 10261 soldiers.

-      I T E M S , W E A P O N S , H E L M E T S , A R M O R S        -
-    Name    - Price -                      Use                       -
- 300 Food   -   100 - Gives 300 rations                              -
- 3000 Food  -  1000 - Gives 3000 rations                             -
- 30000 Food - 10000 - Gives 30000 rations                            -
- Elixir A   -    20 - Recovers 100 soldiers                          - 
- Elixir B   -    50 - Recovers 500 soldiers                          -
- Elixir C   -   200 - Recovers 1000 soldiers                         -
- Elixir D   -   500 - Recovers 4500 soldiers                         -
- Resurrect  -   100 - Bring back a wounded general and 400 soldiers  -      
- Steed      -   200 - Useful for recruiting generals                 -
- Gullwing   -   200 - Brings you back to a Gullwing-selling castle   -
- Power Pill -    50 - Automatic critical hit (*)                     -
- Smoke Pot  -   200 - No random battles for a set amount of time     -
-    Name    -                         Use                            -
- Chi Tu Ma  - Increases agility                                      -
- Gemsword   - Give to Lu Bu to recruit him                           -
- Gold Key   - Use in Wang Yun's house to get the Gemsword            -
- Intro Letr - Give to Shui Jing                                      -
- Gunpowder  - Blows up the rocks in the cave                         -
- Silver Key - Use on the prison of Zhao Yun's sister                 -
- Zhao Letr  - Letter of confidence for Zhao Yun                      -
- Saltpeter  - Ingredient for gunpowder to blow up Mt. Po Yang        -
- Dead Wood  - Ingredient for gunpowder to blow up Mt. Po Yang        - 
-    Name    - Price - Power -               Special                  -
- Dagger     -    50 -   10  -                                        -
- Flail      -   100 -   15  -                                        -
- Ax         -   200 -   20  -                                        -
- Club       -   500 -   30  -                                        -
- Spear      -  1000 -   50  -                                        -
- Sabre      -  2000 -   70  -                                        -
- Bow        -  4000 -   80  - Hits twice                             -
- Sword      -       -  120  -                                        -
- Battleax   -       -  140  -                                        -
- Scimitar   - 20000 -  150  -                                        -
- Crossbow   - 45000 -  130  - Hits twice                             -
- Lance      - 65000 -  170  -                                        -
- Trident    -       -  100  - Found in Nan Yang, sells for 2250      -
- Nu Long    -       -  240  - Found in mountain to Po Yang           -
- Qing Long  -       -  240  - Given after defeating Pirates          -
- Bo Ye      -       -  190  - Found in Guang Ling near tree          -
-    Name    - Price - Def -                Special                   -
- Bandana    -    50 -  10 -                                          -
- Cap        -   150 -  20 -                                          -
- Hood       -   500 -  40 -                                          -
- Wood H     -  1000 -  60 -                                          -
- Bronze H   -  4000 -  80 -                                          -
- Iron H     - 15000 -  90 -                                          -
- Steel H    - 40000 - 100 -                                          -
-    Name    - Price - Def -                Special                   -
- Robe       -   100 -  20 -                                          -
- Leather    -   300 -  35 -                                          -
- Padded     -   800 -  45 -                                          -
- Ring M     -  2000 -  50 -                                          -
- Chain M    -  4000 -  70 -                                          -
- Splint M   - 10000 -  85 -                                          -
- Plate M    - 30000 - 100 -                                          -

-         T A C T I C S   ( S O R T E D   B Y   G R O U P )          - 
-    Name   - TP -   Description / Target / Intel Required / Level   -
- FIRE - These are standard attacking tactics for combat.            -
- Lian Huo  -  2 - Standard fire attack / One Enemy                  -
- Ye Huo    -  4 - Larger version of Lian Huo / One Enemy            -
- Yan Re    -  6 - Same as Ye Huo? / All Enemies                     -
- Da Re     -  8 - "Huge Heat" powerful attack / One Enemy           -
- Huo Shen  - 12 - "God of fire", the ultimate / All Enemies         -
- WATER - Stronger than fire tactics, can only be used near water.   -
- Shui Tu   -  3 - Tunneling water underground / One Enemy           -
- Shui Xing -  6 - Larger version of Shui Tu / One Enemy             -
- Shui Lei  -  8 - Strong water attack / One Enemy                   -
- Hong Shui - 12 - "Flood" / All Enemies / 160                       -
- Shui Long - 15 - "Water Dragon", ultimate / All Enemies            -
- HEALING - This group of tactics heals your party during battle.    -
- Chi Xin   -  3 - Morale healing, simplest healing / One Ally       -
- Tong Xian -  5 - "Copper" healing, better than Chi Xin / One Ally  -     
- Yin Xian  - 10 - "Silver" healing / All Allies / 200               -
- Jin Xian  - 14 - "Gold" healing, the best healing / All Allies     -
- Wan Fu    - 10 - Perfect healing for one person / One Ally         -
- DEFENSE - Defensive tactics used for various purposes.             -
- Wuo Jian  -  4 - Protects against fire attacks / Ally Group        -
- Shui Jian -  3 - Protects against water attacks / Ally Group       -
= Ji Rou    -  5 - Adds defense / Ally Group                         -
- Ji Mian   -  7 - Neutralizes enemy attacks / Ally Group / 200      -
- Ce Mian   - 17 - Neutralizes enemy tactics / Ally Group / 240 / 31 -
- YIN - Defensive utility tactics.                                   -
- Cheng Nei -  5 - Increases strength of castle? /(NEED TO KNOW)     -
- Jie Ce    -  5 - Stops tactics in effect / (NEED TO KNOW)          -
- Tui Lu    -  5 - Retreats automatically / Ally Group               -
- Gui Huan  -  6 - "Ghost return" returns to Liu Bei / Ally Group    -
- YANG - Offensive tactics, opposite of YIN.                         -
- Qi Shou   -  4 - "Surprise attack" increases agility / One Ally    -
- Fu Bing   -  6 - "Hidden Soldiers" one extra attack / One Enemy    -
- Bei Ji    - 10 - Increases attack power / One Ally / 240 (*)       -
- An Sha    - 10 - "Assassinate" kills a general / One Enemy / 200   -

(*) Russ Menalin points out that the effects of Power Pill and Bei Ji
    are cumulative. This basically quadruples your effective strength!

1. Zhuge Liang is different from the others. He refuses to learn Wan Fu
   and stays with Jin Xian (I actually like it better).

Discrepencies (written just for me. Ususally spelling errors and historical mistakes)

1. Direct descendant of Han?
2. Bo Hai castle? Shouldn't it be bei Hai?
3. Gong Sun Qian, who's that?
4. Mi Zhe should be Mi Zhu.
5. Tie Men Xia -> Ten Men Xia.
6. Legend about Liu Bei...
7. (Sima Hui and the Merchant in the beginning) they're
8. Wen Hun - Wen Chou.
9. Xu Zhe - Xu Shu.
10. Fen Chou.
11. Zho Fan - Zhao Fan.
12. Wuo Jian? Huo Jian (tactic).
13. Zhuge Jin?
14. Bo Hai -> " His Army"
15. Guang Zong -> Have you set your life in order?
16. Lu Meng holds Ling Ling? No... Ling Tong does (chapter 9)
17. Jang Qin -> Jiang Qin.
18. Who the hell is Xu Shou?
19. And Tao Qian?
20. Lu Sun should be Lu Xun.
21. Some dude in Jian ye says: "attack from Jian Ye, NE of here"
22. Northeast or north-east? inconsistent
23. Niu Jin is definitely wrong.
24. Who is Xun Huo? I'd like to meet him.
25. Xue Zong?
26. Le XIN? Le Jin please!
27. Isn't Xu Zhu Xu Chu?
28. Qing Guang? Is that how you pronounce Zhao Yun's sword?

Stuff (By Drummetal)
- After defeating Pang De, you'll notice he isn't a random enemy around the Shu area.
  up you ask?  Well once you get to Wei (end of the game), he'll come up in random battles.
  considering he's about as good as a rebel force once you get there.  
- Do they even need a provision shop?  I've went through the game several times and I
 used it
  maybe once ot twice when I ran out building up levels at the end of the game.  
- What happened to the Bandit, Brigand, and Pirate Forces after Jing Zhou?  They mysteriously

  disappeared once you enter Shu and were replaced by Rebel Forces.  
- If you don't use the gemsword on Lu Bu at Yang Zhou, you can't get him at all.  If you
 use it
  on him at Chang An, Nan Yang, Ji Zhou, and in the fields of Shu, you won't even get
 a response  
  from him.  It definitely would be cool to get Lu Bu when he has 7003 hit points though.
- Sometimes the weapons in the wells regenerate after a certain amount of time  (I've
  this with the swords in Chang Sha and Gui Yang especially).  At the same time, I've
  through the game and noticed that some weapons aren't there.  (Trident in Nan Yang and
  sword in front of the dude in Ling Ling come to mind....).
- Give Zhao Yun the Halberd and use Bei Ji on him and then have him use a power pill.
  take off a load of hit points (7000 or so).  
- On the way to Luo Yang the first time to fight Dong Zhuo, the second gate is kinda goofy.
  Every 1 out of 4 times I play the game, Xu Rong is accompanied by Guo Si.  Guo Si had
 a decent
  attack and like 419 hit points, and you could recruit him too.  
- Is it just me or is Lu Bu overrated on this game?  Sure his attack is great and he has
 a super
  high agility, but you can do any tactic to him.  
- Why does Liu Zheng's son capture him and lock him up?  Couldn't they of just had Liu
 Zheng at
  Cheng Du from the start?
- Isn't Kan Ze supposed to be Han Ze?  
- Funny how Zhuge Liang doesn't even acknowledge his brother when they fight.  
- An Sha sure is fun but it doesn't work on Cao Pi, Sun Quan or Sima Yi.  
- Once you defeat Sima Yi at Runan, you can recruit Dian Wei.  If you recruit him before
  head on to Luo Yang, you won't have to fight him at the first gate.  
- Isn't it funny that even though you defeated Sima Yi at Luo Yang you can still go outside
  castle and fight battles and build levels?  
- Are Shui Lei and Shui Xing different in any way?  Sure, Shui Lei is supposed to be an
  but it still takes off 180 if you ask me....
- What the hell is Cheng Nei?  It sure rocks when generals waste a turn on it though.
- There are 7 guys you can't kick out of your party.  Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Zhang Bao, Guan
  Guan Xing, Zhuge Liang, and Lu Bu if you get him.  If you try to kick out Guan Xing,
  Liang or Zhang Bao the dude says "He's still young and he shows a great deal of talent.
  give up on him so easily".  
- I haven't tried this, but have wondered if it'd work....when you get Lu Bu, don't pick
 him up
  from the billeting place.  Leave him in there and see if he still joins Yuan Shao after
  fight with Yuan Shu.  Something tells me he'd still go to Yuan Shao but it'd be worth
 the try.  

Stuff (by
- You can get Chi Tu Ma way before Lu Bu tells you where it's at. So after the Yellow
 Scarves stage, 
  try searching in the area where the horse is supposed to be at. Not only this, but once
 you get 
  the horse you can get it again after you recruit Lu Bu. I just simply saved the game
  recuiting Lu Bu, reseted the nintendo, and searched in the area again. So in effect,
 I ended up 
  with two Chi Tu MAs!
- Another one is pretty good too. It has to do with the 5th special sword Qing Guang (the
 sword in 
  the 2nd cave after Run Nan castle). I got the sword, saved the game, and pressed reset.
 I then 
  went back into the cave and again found the treasure chest containing the sword. Sure
 enough it 
  was there and I ended up with 2 Qing Guangs! I don't know if this works for everyone,

  but it is worth a try.