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                           Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 4

                             Wall of Fire

Version 1.1

Written by YoungPhoenix13

Any questions to: youngphoenix13@hotmail.com


Okay as one of the 32 available rulers you must rise to greatness by crushing 

all your opponents within the borders of ancient china and even some outside of 

the borders and conquer all 43 cities.

Since the game is basically ramdom and the only thing that stays the same in 

each game is who make up the starting rulers makes it impossible for me to show 

you the exact road to victory ill try to make it as easy as possible.

As there are 32 rulers it makes it a bit of a challenge on whom to pick as your 

ruler I will put them in order of the best to the worst to pick.

Dong Zhuo triumphs in luo yang:

Best rulers:

Cao cao (good in all scenarios)

Liu bei (starts weak but gets some awesome generals)

Yuan Shao (starts well)

Sun jian (starts well and gets some good generals)

Average rulers:

Tao qian (lots of citys)

Liu Biao (lots of citys and some average generals)

Ma teng (good stats for ruler and gets one of the more powerfull generals)

Liu yan (lots of land can get items very quick)

Dong zhuo (starts with lu bu and 3 cities)

Bad rulers:

Gongsun zan (has a chance to get zhao yun. Down side is gets attacked by Yuan 

shao pretty early)

Kong rong (good intelligence/politics stat)

Kong zhou (has a chance to get strong due to the position of starting city)

Liu yong (can get a powerful general and starts with a couple of citys)

Worst rulers:

Yuan shu (near dong zhuo, no good generals)

Wang lang (few starting generals and in a bad starting position)

Qiao Mao (starts on his own and in an average position but near cao cao)

Yan baihu (same as wang lang)

Turmoil spreads in china

Best rulers:

Yuan shao (3 cities, has lots of generals)

Cao cao (heaps of generals, 2 cities)

Liu bei (powerful generals, 2 cities in a good position)

Sun ce (a few generals and has good stats, 1 city)

Ma teng (lots of generals, 1 city)

Average rulers:

Liu yong (2 cities, has taishi ci)

Yuan shu (good items, 1 city)

Li ju (lots of generals, has a good advisor)

Liu biao (lots of generals, has 3 cities)

Liu zhang (3 cities, has lots of generals)

Lu bu (good stats, few generals in a good position)

Bad rulers:

Zhang lu (4 generals, 1 city, alright stats)

Wang lang (few starting generals and in a bad starting position)

Yan baihu (same as wang lang)

Gongsun zan (2 generals, one is Zhao yun, 1 city)

Worst rulers:

Kong rong (alone, 1 city)

Cao cao expands his domain

Best rulers:

Sun quan (lots of generals, 5 cities)

Yuan shao (lots of generals, 7 cities)

Cao cao (lots of generals, 10 cities)

Average rulers:

Liu bei (good generals, not many generals, 1 city)

Ma teng (lots of generals, has good generals 2 cities)

Liu biao (has 4 cities, lots of generals)

Liu zhang (4 cities, lots of generals)

Bad rulers:

Zhang lu (4 generals and 1 city)

The battle of red wall

Best rulers:

Liu bei (lots of generals, has 1 city, zhuge liang as advisor)

Sun quan (lots of generals, 5 cities, has lu xun)

Cao cao (lots of generals, 18 cities has the hereditary seal)

Average rulers:

Ma teng (2 cities, some generals)

Liu zhang (4 cities, lots of generals)

Bad rulers:

Zhang lu (4 generals and 1 city)

Jin xuan (2 generals, 1 city)

Han xuan (3 generals, has wei yan , 1 city)

Worst rulers:

Liu du (bad generals, 3 generals, 1 city)

Zhao fan (2 generals 1 city)

Birth of the three kingdoms:

Best rulers:

Cao pi (lots of generals, has sima yi, good generals, 23 cities)

Average rulers:

Sun quan (some good generals, lots of generals, 11 cities)

Bad rulers:

Liu bei (good generals, lots of generals, 6 cities)

Clash of wei, wu and shu

Best rulers:

Cao rui (lots of generals, has sima yi, good generals, 23 cities)

Average generals:

Sun quan (some good generals, lots of generals, 11 cities)

Bad generals:

Liu chan (bad stats, good generals, lots of generals, 6 cities)

That is all the rulers in all the stages now for those of you who are wondering 

what the stats for each ruler are I have listed them below:

Dong zhuo triumphs in luo yang:

            Charm         Intelligence   Politics     Power     Leadership

Cao Cao     98              95             102         98           99

Liu Bei     99              76              85         74           60

Dong Zhuo   46              55              47         97           78

Yuan Shao   80              72              52         80           75

Wang Lang   63              63              62         41           52

Liu Biao    68              69              74         65           70

Liu Yong    23              40              54         15           19

Yuan Shu    55              67              61         63           78

Yan Baihu   56              51              47         76           71

Sun Jian    91              83              68         95           95

Ma Teng     87              54              46         93           88

Kong Zhou   47              68              41         67           55

Liu Yan     84              72              82         42           36

Qiao Mao    35              58              38         61           50

Han Fu      33              54              41         66           58

Gongsun Zan 59              67              66         81           67

Tao Qian    75              59              63         39           53

Kong Rong   65              82              76         51           68

Turmoil Spreads in China:

Wang Lang   63              63              62         41           52

Liu Yong    23              40              54         15           19

Cao Cao     98              95             102         98           99

Yuan Shu    100             67              61         63          100

Liu Bei     99              76              85         74           60

Yuan Shao   80              72              52         80           75

Li Ju       28              44              40         63           41

Gongsun Zan 59              67              66         81           67

Sun Ce      92              85              69         96           95

Kong Rong   65              82              76         51           68

Ma Teng     87              54              46         93           88

Zhang Lu    91              81              67         69           77

Liu Zhang   82              50              63         53           48

Lu Bu       40              30              13        107           78

Liu Biao    68              69              74         65           70

Cao Cao expands his domain:

Ma Teng     87              54              46         93           88

Liu Bei     99              76              85         74           60

Zhang Lu    91              81              67         69           77

Liu Biao    68              69              74         65           70

Cao Cao    100              95             102         98          100

Yuan Shao   80              72              52         80           75

Liu Zhang   82              50              63         53           48

Sun Quan    97              87              73         85           89

The Battle of Red Wall:

Cao Cao    100              95             102         98          100

Jin Xuan    32              26              30         50           34

Han Xuan    19              34              30         52           34

Sun Quan    97              87              73         85           89

Liu Zhang   82              50              63         53           48

Ma Teng     87              54              46         93           88

Zhang Lu    91              81              67         69           77

Liu Bei     99              76              85         74           60

Liu Du      64              55              62         53           44

Zhao Fan    41              53              58         50           48

Birth of the Three Kingdoms:

Cao pi     100              64              80         85          100

Sun Quan    97              87              73         85           89

Liu Bei     99              76              85         74           60

Clash of Wei, Wu and Shu:

Sun Quan    97              87              73         85           89

Cao Rui    100              80              73         75          100

Liu Chan    70              17              36         13           20

As you play through the game you will notice that wanderers turn up in your city

from time to time. If you are lucky they may give you an item or alter a 

general's talents or just give you information on a city (this is the same as 

having spied in that city for 1 month). I have listed these men below:

Sima Shi: teaches the general sent to meet him a new talent

Xu Zijiang: teaches the general sent to meet him a new talent

Gan Ji: Has the secret books of healing

Zuo Ci: Has the supreme book of magic

Guan Lu: Increase's the general's life span

Pu Jing: may increase the general sent life span

Hua Tuo: may heal a city if it has been struck by plague and carries the medical

book of Hua tuo.

Also they may inform you of fake items you have obtained or tell you of generals

with good abilities, or give you information about cities.


There are a variety of commands available to be carried out by officers.


Move- sends generals from one city to another one including unclaimed ones. The 

generals have the choice to take prisoners of war, provisions, gold and soldiers

with them.

Send: orders a general to escort a shipment of gold, provisions or soldiers to 

other cities, the shipment maybe attacked by bandits and you will lose a certain

amount of what you sent. Depending on the general who you sent as escort's stats

it will vary whether or not you are actually attacked.

War- assault another rulers city (will be covered in detail after this section)

Draft- draws 'green' soldiers from your city, drafts are done in the hundreds 

but only appear on the city screen as 100:1 ratio meaning for every hundred 

drafted you will get 1 soldier on your screen. (drops your support from the city

and decreases your soldiers training)

Train- trains soldiers (maximum 100) this increases your soldiers training and 

their spirit (meaning you can fight for longer without food), requires a general

with good power and leadership.

Build- builds weapons of war depending on your city's tech level (will include 

more detail on this later as well)

Spy- gathers data on other provinces (can be used in your own province and it 

will give you data on enemy cities).


Search- sends an officer off to recruit free generals in other cities and 

provinces (good way to start the game and gather good generals).

Recruit- Recruits free officers in your city to your army and can be used to 

recruit prisoners of war, it can also be used to recruit generals in service to 

other rulers in adjacent cities.

Reward- increases a officers loyalty (maximum of 100) with gold gifts (can give 

up to 100 pieces) or items (depends on its type, for example whether its real or

fake). Results also depend on ruler's charm.

Give- gives provisions to the common people in your city (works up to 80 popular

support) this helps to get free soldiers into your army. (Dependant on officer's



Farm- uses money to increase the farming level of your city (up to 200)

Dam- uses money to increase the dam level of your city (up to 100) this reduces 

damage done to your city by floods and typhoons.

Economy- uses money to increase the economic level of your city (up to 200)

Technology- uses money to increase the tech level of your city (up to 200) this 

is required to be at high levels to make powerful weapons of war.


F.Sell- sells provisions for gold pieces

F.Buy- buys provisions costs gold pieces (obviously)

X-bow- buys crossbows

Str X- buys strong crossbows (more powerful than x-bows)

Horses- buys horses (used for cavalry units)


Hide- Sends a general (requires at least 95 loyalty) to an enemy city where if 

he is recruit acts as a spy and in war may betray to your side and taking some 

of the enemies soldiers with him.

Bribe- tries to get a general in the enemy's army to go over to your side during

the fight. (Uses charm and intelligence, and the generals loyalty)

Rebel- gets a governor to rebel against his ruler and go it alone.

Gossip- spreads gossip in enemy cities, either amongst the people (lowers 

support) or among the generals (lowers loyalty).

Arson- lights fires in either the enemy's arms or their provisions, or both 

(both means half the success rate)

Snoop- tries to raise your cities levels (covered in the city command section).


Ally- forms a alliance between 2 rulers (can then use joint attack or they may 

send aid if you are attacked)

Joint- launch a joint invasion of an common neighbors city.

Gift- gives gifts to other rulers (even foreign tribes) this lowers their 


Threat- tries to make an enemy ruler submit and join your army without fighting

Revoke- cancels an alliance (drops pop support and generals loyalty)

Swap- swaps prisoners for your generals that where also taken prisoner, or pay 

to get them out.

Invade- asks a foreign tribe to attack a city.


Delegate- gives command of a city (other than your home city) to its governor.

Assign- promotes generals to ranks (marshal, advisor, civil officer, chief 

advisor, governor, or chief civil officer)

Punish- punishes a general by either demoting him, firing him (removes him from 

your army), or confiscate (takes an item away from an officer)

Exile- go into self imposed exile by abandoning your cities.

City- command your home city

Vassal- command a vassal city


Officer- shows a list of all your generals and can be used to see ranks and 

stats (see below for more detail)

Vassal- view a data sheet for your vassal cities

City- shows the data sheet for the city you are currently commanding.

Events- shows you where the events have happened (helps to plan conquest)

Report- hear how your city is developing from the generals who are developing 



Advice- get advice from your advisor or your civil officer or from the general 

with the highest politic and intelligence stats.

Visit- go and visit wanderers that happen to be in your city at that time (see 

above for a list of what they can do for you)


Map- scroll through china and look at all cities.


War is a very important part of this game, as it is the easiest way to conquer 

china I have decided to include an area for this part of the game.

The main thing to know about war is that it requires soldiers to do everything 

from solid infantry divisions to cavalry and boats.

You can get more soldiers to join you in your cities one of three ways.

1.	You can draft them by choosing the draft command in the army sections of the 

available commands, the draftees are drafted in groups of one hundred from 

your CITY'S POPULATION this can be bad as you wont get as big harvests.

2.	By being a virtuous ruler you can get some soldiers to join you but this is 

hard as it can take years with the popular support being above 80.

3.	You can also get soldiers by bribing enemy generals while in the battle 

field, they will bring to your side some of the enemy soldiers (all if they 

are the only commander in the division)

Once you have enough soldiers what you can do is choose to attack a neighboring 

city under a different ruler, this choice may be followed up by advice about 

sending a spy into the city.

If you choose to continue the assault after you agree to the advice or whether 

you just don't listen to it in the first place you will be brought to a screen 

which asks you to choose which generals will conduct the assault, it is best to 

choose generals with high leadership, a high power is good but a high leadership

is necessary as this reduces the amount of desertions if you run out of food 

during the assault.

After you have chosen the generals you will be asked to assign troops to them 

with a maximum of 300 soldiers per general.

You will then be asked to select how much gold and food you will take with you, 

you need to chose enough food to last the battle but also to survive any 

retaliation attacks if there is any towards your original province (this counts 

for soldiers as well)

Once you have selected the food and gold if you have an advisor in that city you

will receive advice about the amount of food you have taken and how good your 

chances are. This is followed by a choice to follow through with the assault or 


If you selected yes and you sent your ruler or governor into the battle you will

be asked to name a new governor for the city. Once you have done that and if you

have allies or have a vassal city that is also capable of attacking the city you

will be asked if you wish to request a joint unit.

Once you have done all that there are 3 different types of battlefield that you 

can be forced to compete on.

1.	The field battle; in my opinion the ultimate defensive battlefield as you can

place traps around the place if you take an advisor into the field (defenders 

only, but if you take one in as a attacker you can detect their traps), also 

you get to place your forces around the map much more freely making it easier 

to await the arrival of allied forces.

2.	 The castle battle is made for the attacker as while they still start at the 

bottom of the walls they can control the battle much more easily than in the 

field battle, and if they wish force the opponent to throw a last ditch 

effort to keep the city if it is important to them. The biggest advantage for 

the defender is that if they lost at the field battle and pull back to the 

castle then the attacker is weakened from their original offence and cant 

bring fresh troops to the fore.

3.	The final battle; is the last ditch effort basically this battle can take the

form of either a series of duels fought between various generals and the 

winner gets to take the town, or it can be like the city battle only inside 

the city instead of on its walls.

During the final battle the attacker will chose whether it would be a duel or a 

soldier battle it also seems that a soldier battle is uncontrollable.

Well after all the blood shed you will hopefully emerge the victor, if you did 

then you come to a screen with the captured generals and it will tell you all 

their stats and you can view their talents then decide whether to free them, 

kill them, recruit them or put 'em in prison. You can not recruit a enemy ruler 

unless they have no free cities to flee to and they may refuse any way, in which

case kill them dead.

A captured general if they own an item whether it is fake or real will give it 

to the ruler no matter what you choose to do to them.

Now I know with all this good stuff coming out of winning I think I can hear you

saying "what if I lost?" well my new old friend you have a few problems.

Your generals that where captured (if any where you might have just retreated 

and no one was captured) will either be killed, put in prison (most common 

answer the threat of your generals) or recruited to their army.

Now you say can I get them back if they where captured?

Well you can from being put in prison by choosing the swap command in the 

foreign skill area. This will give you the choice to either buy their freedom or

trade one of their generals for yours.

Now how about being recruited?

Well this is a possibility, as they will have low loyalty to their new lord for 

about a couple of months you will just need to choose the recruit command under 

staff option.

What about being executed?

Sorry you're out of luck especially if it was guan yu or zhang fei since there 

is no way to get them back I recommend resetting.

Now then since you have just completed warfare the next part makes the game more

real in my view as it is true.

Since you have either won or lost different things apply to you.

If you won then you have obtained or retained a city congratulations to you id 

give you a certificate but I'm all out of them, you have probably obtained a 

general or two and maybe some provisions especially if you took a province. But 

if you have taken or defended a province you may notice that your farming and so

on have decreased, now your wondering why that is, its really simple if you 

fight in a castle your city gets injured. Thus the brilliance of field battles; 

your city doesn't get wounded so you need to redevelop your city.

Oh and no matter whether you won or lost your going to need to recreate your 

cities armed forces before another enemy takes advantage and you lose three 

cities for just taking one.

Now you're wondering how can you do that in peace? Simple this requires a 

certain touch to bring other rulers to your viewpoint.


This is almost as important as war. Okay well no where near as important since 

you can't win the game with diplomacy alone but it all helps.

Now diplomacy is useful in counteracting the evilness of some rulers such as cao

cao, it can help since as I noted above once you take or defend a city your army

is weak right? Well here's how diplomacy can save your bacon time and time 

again. During your reign you're bound to get stronger right? And just like in 

real life most people are attracted to winners so the more battles you win, the 

more highly developed your towns and of course the larger your garrison in each 

city people are going to start respecting you and offer you more alliances.

This can also come about if you routinely defeat them in battle they start to 

fear your power and want to be your friends.

Now you all know how alliances work right? You both help each other out when 

you're under attack and stuff. Well ROTK4 adds a different dimension to the age-

old mutual defense alliance, you can launch joint attacks on a enemy basically 

unfortunate enough to be smack bang in between you and your ally.

Now with all these benefits you're going to aim to ally with everyone right? Not

a good idea since as an ally you cant attack their land without breaking the 

alliance. No problems right? Just make and break alliances as you need to, bad 

idea this lowers not only popular support, your generals loyalty drops like a 

rock in mid air.

Now I know and you know that alliances aren't the only form of diplomacy right? 

Of course in ROTK4 you can sit there and threaten other rulers to the cows come 

home and die of boredom, and you still wont have many rulers submit to you.

Now there's a command called gift; this command has awesome potential as it can 

lower hostility so an alliance may succeed when you ask for one. But this 

command also can make FOREIGN TRIBES like you more, now I know your probably 

thinking "what do I care?" but this is useful as what happens if your cornered 

in the province of shu and the enemy province's are surrounding you? You are 

probably thinking ally with them get strong and push out right? Wrong what you 

can do is get a foreign tribe to attack them and then invade straight 


Foreign tribes can also be used against you so be sure to have a sizeable army 

in each city and always fight them off as if you don't your popular support will

drop and your city will be damaged compared to an easily repaired army being 

slightly destroyed. When a foreign tribe invades you and you fight them off you 

might be able to capture generals these have fairly good strength and low 


Data: (the stats I spoke of)

Officer stat's:

Name- well obviously the name of the general you are looking at

Picture- the generals' mug shot

Position- the position the generals hold within your army they can be ruler 

(your ruler obviously), marshal (requires a total of 150 power and leadership), 

advisor (at least 90 intelligence and 80/5 politics) and civil officer (requires

80/5 politics) or general (does not meet any of the above requirements)

City- which city the general can be found

Task- the job the officer is doing (such as training and giving food and stuff) 

if it is a one off job then it will say done it if it is a job like training it 

will say not done

Duty- the duty the officer does (your city stats, farming etc.)

Age- how old the general is

Loyalty- how loyal the general is to his or her lord (max of 100, will just be 

lines for ruler) this can decrease by punishing them or if you chose a successor

that they don't really like, can increase by giving gold or items as rewards.

Tenure- how long they have been in the army they currently serve in (lines for 

rulers since they don't serve any one)

Leadership: The officers' ability to lead soldiers in battle. Reduces desertions

when you run out of food in battle 

Power: The officers' strength. Affects the outcome of a duel. And how quickly 

soldiers are trained

Charm: The officers' ability to recruit and negotiate. As well as increase 

loyalty and popular support

Political Ability: The officers' ability to develop cities and execute Foreign 


Intellect: The officers' knowledge and ability to execute strategies and plots.

Health: The officers' physical condition. Can read Good, Bad, or Hurt. If they 

are injured or in bad health then their ability's (stats) go down until they 

recover (illness is basically cancelled with the medical book of hua tuo or the 

secret books of healing)


(NOTICE: Rulers are able to conduct all commands from Foreign to Snoop whether 

or not they have the corresponding skill.)

Foreign: Allows officer to conduct diplomatic negotations. Including been able 

to ask foreign tribes to attack enemies

Spy: Allows officer to spy on enemy territory. And give you information on the 

city for the number of months the spy is in the territory.

Recruit: Allows officer to search for and recruit officers. Instead of officers 

while searching they may find fake or real items

Build: Allows officer to construct weapons. This depends on your city's tech 

level for speed and what you can build.

Bribe: Allows officer to bribe an enemy officer to jump to your side when you 

invade their territory.

Rebel: Allows officer to persuade an enemy governor to rebel against his ruler 

and set up on his/her own. 

Gossip: Allows officer to spread gossip about an enemy ruler. And lower popular 

support and some general's loyalty.

Arson: Allows officer to set enemy cities on fire. Basically weakens the city

Snoop: Allows officer to execute Snoop command. And raise you city to the enemy 

cities level

Infantry: Gives officer advantage in battle when commanding an infantry unit. 

Cavalry: Gives officer advantage in battle when commanding a cavalry unit. 

Archery: Gives officer advantage in battle when commanding an archery unit. 

Naval: Gives officer advantage in a naval battle.

Fire: Allows officer to set fires in battle. Burns troops (useful when 


Boulder: Allows officer to drop boulders from mountains or the city wall.

Provoke: Allows officer to provoke enemy units to attack each other.

Weather: Allows officer to change the weather in battle.

Wind: Allows officer to change the wind direction in battle. (allows fires to 


Chaos: Allows officer to confuse enemy units in battle. Prevents enemy units 

from moving

Chain: Enables officer to chain ships together in a naval battle.

Bolt: Allows officer to use lightning bolt attacks in battle.

Repair: Allows officers to repair the castle gate in battle. annoying if you are

trying to get inside the gate.

Taunt: Allows officer to taunt an enemy unit in battle.

Lies: Allows officer to spread lies in battle. (This is a curious command. The 

soldiers tell a reinforcement unit that their city is being attacked by 

barbarians. Forcing them to retreat to their home city) 


Income: Gold in January, Food in July.

Locust(Spring, Summer, Fall): Swarms of locusts that attack your crops. A locust

attack lowers the farming level, provisions, and popular support in affected 

cities (just like in the bible).

Plague(All seasons): Widespread illness spreading through the countryside. A 

plague lowers the population, number of soldiers, and popular support, and the 


Flood(Summer): The banks of a certain river flood. Floods lower farming, dam, 

economy, and technology levels, and the number of civilians and soldiers. High 

dam levels decrease the effects of flooding, and with a high dam level it seems 

to decrease chances of a flood affecting you (if anyone knows for sure can you 

email me please?).

Typhoon(Summer): Does damage like a flood but only seems to affect the coastal 

cities so to counter this, take only the cities inland and away from the coast.

Rich Harvest(Fall): Good weather causes a rich harvest for a city. If you get a 

rich harvest, your city's food income may increase by as much as 50 percent. 

Scarce Harvest(Fall): Bad weather causes a poor harvest. Has the opposite 

effects as a rich harvest.

Revolt(All seasons): Occurs when popular support is low. Popular support levels,

population, and soldiers are lost in a revolt, can also happen if you don't do 

anything about rumors that are spread in your cities.



The War manual of Sun Tzu (+8 politics and +5 inteligence)

New Treatise of Meng De (+3 Intel, +5 Politic): Held by Cao Cao. 

Way of Peace (+2 to Intel and wind/weather ability taught to holder)

Book of Magic (+2 to Intel and wind/weather ability taught to holder)

Secret Books of Healing: Obtained from travelers. Can only be held by ruler.


Medical Book of Hua Tuo: Obtained from travelers. Can only be held by ruler

The last two books listed above heal all illness in your generals in only one 


Horses: increase flee chances and possibly movement in battle

Red Hare: the best owned by lu bu and guan yu

Stallion of fierce winds: owned by liu bei

Grey Lightning: owned by cao cao

Weapons: plus to power

Luminous Sword(+9 Power): Owned by Cao Cao and zhao yun.

Sword of Trust(+10 Power): Owned by Cao Cao.

Sword of Seven Stars(+8 Power): Owned by Dong Zhuo.

Black Dragon(+6 Power): Owned by Guan Yu and pan zhang.

Cobra(+5 Power): Owned by Zhang Fei.

Lunar Spear(+7 Power): Owned by Lu Bu.

Giant Axe(+4 Power): Owned by Xu Huang.

Ancestral Sword(+3 Power): Owned by Sun Jian and his sons.

Serpent Spear(+3 Power): Owned by Cheng Pu.

Spear of the Eclipse(+4 Power): Owned by Dian Wei.

Spear of Evil(+3 Power): Owned by Ji Ling.

Sword of Fate(+2 Power): Owned by Liu Bei.

Spear of Mortal Thorns(+3 Power): Owned by Shamoke (shu) in later scenarios.

Shooting Star(+3 Power): Owned by Wang Shuang (wei) in later scenarios


Hereditary seal: turns your leadership and charm to 100, owned by cao cao and 

yuan shu in separate scenarios


We all grow old and die right? Well its not different in ROTK not only do your 

generals die as they did historically your rulers do as well (generally after 

they reach 50)

Now when your ruler dies you are forced to chose a successor this is important 

as it will affect your chances for winning the game past that point.

The major rulers cao cao, liu bei, and sun jian all have historical successors 

but are they the best people for the job? Probably not.

In a ruler you need; good leadership and charm so good luck in finding one.

To make it easier for you I will list all the stats and name the two or three 

generals with the highest scores in them.

Leadership: cao cao, guan yu and zhuge liang (also any one with a hereditary 


Power: guan yu, zhang fei and lu bu

Charm: cao cao, liu bei zhuge liang (any one with a hereditary seal)

Intelligence: zhuge liang, sima yi, lu xun (just about all the major advisors 

like zhou yu and jiang wei)

Politics: zhuge liang, sima yi and zhang zhao

Hopefully this FAQ will help you play this game and win!

If you have any questions email me.

Many thanks to:

Koei for the game

Yufan's FAQ on GAMEFAQS for prompting me to write my own faq

Oh and if you want to use this? Go ahead but don't say this was all your idea