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Digital Legacy Networks Presents....

Warlord Strategy Guide/FAQ
by ReVeLaTeD (Marcus Dion)

(no, there ain't no fancy artwork.  It ain't art that matters, it's content.)

Greetings one and all - this is the Warlord FAQ.  The purpose of this guide is
to give general tips and strategies on how to be a successful Warlord under a
Liege.  This is a new feature to the RTTK series; never before have you been
given the freedom to actually play as a Liege's right hand man.  As such, it
can be a daunting task.  Whether you choose to select one of China's most
well-known Warlords (Zhou Yu, Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi), or create your own and
work your way up to the title...the choice is yours.  This guide will hopefully
provide you with the information and the tools necessary for a smooth, easy

It's necessary to know what it takes to be a Warlord.

^ Highest INT (Intelligence) rating
	- this almost guarantees you a spot in the Warlord seat.  Because of all of
the various 	advice and consultation involved, it is important that the Warlord
have a very high IQ.
^ Good level of IP
	- the IP, or Intelligence Points, are used by the Warlord to perform
functions.  They are 	used in conjunction with the AP to limit the Warlord's
sphere.  Since the Warlord is to 	serve as right-hand to the Liege, he/she will
often be called upon to perform certain actions, 	or perhaps the Warlord may
choose to do the actions themselves.  In any event, the IP will 	deplete once a
task is completed, and it is regained by giving back to the city (Donate), by
	successfully recruiting officers (Explore, Hire, or Search), and by answering
the Liege's 	many questions that are asked periodically.
^Good knowledge of the menu structure
	- knowing how to navigate the menus appropriately and find functions
effectively is vital.  	as Warlord, you will essentially be doing the majority
of the tasks: Conscription, Drilling, 	recruiting, city maintenance, etc.  All
commands are approved by the Liege, but you will be 	the one who executes them
usually.  The Liege may ask you to do some things, but you 	will be taking
quite a bit of work into your own hands.

	The Warlord is pivotal, because it is they who are delegating the many tasks,
as are outlined below.  As mentioned before, all tasks are approved by the
Liege, so make sure you Bond with the Liege before you begin to do anything,
else you may find that your Liege will not permit some of your actions,
especially recruiting Ronin.
	Keep also in mind that commands that require an officer to work a full turn,
such as Drill, will also nullify the Warlord's the command just like any other
officer.  Because of this, you will need to keep a very close eye on who you
delegate to do what, as you may end up needing certain officers later, and if
you delegate them to a task that takes up their turn, you'll have to wait the
next month.
	Remember that everything you do aside from the things mentioned above take IP.
 IP is important; think of it as the numeric value of your mental energy.  For
example, if you were sitting in a math class doing non-stop trigonometry,
eventually, your brain is going to get "fried", and you won't feel like doing
it anymore, even though you know it, you'll start blanking out.  Think of IP
the same way - when you run out of IP, you are not able to perform your tasks
nor those of the Liege, which of course won't make him happy, and could
possibly get you demoted.  Make sure that, every so often, you dedicate a month
to raising IP.  That way, you'll always have a plentiful supply.
	Don't forget that AP is also working against you!  Even if you have plenty of
IP and everything else, if your AP is low, you still won't be able to do
anything.  This is especially important to remember, because if your Liege asks
you to do something before your turn, that takes out of your AP for the next
turn, so be sure to keep an eye on this, especially if your character's POL is
not that high or they don't have ZEAL skill.  IF you didn't know, POL also
determines how high a character's AP will recharge per turn, and is in direct
correlation to the number equivalent of the POL rating.  English:  If your POL
is 80, you'll get around 80 AP.  Zeal increases the amount you get by 20%, I
believe.  Not fully positive on that percentile.

=Personal Commands=
	as Warlord, this is basically 'your' menu.  Everyone has access to this, but
because of your title, you are able to make better use of it.  You can Explore
for officers and then ask your Liege to Recruit them; or, if you really are
unhappy, this is where you can Resign to either another Liege or off to being a
Ronin.  The choice is yours; however, remember this menu.  As Warlord, you'll
most likely have the best chance of recruiting Ronin, and the only way to find
them in cities that you don't control is with the Explore command, so you can
discover them, then you can recruit them.

=Finance Commands=
	IF you're Warlord, you most likely are winning the poetry tournament more
often than not.  If this is the case, then you're making quite a good sum of
money, coupled with your Wages.  You can use this money to buy different items
for yourself.  A good idea would be to buy as many as possible; that way, when
and if you become Liege, you'll already have a bunch of items with which you
can raise Loyalties of your subordinates much quicker.
	Another benefit of this menu is the "Donate" command.  Through the Donate
command, you can give money back to the city.  If you didn't already know, you
get your own personal account of money where you are paid personally, and the
city has its own treasury for tasks such as city development.  You can give out
of your pocket into the city treasury, and everytime you do, you regain IP. 
Not sure how much, but I believe that it may be 10% of whatever you donate.

=City Commands=
	No matter what your rank: Liege, Prefect, Warlord, Common, etc, you'll always
gain Fame and Deeds if you add yourself to the city development.  This effect
increases if you have Patroled the city and have gained the people's Trust to
100; then they will help, along with your associates, and increase your gains
by a margin.  Keep in mind that if you are under a Prefect and your Liege has
set the Council policy against city development, your request to do it won't be

=War Commands=
	You can pretty much do anything here.  IN fact, if you don't, your empire
probably won't last long.  You'll find that you're the one that is drafting and
drilling troops, as well as assigning them to units, more often than not.  It
will be up to you to make sure that everyone has the appropriate number of
troops, that they're drilled, and that weapons are distributed.  You'll also
want to see to the distribution of money and food, but you may get supplies
from your Liege.

=Diplomacy Commands=
	This one is key.  If you are a Prefect in a city that is bordered to an enemy
that keeps attacking you, you may want to use this command ot set an alliance
so that the enemy will leave you alone, at least for enough time to where you
can build up your army to your satisfaction.  If you are not on a border city,
you can use the time to visit the Emperor through Audience and offer him gold. 
Your Liege will either approve or disprove, depending on how muxh tou send. 
Same for any Envoy or Treaty negotiation.

	^^^You're the Warlord, and technically you can do 97% of what the Liege can
do, but you still have to get it approved through him.
	^^^Bonding with everyone is not only a good idea, it may help.  Bonding with
the Liege helps him approve suggestions easier; Bonding with Ronin almost
guarantees they will join the Liege once you ask the Liege to recruit them;
Bonding with fellow officers improves team efficiency as well as working
together on the battlefield; Bonding with a lot of people means, if you decided
to Revolt and take over your own kingdom with one of your Liege's lands, you
increase your chances of some of the officers joining you; Bonding with
officers also makes them come ot you for regular visits or to go hunting.
	^^^There may be times when your Liege asks you questions about particular
officers.  Answer to the best of your knowledge, because you really won't know
some of them.  The ones you do know, give you IP back.  Make sure you learn the
officers that work with you.  Learn if they're fighters, if they're
intellectuals, if they're politicals, if they're charming, or just none of the
above.  This will help you with the questions somewhat.
	^^^IT's not uncommon that you might get bounced around from city to city. 
When this happens, make sure that the first thing you do is Patrol.  Raising
the people's Trust serves a number of purposes; for one, they will assist you
in city development; for two, they make it a LOT easier to learn skills when
you Train; and for three, you might end up getting items from the peasants, or
even gold.
	^^^Your Liege won't send you to the battlefield if you don't have an army
prepared, so if you want to go to war, make sure you buy your troops and Drill
them as quickly as you can so that you can make sure that you'll be ready no
matter what.

Remember, YOU are the Warlord.  You should always follow your Liege's commands,
but you don't HAVE to follow his commands.  If you disagree with something,
then don't do what the Liege says.  If your Liege is making stupid decisions,
leave.  You have the right to do that.  Always keep in mind that the power is
yours to do with as you see fit, and you'll do fine.

This guide is copyright Marcus Dion, Digital Legacy Networks.  Please don't
plagarize; if you want a copy, fine, but don't resell or claim ownership of
this document.

Be sure to check out http://terralogic.tripod.com/KOEI/ for more great
information about the game!