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Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX 

* Full Item FAQ by EvilR *

Created on 2004/03/07


Version History

1.1: Corrected a few mistakes, charm list rearrranged.
1.0: The initial work


-Table of Content-

1. Introduction
2. Full item listed by their types
3. Full item listed by their locations
4: Charms
5. Disclaimer
6. Credits


1. Introduction

Romance of the three kingdom 9 includes a lot of unique and 
powerful items. By possessing them, you can make your conquest 
alot easier. Have problem keeping newly employed officers?
Having trouble learning a new tactic? Don't have a 100% accurate Warload? 
Having trouble winning duels? Not enough tactics to see the best ending? 
Want to increase your repute instanly? Having trouble making alliance?
All of the above can be easily achieved with a few items.

So you can see, items can help you keep the best officers, learn the best
tactics, raise your reputation, and winning battles. This FAQ is to help you
find them all.


2. Full Item listed by their types

The format is as follow:

Item name: (its effect)
(where they are in both type of scenario)
N: Normal Scenario (Current owner or city/territory name)
IF: If Scenario (Current owner or city/territory name)
If you don't see a territory name after the the city name, 
it means that the item is in the city itself.



Red Hare: Safe Retreat, Loyalty + 30
N: 1 (Dong Zuo), 2-3 (Lu Bu), 4-7 (Guan Yu), 8-10 (none)
IF: 1-3 (Lu Bu), 4-6 (Guan Yu), 7-8(None), 9 (Guan Yu), 10 (Lu Bu)

Hex Mark: Safe Retreat, Loyalty + 15
N: 1-4 (Jiang Xia), 5-7 (Liu Bei), 8-10 (Liu Chan)
IF: 1-5 (Jiang Xia), 6-7 (Liu Bei), 8 (Liu Chan), 9-10 (Liu Bei)

Storm: Safe Retreat, loyalty + 10
N: 1-2 (Chen Liu), 3-7 (Cao Cao), 8-10 (Wei rulers)
IF:  1-2 (Chen Liu), 3-6 (Cao Cao), 7-8, (Wei rulers), 9-10 (Cao Cao)

Shadown Runner: Safe Retreat, Loyalty + 10
N: 1-2 (Xu Chang), 3 (Cao Cao), 4-10 (None)
IF: 1-2 (Xu Chang), 3-9 (None), 10 (Cao Cao)

BloodStar: Safe Retreat loyalty + 8
N: 1-10 (Wu Wei) City at the top left corner of the map
IF: same

Wheeled Chair: Safe Retreat, loyalty +10
N: 1-9 (Zhuge Liang), 10 (Han Zhong)
IF: 1-7 (Zhuge Liang), 8 (Han Zhong), 9-10 (Zhuge Liang)



* Page 1, Row 1 *

Seven Star Sword: War+10, Loyalty +30
N: 1-2 (Dong Zhuo), 3-10 (Luo Yang)
IF: 1-2 (Dong Zhuo), 3-9 (Luo Yang), 10 (Dong Zuo)

Sword of Heaven: War+5, loyalty+15
N: 1-7 (Cao Cao), 8-10 (Wei Rulers)
IF: 1-6 (Cao Cao), 7-8 (Wei Rulers), 10 (Cao Cao)

Sword of Light: War+3, loyalty+12, skill: Sortie
N: 1-4 (Cao Cao), 5 (Xiahuo En), 6-8 (Zhao Yun), 9 (Zhao Tong), 10 (Zhao Guang)
if: 1-5 (Cao Cao), 6-7 (Zhao Yun), 8 (Xu Chang), 9 (Xiahou En), 10 (Cao Cao)

Crescent Halberd: War+8, Loyalty+20, skill: Charge
N: 1-3 (Lu Bu), 4-10 (Jin Yang/Xiang Yuan)
IF: 1-3 (Lu Bu), 4-9 (Jin Yang/Xiang Yuan), 10 (Lu Bu)

Black Dragon: War+5, Loyalty + 18, skill: Assault
N: 1-7 (Guan Yu), 8-10 (Guan Yu's blood line)
If: 1-6 (Guan Yu), 7 (Guan Xing), 8 (Guan Xi), 9-10 (Guan Yu)

* Row 2 *

Viper Blade War+5, loyalty+18, skill: Assault
N: 1-7 (Zhang Fei), 8 (Zhang Bao), 9-10 (Zhang Zun)
If: 1-7 (Zhang Fei), 8 (Nan Pi/He Jian), 9-10 (Zhang Fei)

Serpent Spear: War+3, loyaly+10
N: 1-6 (Cheng Pu), 7-10 (Lu Jiang)
If: Same except 10 (Cheng Pu)

Sword of Fate: War+3, loyalty+12, skill: Strike
N: 1-7 (Liu Bei), 8-10 (Liu Shan)
IF: 1-7 (Liu Bei), 8 (Liu Shan), 10 (Liu Bei)

Ancestral Sword: War+3, loyalty+10
N: 1-2 (Sun Jian), 2-10 (Wu rulers)
IF: same

War Trident: War+3, loyalty+10
N: 1-3 (Ji Ling), 4-10 (Ru Nan/Song Xian)
IF: 1-3 (Ji Ling), 4-9 (Ru Nan/Song Xian), 10 (Ji Ling)

* Page 2, row 1 *

Twin Crescent: War+3, loyalty+10
N: 1-3 (Dian Wei), 4-10 (Wan)
IF: 1-2 (Dian Wei), 3 (Dian Man), 4-9 (Wan), 10 (Dian Wei)

Great Axe: (War+2, loyalty+7)
N: 1-8 (Xu Huang), 9-10 (Luo Yang/He Dong)
If: 1-7 (Xu Huang), 8 (Luo Yang/He Dong), 9-10 (Xu Huang)

Steel Flail: War+2 loyalty+9 skill: Arrowship
N: 1-6 (Huang Gai), 7-10 (Ling Ling)
If: Same with 9=10 (Huang Gai)

Thorn Mace: War+2 loyalty+8, skill: Melee
N: 1-7 (Shamoke), 8-10 (Yong An/Wu Xian)
IF: 1-7 (Shamoke), 8 (Yong An/Wu Xian), 9-10 (Shamoke)

Shooting Star: War+2 loyalty+6
N: 1-8 (Wang Shuang), 9-10 (Xi Ping/Jin Cheng) City top left of map
IF: 1-7 (Wang Xhuang), 8 (Xi Ping/Jin Cheng)

* Row 2 *

Scimitar Spear: War+2, loyalty+6
N: 1-10 (Chang An)
IF: same

Claw Mace: War+2, loyalty+8
N: (1-10) Ye
If: Same

Chain Ball: War+2, loyalty+9, Skill: Ramship
N: 1-10 (Jiang Zhou)
IF: same

Flying Sword: War+1, loyalty+5
N: 1-9 (Zhu Rong), 10 (Jian Ning/Julan) 
If: 1-7 (Zhu Rong), 8 (Jian Ning/Julan), 9-10 (Zhu Rong)

Throwing Blade: War+1, loyalty+3
N: 1-3 (Dian Wei), 4-10 (Pu Yang/Dong Ping)
IF: 1-2 (Dian Wei), 3 (Dian Man), 4-9 (Pu Yang/Dong Ping), 10 (Dian Wei)

* Page 3, row 1 *

Hand Spear: War+1 loyalty+4
N: 1-5 (TaiShi Ci), 6-10 (Wu/Qua)
IF: same with 9-10 (TaiShi Ci)

Sleeve Darts: War+1, loaylty+3
N: 1-9 (Zhuge Liang), 10 (Xin Ye/Long Zhong)
If: Same with 9-10 (Zhuge Liang)

Bow of Yang YouJi: War+8, Loyalty+20, skill: Warship
N: 1-10 (Jiang Ling)
If: same

Bow of Li Guang: War+5, loyalty +18, skill: Running
N: 1-10 (Tian Shui/Long Xi)
If: same

Sword of Avatar: War+10, loyalty+30, skill: Illusion
N: Defeat Wo (Japan tribe)
If: same

* Row 2 *

Eastern Horse Bow: War+10, loyalty+30, skill: Flying
N: Defeat Wu Wan tribe
If: Same

Gold Lance: War+10, loyalty+30, Skill: Onslaught
N: Defeat Qiang tribe
If: Same

Fanged Scimitar: War+10, loyalty+30, skill: Melee
N: Defeat Shan Yue tribe
If: same

Elephant Whip: War+10, loyalty+30, skill: Elephant
N: Defeat Nan Man
If: same



*Page 1, row 1*

Art of War: Leadership+10, loyalty+30, skill: Warship
N: 1-2 (Sun Jian), 3-4 (Sun Ce), 5-9 (Sun Quan), 10 (Sun Xiu)
If: Sun Jian family line

The 24 War Manuals: Leadership+6, loyalty+20, skill: Confuse
N: 1-9 (Zhuge Liang), 10 (Jiang Wei)
If: 1-7 (Zhuge Liang), 8 (Jiang Wei), 9-10 (Zhuge Liang)

Scrolls of Taigong: Leadership+8, loyalty+18
N: 1-10 (An Ding/Wuzangyuan)
If: Same

Three Strategies: leadership+8, loyalty+18
N: 1-10 (Xia Pi)
If: Same

Rules of Sima: Leadership+5, loyalty+12, skill: Shield
N: 1-10 (Bei Hai/Dong Wu)
If: Same

*Row 2*

Wu Zi: Leadership+8, loyalty+15, skill: Dismantle
N: 1-10 (Ru Nan)
If: same

Sun Bin Strategies: Leadership+5, loyalty+15, skill: Barrage
N: 1-6 (Mo Ling), 7-10 (Jian Ye) Mo Ling and Jian Ye are the same city.
If: Same

Tactics of Wei:Leadership +3, loyalty+10
N: 1-10 (Ye)
If: Same

Wei Liao Zi: Leadership+5, loyalty +15
N: 1-10 (Chang An)
If: Same

Mo Zi: Keadership+3, loyalty+10, Skill: Bargain
N: 1-10 (Bei Hai)
If: Same

*Page 2*

Meng De: Leadership+3, loyalty+10
N: 1-6 (Cao Cao), 7-10 (None) He burn it himself...
If: 1-6 (cao Cao), 7-8 (none), 9-10 (Cao Cao)


(All treaties have the same location in every scenario)

Guan Zi: Pol+8, loyalty+25
Location: Bei Hai/Dong Wu

Yan Zi Annals: Pol+5, loyalty+15
Location: Bei Hai/Ji Mo

Scrolls of Lord Shang: Pol+8, loyalty+25
Location: Chang An/Shang Xian

Han Fei Zi: Pol+8, loyalty+20
Location: Luo Yang/He Nei

Hidden Scrolls of Zhou: Pol+3, loyalty+15, skill: Confuse
Location: Luo Yang

Treatise on Agriculture: Pol+3, loyalty+12
Location: Luo Yang


(All Annals can be found at teh same place in all scenario)

Chun Qiu Annals: Pol+10, loyalty+30
Location: Pu Yang/Dong Ping

The Grand Histories: Pol+10, loyalty+30
Location: Xiao Pei

History of Han: Pol+5, loyalty+15
Location: Chang An

Warring States: Pol+5, loyalty+15, skill: Bargain
Location: Luo Yang/Hong Nong

History of Women: Pol+3, loyalty+12
Location: Han Zhong

Lu Zhi's Annals: Pol+8
Location: Pu Yang

Wu Yue's Annals: Pol+2, loaylty+10, skill: Ramship
Location: Hui Ji

Huai Nan Zi: Pol+2, loyalty+10, skill: Arrowship
Location: Shou Chun


(All scriptures are found at the same place in all scenario)

Confucius: INT+8, loyalty+20, skill: Cajole
Location: Chen Liu/Ding Tao

Book of Peotry: INT+5, loyalty+15
Location: Ping Yuan/Gao Tang

Book of History: INT+5, loyalty+15
Location: Xia Pi/Lang Xie

Book of Changes: INT+5, loyalty+15
Location: Xiang Yang

Book of Rites: INT+5, loyalty+15
Location: Cheng Du

Lao Tzu: INT+10, loyalty+30
Location: Chang An/Tong Guan

Zhuang Zi: INT+8, loyalty+20, Skill: ram
Location: Ru Nan


(The fastest way to collect all the essays is to play 
normal scenario 8-10 controlling all 3 kingdoms then save.
Most of these people are from those periods)

The commentaries: Pol+4, loyalty+15
N: 1-9 (He Yan) 10 (Luo Yang/He Nan)
If: 1-7 (He Yan), 8 (Luo Yang/He Nan), 9-10 (He Yan)

Treatise on Society: Pol+4, loyalty+15
N: 1-8 (Cao Pi), 9=10 (Wei rulers)
If: 1-7 (Cao Pi), 8-9 (cao Huan), 10 (Cao Pi)

Treaties on Chance: Pol+3, loyalty+10
N: 1-10 (Wei Zhao)
If: same

Treatise on Times: Pol+4, loyalty+10
N: 1-9 (Wang Ji), 10 (Bei Hai/Ji Mo)
If: 1-7 (Wang Ji), 8 (Bei Hai/Ji Mo), 9-10 (Wang Ji)

Treatise on Policy: Pol+3,  loyalty+10
N: 1-9 (Wang Chang), 10 (Jing Yang/Xiang Yuan)
If: 1-7 (Wang Chang), 8 (Jing Yang/Xiang Yuan), 9-10 (Wang Chang)

Treatise on Magic: Pol+4, loyalty+10
N: 1-8 (Cao Zhi), 9-10 (Bei Hai/Dong Wu)
If: 1-7 (Cao Zhi), 8 (Bei Hai/Dong Wu) 9-10 (Cao Zhi)

Treatise on Seasons Pol+3, loyalty+10
N: 1-9 (Xan Ze), 10 (Chai Sang/Wu Chang)
If: 1-7 (Xan Ze), 8 (Chai Sang/Wu Chang), 9-10 (Xan Ze)

Classic of Filial Piety: Pol+2, loyalty+10
N: 1-9 (Yan Jun), 10 (Jian Ye/Jian Ye)
If: 1-7 (Yan Jun), 8 (Jian Ye/Jian Ye), 9-10 (Yan Jun)

Treatise on War: Pol+2, loyalty+10
N: 1-10 (Qiao Zhou)
If: same



Map of Westeren Shu: loyalty+12, skill: Dismentle
N: 1-6 (Zhang Song), 7-10 (Cheng Du/Guang Han)
If: 1-6(Zhang Song), 7-8 (Cheng Du/Guang Han), 9 (Zhao Yun), 10 (Zhang Song)

Map of Nanman: loyalty+12, skill: Dismentle
N: 1-8 (Lu Kai), 7-10 (Yun Nan/Yong Chang)
If: 1-7 (Lu Kai), 9 (Yun Nan/Yong Chang), 9-10 (Lu Kai)


(All tome give the skill: Heal)

Book of Healing: loyalty +20
N: 1-4 (Yu Ji in Mo Ling/Dan Yang), 5-10 (Mo Ling, Jian Ye)
If: 1-5 (Yu Ji in Mo Ling/Dan Yang), 6-9 (Mo Ling), 10 (Yu Ji)

Hua Tuo's journal: loyalty+20
N: 1-7 (Hua Tuo in Wu/Qua), 8-10 (Xiao Pei/Peng Chen)
If: 1-6 (Hua Tuo in Wu/Qua) 7-8 (Xiao Pei/Peng Chen), 9-10 (Hua Tuo)

Book of Herbs and healing: loyalty+20
N: 1-10 (Wan)
If: Same



Book of Illusions: Leadership+6, loyalty+30 skill: Magic
N: 1-10 (Zuo Ci in Cheng Du/Emei)
If: same

Way of Peace: Leadership+6, loyalty+30 skill: Illusion
N: 1 (Zhang Jiao), 2-10 (Ye/Chang Shan)
If: 1-9 (Ye/Chang Shan), 10 (Zhang Jiao)

Canon of Sea and Mountains: Leadership+4, loyalty+20, skill: Magic
N: 1-10 (Jiang Zhou/Lin Jiang)
If: same



Imperial Seal: Repute+100, loyalty+50, skill: Cajole
N: 1-2 (Luo Yang), 3 (Yuan Shu), 4-10 (Luo Yang)
If: 1-2 (Luo Yang), 3 (Lu Bu), 4-10 (Luo Yang)


(All treasures are found at the same place in all scenario, except Feather Fan)

* Page 1, row 1 *

Awards of Valor: loyalty+40, skill: Rally
Location: Luo Yang

Bronze Pheasant: loyalty+20
Location: Ye

Feather Fan: loyalty+5
N: 1-9 (Zhuge Liang), 10 (Xiang Yang/Han Jing)
If: 1-7 (Zhuge Liang), 8 (Xiang Yang/Han Jing), 9-10 (Zhuge Liang)

He's Jade: loyalty+30, skill: Shield
Location: Jiang Ling/Yi Ling

Kneeling Lady: loyalty+15
Location: Chai Sang/Jiu Jiang

* Row 2 *

Boshan Censer: loyalty+12
Location: Wu Wei/Zhang Ye

Dragon Vase: loyalty+18
Location: Chang An/Mei

Gold Vase: loyalty+15
Location: Luo Yang/Ping Yang

Bull Lantern: loyalty+12
Location: Xu Chang/Ying Chuan

Faerie Stone: loyalty+20
Location: Xia Pi/Guang Ling

* Page 2, Row 2 *

Dragon Ring: loyalty+18
Location: Bei Hai/Lin Zi

Lacquered Kettle: loyalty+15
Location: Shang Dang

Blue Vase: loyalty+8
Location: Ping Yuan

Abascus: loyalty+10
Location: Bei Ping

Wine Urn: loyalty+8, skill: Taunt
Location: Zi Tong/Baxi

Tea: loyalty+5
Location: Ji

Lu's Mirror: loyalty+10
Location: Luo Yang

Mandrake: loyalty+20
Location: Xiang Ping/Wandu



Gold Earrings: loyalty+15
Location: Chang An

Scent Pouch: loyalty+10
Location: Xu Chang

Koto: loyalty+12, skill: Rally
Location: Luo Yang/Ping Yang


3. Full Item listed by their location

(All scenario in this section are normal scenario)

Items found in cities/territories:

* He Bei *

Bei Ping: Abacus

Xiang Ping/Wandu: Mandrake

Ji: Tea

Ping Yuan/Gao Tang: Book of Poetry 
Ping Yuan: Blue Vase

Bronze Pheasant
Claw Mace 
Tactics of Wei
Ye/Chang Shan: Way of Peace (After Scenario 1)

Jin Yang/Xiang Yuan: Crescent Halberd (scenario 4-10)
                     Treatise on Policy (Scenario 10)

Shang Dang: Lacquered Kettle

* Central Plains *

Pu Yang: Lu Zhi's Annals
Pu Yang/DongPing: Chun Qiu Annals, Throwing Blade (Scenario 4-10)

Bei Hai: Mo Zi 
Bei Hai/Dong Wu: Guan Zi , Rules of Sima, Treatise on Magic (Scenario 9-10)
Bei Hai/Linzi: Dragon Ring
Bei Hai/Ji Mo: Yan Zi Annals, Treatise on Times (Scenario 10) 

Xia Pi: Three Strategies 
Xia Pi/Lang Ya: Book of Histories 
Xia Pi/Guang Ling: Fearie Stone

Xiao Pei: Grand History 
Xiao Pei/Peng Chen: Hua Tuo's journal (scenario 8-10)

Chen Liu: Storm (scenario 1-2 only)
Chen Liu Dingtao: Confucius 

Ru Nan: Wu Zi, Zhuang Zi, 
Ru Nan/SongXian: War Trident (scenario 4-10)

Xu Chang: 
Scent Pouch
Shadow Runner (scenario 1-2 only)
Xu Chang/Ying Chuan: Bull Lantern

Luo Yang: 
Lu's Mirror
Awards of Valor
Treaties on Agriculture 
Hidden Scroll of Zhou 
Imperial Seal: (Scenario 1-2, 4-10)
Seven Star Sword: (Scenario 3-10)

Luo Yang/He Nei: HanFei Zi 
Luo Yang/Hong Nong: Warring States 
Luo Yang/Ping Yang: Koto, Gold Vase
Luo Yang/He Dong: Great Axe (Scenario 9-10)
Luo Yang/He Nan: The Commentaries (Scenario 10)


* Yong Zhou*

Chang An:
Gold Earrings
Schimitar Spear
Book of History 
Wei Liao Zi
Chang An/Mei: Dragon Vase
Chang An/Shang Xian: Scrolls of Lord Shang 
Chang An/Tong Guan(Gate): Lao Zi

An Ding/WuZhangYuan: Scrolls of Taigong

Wu Wei: BloodStar
Wu Wei/Zhang Ye: Boshan Censor

Tian Sui/Long Xi: Li Guang's Bow 

Xi Ping/Jin Cheng: Shooting Star (Scenario 9-10)


* Jing Zhou *

Wan: Book of Healing, Twin Crescent (scenario 4-10) 

Shou Chun: XuaiNan Zi 

Jiang Xia: Hex Mark (scenario 1-4)

Xin Ye/Long Zhong: Sleeve Darts (Scenario 10)

Jiang Ling: Yang Yu Ji's Bow 
Jiang Ling/Yi Ling: He's Jade

Xiang Yang: Book of Changes 
Xiang Yang/Han Jing: Feather Fan (Scenario 10)

Ling Ling: Steel Flail (Scenario 7-10)


* Yang Zhou *

Chai Sang/Jiujiang: Kneeling Lady
Chai Sang/Wu Chang: Treatise on Season (Scenario 10)

Lu Jiang: Serpent Spear (Scenario 7-10)

Wu/Qua: Hua Tuo's Journal (event with Hua Tuo), Hand Spear (Scenario 6-10)

Mo Ling(Jian Ye):Books of Herbs and Healing (Scenario 5-10)
                 Classic of Filial Piety (Scenario 10)
Mo Ling(Jian Ye)/Dang Yang: Book of Hearbs and Healing (Scenario 1-4)

Hui Ji: Wu Yue Chun Qiu 


* Yi Zhou *

Han Zhong: History of Women, Wheeled Chair (Scenario 10)

Cheng Du: Book of Rites 
Cheng Du/Emei: Book of Illusion
Cheng Du/Guang Han: Map of Western Shu (Scenario 7-10)

Zi Tong/Baxi: Wine Urn

Yong An/Wu Xian: Thorn Mace (scenario 8-10)

Jiang Zhou: Chain Ball
Jiang Zhou/Lin Jiang: Canon of Sea and Mountains

Jian Ning/Julan: Flying Sword (Scenario 10)

Yun Nan/Yong Chang: Map of Nanman (Scenario 7-10)



(Charms get a special secion because I was unable to determine which charm
are recorded in the item collection, because there are more than 1 copy of 
the same charm. However, you can still complete you charm collection as long 
as you find every one of them mentioned in this section)

* Page 1 *

*Olive charm x 2


Wu Wei/ZhangYe
Chang An/Lingjin
Shang Dang/Hu
Mo ling/Fu ling

*Peony Charm x 2


Zi Tong/Baxi
Ping Yuan/Qinhe
Wu Ling/Hengyang
Jiang ning/Julan
Jiang Ling/Yidu

*Horse Charm x2


Xiang Ping/Lelang
Cheng Du/Mei Zhu
Xia Pi/Huai Yin
Jiang Ling/Hua Rong
Jiao Zji/hepu
Chang An/Mei

*Carp Charm


Given to Yuan Xi by Mistress Zhen
Hang Zhong/Yinping

*Minister Charm x5


Chen Liu/RenCheng
Zi tong/Hanshou
Jin Yang/Yanmen
Mo Ling/Danyang
Chen Liu/DingTao
Xiang Ping/Daifang
Xinyang/Lu Jiang
Bei Ping/LiuCheng
Bei Hai/DongLai
Chai Cang/Poyang
Tian Sui/Duangu

* Page 2 *

*Advisor Charm x 4


Xu Chang/Zhongmou
Pu Yang/Donga
Ru Nan/Qiao Xian
Cheng Du/Emei
Bei Hai/Linzi
An Ding/WuZhangYuan
Luo Yang/hulao
Lu Jiang/Shiting
Tian Sui/Jieting

*Star Charms x3

Ye/Guan Du
An Ding/chencang
Xin Ye/LongZhong

*Avatar Charm:


Zhao Yun Scenario event: 
Place Zhao Yun in Run Nan after you take Xu Chang, 
you'll get the event the next month or season.
(I am not sure if this is the exact proceedure the get this event, 
but it worked for me.)

Jiao Zhi/Cangwu


5. Disclaimer

This FAQ is for personal use ONLY. You may not distribute it for
any business reasons. You don't need my permission to host it on your site.
However, it will be your responsibility for any future updates. 


6. Credits

Thanks Koei for releasing this wonderful game.
Thanks to various gamefaqs RotK 9 board members for completing the item list.
Thanks gameking.com.cn for some original Chinese item info.