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Xiongnu Faction: Welcome to our grand project, the Kongming’s Archives Three Kingdoms Officer Encyclopedia! Here you can review our database information on over one thousand Three Kingdoms officers and characters! Our database has been converted to an open project, and anyone is welcome to participate. For more information please read about the Kongming’s Archives Development Project at our forum, Scholars of Shen Zhou.

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Wei Kingdom

Officer Name Wade-Giles 正體字
Huchuquan Huch‘uch‘üan 呼廚泉

Xiongnu Barbarians

Officer Name Wade-Giles 正體字
Cexian Ts‘ên-sien  
Huchuquan Huch‘uch‘üan 呼廚泉
Liu Bao Liu Pao 劉豹
Meng Mêng
Yufuluo Yüfulo 於夫罗



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April 10, 2023