Fan-Fiction: Escape from Xia Pi

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Escape from Xia Pi

Three Kingdoms Fan-fiction by Deng Ai Guy

Lu Bu

“My Lord, we must leave quickly!” Cheng Gong shouted, “Our escape will be cut off shortly!”

Lü Bu grunted at the thought of escape, for a true warrior like he never retreats. But under these predicaments, he felt a touch of doubt, as if this might be the last moments of his life. To his left ride Diao Chan, the one true reason he was retreating was all because he cared for her safety.

Lü Bu looked sternly into Cheng Gong’s eyes and turned to Diao Chan. He trotted up to her, plucked her gently from her saddle and seated her comfortable behind himself on Red Hare.

Lü Bu barked orders to a gate guard to lower the gate. Slowly, the ten foot tall gate creaked open and Lü Bu charged out Southward, toward the countryside. Cheng Gong fallowed close behind with his horse Lightning but had trouble catching up to Red Hare. Back in the distance, the castle released foul black smoke up high into the night sky.

Lü Bu didn’t look back; he just kept riding for what seemed like fifty li. A tear started in one eye as she held tighter to Lü Bu’s body, he tears soaking though his felt garments.

“Diao Chan what is wrong?” Lü Bu asked, “Are you wounded?”

“No my lord, it is just that I have never beheld such sorrow.” She said, still sobbing.

“Please stop weeping my love,” he said as he slowed down to a light gallop, “I do not wish to see you so unhappy. It tares out my heart.”

After two li of galloping and trotting, they arrived at a young man’s farm.

“We should seek shelter here for the night.” Cheng Gong explained. Lü Bu agreed so they dismounted next to house. Cheng Gong knocked on the door quietly. A twenty eight year old man answered the door.

“What do you people want?” he asked in a neutral voice, “I don’t want any trouble.”

“My lord and lady seek rest for the night,” Cheng Gong said, “we are very weary.”

The man gave a crooked look at the characters and looking at their wardrobe he noticed Lü Bu’s halberd. He froze in terror and began mumbling, “Um, but of course, of course come right in hear! Do not delay, it is cold outside, come in, come in, and don’t want you catching a cold!”

The man led them to four chairs surrounding a circular table with a single yellow flower in a vase.

“You can call me He Nan,” he said bowing.

He served them hot rice, beef, and corn. It was not the greatest meal Lü Bu had ate but at least it was something. After the meal, He Nan showed them to their sleeping quarters. Lü Bu and Cheng Gong went to sleep early while Diao Chan washed up. Each individual slept on a different bed.

Cheng Gong awoke to stirring outside the house. Lü Bu’s snoring masked the sound, but under ever pause he listened quietly. Quietly crawling over to Lü Bu, Cheng Gong whispered, “Lord Lü Bu, please wake up.”

Lü Bu rubbed his eyes and grabbed his halberd. “Make sure Diao Chan is safe.” he ordered. He dressed himself in his armor and stepped outside. His knife-slit eyes scanned the fields of crops for something unusual. He heard a rustle behind him and quickly turned to investigate.

A small man came charging out of the rice paddy heading straight for Lü Bu with a small dagger. Lü Bu jumped to the side and chopped off the man’s left ear. Howling, he came around again, this time he pulled out a bow and fired. The arrow swooshed by piercing the side of the house. Enraged, Lü Bu charged at the man, impaling him, lifting him above his head and tossing him into the hard sandy soil. “A pathetic bandit,” Lü Bu said with disgust.

The door swung open and Diao Chan and Cheng Gong came running out. Diao Chan ran to Lü Bu, hugging him tightly, “Are you hurt?” She asked.

“No, for nothing can harm Lü Bu.” He announced.

Standing in the door way was He Nan, just standing there, not doing anything. Quickly he ran back into the house and took all of the trio’s possessions and told them to leave now. So they got onto Red Hare and Lightning and took off to Jiuyuan, Lü Bu’s hometown. I took them just under a month of riding to reach Jiuyuan. Lü Bu found an abandoned house just south of the town where he, Diao Chan and Cheng Gong farmed for about two weeks in peace.

Unfortunately for them the town of Jiuyuan was in Cao Cao’s territory. When a group of one dozen soldiers showed up at Lü Bu’s door demanding that the taxes be paid, Lü Bu charged with his halberd and slaughtered them. When Cao Cao found out, he sent Cao Ren to engage with these ruffians.

Cao Ren yelled from outside the house, “This is Imperial officer Cao Ren, and I am forced to burn your crops for not paying your taxes. As the house started to burn, Lü Bu, with Diao Chan in his arms, came out and surrendered. He couldn’t rebel because he was in concern for Diao Chan’s safety. He was arrested and taken to Cao Cao. No one had recognized him yet because of his beard. But with one glance Cao Cao realized who he was looking at.

“Lü Bu!” Cao Cao cried. The entire hall gasped in dismay. “I have finally captured you after all this time,” he continued, “execute this monster!”

Lü Bu began thrashing around like a caged beast. Cursing with every struggle.

It took a while, but under the help of Xu Zhu and Dian Wei, Lü Bu’s head was now tied up by hemp rope. Next to him were Cheng Gong and Diao Chan. The executioner picked up a big axe and swung straight at their necks.

Copyright © 2004 Deng Ai Guy