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Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII
Special Skills
US PS2 Version
Version 1.1
By Grig

Hello everyone. As you may know, in Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII, 
there are "special" skills that are rare, and only a few characters have 
them. I've attempted to compile a complete list of characters that have 
these skills.

This FAQ is best viewed in Internet Explorer, at 800 x 600 resolution.

Yeah, and this is my first FAQ, so go a little easy on me ~_^

==Table of Contents==
I. Version History
II. Copyright Information
III. Webmasters Information
IV. The MYSTIC skill
V. The BLESS skill
VI. The ZEAL skill
VII. The STUDY skill
VIII. The DOCTOR skill
IX. The ORACLE skill
X. The CRITIC skill
XI. The WEALTH skill
XII. Information still needed
XIII. Contact Information
XIV. Credits

===I. Version History===

This goes in chronological order from the earliest version to the 

Version 1 (6/30/02) - The very first version of the FAQ. I have almost 
all the special skills information up, except for a few things which are 
in the "Information Needed" section.

Version 1.1 (7/16/02) - A small update, just some (now) common sense 
stuff. Another update should be coming in the next day or so. Also, 
check out the "Information Needed" section.

===II. Copyright Information===

This FAQ is copyright 2002 by Grig (Jason Gregas). Any attempt to pass 
this work off as your own is illegal. Don't be that dumb stealer man.

===III. Webmasters Information===

Webmasters - Feel free to use this FAQ on your site. All I ask is an e-
mail to me to let me know you are posting it. You can get in touch with 
me at grig17042@hotmail.com, or at any of my messengers in the Contact 
Information section. When you post it, just don't change it, alright? 
Because that would be plagarism. That's a no-no.

This site will always be up to date on:

This site should be appearing on:

===IV. The MYSTIC Skill===

What is the MYSTIC skill?
The MYSTIC skill lets you have access to certain ploys in battle. Some 
of these can only be accessed with certain other skills. For example, 
you need MYSTIC and CHART to enable the "Lightning" ploy in battle

If anybody can supply me with a full list of MYSTIC exclusive ploys, 
drop me an e-mail.

Characters who have the MYSTIC skill:
Lu Xun
Mi Heng
Pang Tong
Zhang Bao
Zhang Jiao
Zhou Yu
Zhuge Liang
Zuo Ci

===V. The BLESS Skill===

What is the BLESS skill?
The BLESS skill allows you to summon various gods to use in battle. 
First, you have to get the BLESS skill, which is granted to you by the 
Northern and Southern Mystics once you are on the Top 10 Fame List. It 
may not occur the first time, so don't be shocked if it doesn't. After 
that, you have to go hunting using the -Visit- command with someone. You 
have to then meet a tiger, and then after you beat it, you MAY get a 


I know there is another one, but I personally haven't got it yet. If 
anybody has any info, send it in.

Next update I'll have what they do.. hopefully.

===VI. The ZEAL Skill===

What is the ZEAL skill?
The ZEAL skill enables you to recover more AP per month. Basically, it 
enables you to do more because of the extra AP. An excellent skill.

Characters who have the ZEAL skill:
Cai Yong
Cao Cao
Deng Ai
Dong He
Dong Yun
Fei Yi
Gongsun Du
Gongsun Yue
Guan Ping
Guo Huai
Guo Tu
Han Sui
Hua He
Huang Huo
Jiang Wan
Li Yan
Mao Jie
Shi Xie
Sun Quan
Tao Qian
Wang Fu
Wang Yun
Wu Qiujian
Xu Miao
Yang Hu
Yuan Shang
Yuan Yin
Zheng Xuan
Zhong Yao

===VII. The STUDY Skill===

What is the STUDY skill?

The STUDY skill allows you to gain more experience when using the -
Train- and -Tutor- commands. It's quite useful in my opinion.

Characters who have the STUDY skill:
Bu Zhi
Cao Ren
Guan Yi
Guo Youzhi
Han Song
Huang Gai
Jiang Qin
Jiang Wei
Kan Ze
Lu Meng
Shi Yi
Shisun Rui
Sun Liang
Sun Xiu
Sun Yu
Wang Chang
Wang Ping
Xiahou Dun
Yuan Yi
Zhang Fei
Zhang He
Zhong Hui
Zhu Ju

===VIII. The DOCTOR Skill===

What is the DOCTOR skill?

The DOCTOR skill allows you to heal injured troops in battle. EXTREMELY 
useful, as it basically could put a unit back in the fight. Great for 
using on strong, frontline units.

Characters who have the DOCTOR skill:
Hua Tuo
Yu Fan
Yu Ji
Zhang Jiao

===IX. The ORACLE Skill===

What is the ORACLE skill?

The ORACLE skill, when used in battle, gives off a random effect. It can 
change the weather and wind direction, it can shorten life spans, it can 
make units flee, it can lower morale, and I'm sure more than that. Can 
be good or bad. Use at your own risk. Outside of battle, when you visit 
somebody with the ORACLE skill, they will sometimes tell you about 
people who are near death.

Characters who have the ORACLE skill:

Guan Luo
Lu Kai
Yu Fan
Yu Ji
Zhang Bao
Zhang Jiao

===X. The CRITIC Skill===

What is the CRITIC skill?

The CRITIC skill is used when you visit people. If you visit someone who 
has the CRITIC skill, they might critique you. If it's a good review, 
you gain FAME. If it's a bad review, you lose it.

Characters who have the CRITIC skill:
Cai Yong
Chen Qun
Chen Shou
Cui Yan
Fu Xun
Jiang Ji
Kong Zhou
Sima Hui
Sima Lang
Wang Can
Xiahou Xuan
Xu Jing
Xu Shao

===XI. The WEALTH Skill===

What is the WEALTH skill?

The WEALTH skill is used when you visit people. If you visit someone 
with the WEALTH skill, they'll randomly give you money, no questions 
asked. Quite good.

Characters with the WEALTH skill:
Lu Su
Mi Fang
Mi Zhu
Wang Kuang

===XII. Information Still Needed===

Alright. I'm not sure what information I still need. You see, I have 
about 100 e-mails in my inbox relating to this FAQ. Now, the answers are 
probably in the e-mails somewhere, since I haven't looked at most of 
them yet. I'll take a lot at them sometime tonight or tomorrow, and then 
update the FAQ with the info that I'm sure some of you sent in.

Also, for the credits, I'll try to get you all down, so for now, I just 
have an approximate total of the people who e-mailed me. Don't despair, 
I'll try my best to give credit to everyone.

===XIII. Contact Information===

You can get ahold of me pretty easily. 

E-Mail = grig17042@hotmail.com
AIM = GrigShow
MSN = grig17042@hotmail.com
Yahoo! = xxgrigxx (Although I don't use it very often.)
ICQ = 32763751 (Again, don't use it that often.)

Oh, if you e-mail me, please put ROTK VII Special Skills FAQ or 
something to that effect in the subject.

===XIV. Credits===

Koei = For being Gods.
CJayC = For being the Administrator God.
Me = For being the mortal guy who wrote the FAQ.
97093473 People = For e-mailing me BLESS and MYSTIC information.