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Kongming’s Archives – Web Site FAQ

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Presenting a list of commonly asked questions relating to the subjects of Kongming’s Archives, the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and anything else people ask me on a regular basis. Before you send me an email please make sure you question isn’t answered here. If you can’t find the information you are looking for below please feel free to send me an email using this form or ask the knowledgeable members at The Scholars of Shen Zhou.

Email Questions FAQ (top)

Our most common email questions. These emails are frequently ignored.

Q: I have questions about <game>, can you help?

Q: How do I contact Koei, or provide them with feedback?

Q: Sometimes you update regularly, other times rarely. Why?

Q: Why haven’t you added a home page or content for <game>?

Q: Why haven’t you returned my email?

Q: Will you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Q: Where can I get Kongming’s Archives contact information?

Q: What programs or tools were used to make this Web site?

Q: Who hosts your site? Do you know of a good host?

Q: Will you make a Web site (or related content) for me?

Q: When will <game name> be released?

Q: Where can I find <game name>?

Q: Avatar questions (all of them): Having trouble?

Q: I sent you <media/information>, how come it isn’t online yet?

Q: What is your email address? Why do you use a form?

Q: Will you link to me (and other link questions)?

Kongming’s Archives Site FAQ (top)

In this FAQ commonly asked questions regarding this website and our policies will be answered (e.g. policies, technical issues, contact information).

Q: Problems: (site damaged, misspelled words, dead links).

Q: Will you add <submitted material> to your website?

Q: Can you tell me about submitting content to this site?

Q: Are changes made to submitted content, and if so, to what?

Q: Can you add to/delete/update/change/etc. my FAQ or guide?

Q: Can I add <name> Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, etc. on my site?

Q: Can I use one of your images on my Web site?

Q: Will you add a forum to the site so we can chat?

Q: Who pays for Kongming’s Archives, I see no advertising?

Q: Problems: How come your site looks plain/bad?

Q: What Kongming’s Archives content am I allowed to link to?

Q: Can I advertise on your web page?

Q: Please describe your relationship with Koei Games?

Scholars of Shen Zhou Site FAQ (top)

This portion of the FAQ is dedicated to our forum, The Scholars of Shen Zhou. Check the links below for basic site information and a server status page.

Q: Tell me a bit about Scholars of Shen Zhou?

Q: Tell me about the server and forum software?

Q: The forum is running very slow, or is offline. What should I do?

Romance of the Three Kingdoms FAQ (top)

There are many commonly asked questions related to the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong and the history behind it. I will answer some of the more commonly asked questions here (emails about these questions will not be answered).

Q: Can you tell me about the novel download provided at this site?

Q: What version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms should I buy?

Q: Who or what is/are the Han, Wei, Shu, Wu, and Jin dynasties?

Q: Who are Shu’s Tiger Generals?

Q: How did Shu’s five Tiger Generals die?

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