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 While you may be quite familiar with Destiny of an Emperor for the NES,
 you may not know that Capcom actually released three other titles in the
 series (all available at kongming.net). This one, Destiny of an Emperor
 for the Gameboy, shows much of the promise found in its older brothers.
 Unfortunately, like its brothers, it is only available in Japanese.
    We have created an English playguide to provide you with translations
 of all important game menus and the ability to interact with shops and
 wage successful battle (see below). While that is helpful, we have also
 decided to go a step further, and provide you with this introductory
 playguide. With this, you can get a head start on playing this game.

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 1.0: Released as introductory playguide, with instructions taking you
   from the start of the game to the Peace Tree Garden oath of brotherhood
   and entry into Tao Qian's volunteer forces.

 Section 2 - STARTER GUIDE
 A quick-start introduction to Gameboy's Destiny of an Emperor.

 Luo Song Village
   - Copper Sword 100
   - Iron Sword 500
   - Copper Spear 150
   - Iron Spear 700
   - Stone Remedy 10
   - Copper Remedy 40
   - Revive 600
   - Lower Remedy 160 (?)
   - Protective Talisman 150 (?)
   - Stone 10,000 (?)
  1) Speak with Liu Bei's mother. She starts you off with 150 Gold.
  2) Equip Liu Bei's copper sword. Press Select to bring up the status
     screen, then choose the second option down on the left-hand column.
     Choose the first option, choose Liu Bei (on the left-hand portion of
     the screen), then choose the item highlighted by default. You have
     just equipped a Copper Sword.
  3) The villagers tell you about some Yellow Scarves to the west.
  4) Visit the item shop (the southeastern building). Buy a few Stone
     Remedies (the items that cost 10 Gold).
  5) Go outside and save up a level or two. When wounded, you can heal with
     a stone remedy (first option on second column in the game menu or first
     option of second column in the personal actions of Liu Bei in battle),
     or head to Xuzhou (just south of Luo Song Village) and stay at the inn
     (just press confirm over and over again).
  6) Save your game if you haven't done so already. Choose the third option
     down in the second column of the main menu.
  7) With a few levels under your belt, travel west to the fort.
 Yellow Scarves Fortress
  1) Battle Yellow Scarves Chieftan upon entry (Easy)
     - Chieftan
     - Bandit
     - Bandit
     Focus physical attacks on the Yellow Scarves Chieftan healing whenever
     your life dips too low. When he falls, continue attacking the next
     enemy in line until they all fall.
  2) You cannot enter, so return to Luo Song Village.
 Luo Song Village (2nd Visit)
  1) Speak with the man standing west of the Item shop. He will join you
     in the form of 50 Soldiers! Now, with an army, you can recruit Zhang
     Fei and Guan Yu.
  2) Save your game.
  3) Travel southeast to Xuzhou Castle.
 Xuzhou Castle
   - Copper Sword 100
   - Iron Sword 500
   - Copper Spear 150
   - Iron Spear 700
   - Copper Axe 200
   - Iron Axe 900
   - Copper Bow 300
   - Iron Bow 1100
   - "Equivalence" Remedy
   - Tent
  1) Buy two Copper Spears if you can afford them.
  2) Enter the northwestern most building. This is Zhang Fei's home. Speak
     with Zhang Fei inside. Because you have defeated the Yellow Scarves
     Chieftan, and because you now have a small force, he will join your
     cause to destroy the Yellow Scarves and uphold the Han.
  3) Equip Zhang Fei with a Copper Spear.
  4) Exit Xuzhou and follow the trail east to another village.
 Eastern Village
   - Copper Shield 100
   - Copper Helmet 120
   - Steel Helmet 250
   - Cloth Clothes 30
   - Army Clothes 60
   - Hide Cap 40
   - Ceramic Shield 50
  1) Enter the central building to find Guan Yu. Speak with him. Because
     his wishes are as your own, and because you are now building up a
     force, he will agree to join you. You now have Liu Bei, Guan Yu
     and Zhang Fei!
  2) Equip Guan Yu with a Copper Spear.
  3) At your option, purchase some copper-grade equipment here. It is best
     not to blow too much money unless you have some to burn, and it is also
     wise to avoid the cheap gear here as you will soon come across some
     extra money for your expenses.
  4) Return to Luo Song Village.
 Luo Song Village (3rd Visit)
  1) Return to Liu Bei's mother. She will express her delight now that
     you have formed an army and found good friends. An oath is discussed,
     and Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei exit and walk to the northeastern
     ritual area where they swear an oath of brotherhood.
  2) Speak with the old man who is presently blocking the town entrance.
     He will suggest that you join Tao Qian's volunteer troops!
  3) Save your game if you haven't already.
  4) Travel to Xuzhou Castle to do just that.

 Xuzhou Castle (2nd Visit) 
  1) Speak with the soldier walking by the palace in the center of the city.
     though he finds your band to be "shabby", he authorizes you to enter
     the palace.
  2) Enter the palace and speak with Tao Qian. He accepts your services and
     orders you to travel west to retake the checkpoint which has been
     seized by the Yellow Scarves. To accomodate your expenses, he provides
     you with 300 Gold.
  3) If you have not equipped Guan Yu and Zhang Fei with Copper Spears, do
     so at this point. Travel to the eastern village and upgrade your armor
     a little if necessary.
  4) Rest at the inn, save your game, and travel to the western checkpoint.
 And the game continues...
  Now that you have a force of power, you should be in a position to better
  explore China in Destiny of an Emperor for the Gameboy. From here, defeat
  the generals at the fort, return to Tao Qian, and he will ask you to
  reinforce the commander of the castle further to the south. When in doubt
  along the way, speak with people of importance. If you are interested in
  helping with a walkthrough or further translation, please let me know!
 Good luck!
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