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Using the form and instructions on this page you can submit a new fan-fiction to Kongming’s Archives for display on the Fan-fiction Home Page. If you are submitting your first fan-fiction through us, please read the Submission Information below, then complete the form. Please allow several weeks for review and reply or posting. Poor submissions or major violations of our requirements will be deleted without reply.

Submission Information

Though we are gladly featuring fan-fiction here at Kongming’s Archives, it does take time to prepare each submission for online display. Due to time limitations, we will only be accepting fan-fictions that we deem to be of suitable quality. Furthermore, we will not be accepting certain types of content for various reasons (all related to our audience). Content we will not accept is listed below:

  • Adult Content (e.g. sex, kissing, implied, tasteful romance just fine)
  • Excessive Gore (if slaughter and gore is the focus, don’t bother)
  • Yaoi Content (unacceptable to guardians of many visiting children)

Content in those categories is automatically declined. Outside specific categories, we do have other requirements, but they are examined on a case-by-case basis. Please careful consider the points listed below to make sure they don’t apply to your fan-fiction before submission (be proud of your work and your language). Also, remember, exceptional talent in one area may reduce our concern for others (we won’t decline a truly great story just because you aren’t talented with English). Requests are also listed below. Rejections related to items in this list are not final, you can correct and resubmit.

  • Consistent Construction: Includes a title and paragraphs, each formatted properly (e.g. each paragraph is a double-space below the one above it, or is tabbed with a consistent number of spaces). We ask that you do not manually double-space submissions, and we will not accept fan-fiction submitted with manual line breaks to maintain formatting (let it word wrap naturally, please). These issues are easily resolved, and if we encounter a problem we’ll let you know on reply. We also ask that, if possible, you make your fan-fiction in Word Perfect or Word so curly quotes (“example”) are used instead of straight quotes, this simply helps readability (not a requirement).
  • Grammar and Flow: Submissions should flow well (i.e. it should be possible to read them without constantly stopping because something didn’t make sense). This is accomplished through a talent with grammar in the English language and by reviewing your story to correct poor wording (don’t submit rough drafts unless confident). Also make sure you are using clearly constructed paragraphs and sentences with proper punctuation (first letter of a sentence is capitalized, ‘don’t’ does indeed have an apostrophe, etc.) and don’t capitalize things that don’t need to be capitalized (i.e. type in CAPS if you want to be rejected).
  • Spelling: Use a spell checker. Conduct research into any spelling errors that are flagged and correct them. Misuse of words (four vs. for, one vs. won, etc) also falls into this category. Both concerns will earn an immediate rejection (please don’t expect me to take an hour out of kongming.net time to edit your work). Also please note that Internet speak (‘u’ for ‘you’, ‘ur’ for ‘your’, ‘2’ for ‘to’, ‘n’ for ‘and’) will also earn you an immediate rejection. I have absolutely no tolerance for it in writing, and if you send me your work like that you’ll get to hear what I think.
  • Storyline Quality: Not really much I can go into on this, but the objective of writing is creating something that people want to read. If you have an interest in fan-fiction in the first place it generally comes hand-in-hand with decent storytelling ability, but please know in advance that if your storyline seems irrelevant or jumps around indecipherably it will probably be rejected.

Don’t be too intimidated by the size of the mentions above, most of it is common sense for any site that aims to host professionally written content (the same on many of these applies to other submissions to this site as well). We aren’t asking you to prepare a student paper, but rather requesting that you submit something that would make a sophomore jr. high teacher proud (I suspect in this day and age, seeing ‘u’ and ‘ur’ in every other paper, that’s not hard to do). Now all you have to do is complete the form below and include your submission.

Submission Form

To submit your fan-art please complete the form below, making sure you include all information you would like taken into consideration when it is posted online and paying careful attention to the requirements listed above. All fields marked in red text must be included in order for the form to be accepted. Paste the actual fan-fiction in the final large field, when submitted it will retain formatting such as hard returns or multiple spaces.

Subject (required, subject of e-mail)

Name (required, your name)

Email (required for reply)

Credit Name (required, name to appear on site)

Credit Email (email to be included with credit)

Credit Web Site (site to be included with credit)

Fan-fiction Title (required, name of fan-fiction)

Fan-fiction Portrait (example, list officer if interested)

Category (required, please select one)

Comments (unrelated comments or handling notes)

* Can be used to comment or suggest changes.

Fan-fiction (required, please paste fan-fiction here)

* If you wish to submit another format, detail above.
* If you wish to submit by URL, include above.

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January 16, 2023