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Zhou Yu (Gongjin); Chou Yü (Kung-chin); 周瑜 (公瑾)

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You are viewing the profile of Zhou Yu (周瑜), styled Gongjin (公瑾), born in Shu county, Lujiang commandery. “Skilled war commander of Wu. Commanded Wu forces at the Battle of Chibi.” Zhou Yu was affiliated with Yuan Shu and the Wu Kingdom. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Zhou Yu (Gongjin) 周瑜 (公瑾)

Lived: AD 175–210


Served: Yuan Shu, Wu

Skilled war commander of Wu. Commanded Wu forces at the Battle of Chibi.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Chou Yü (Kung-chin)
Simplified Chinese: 周瑜 (公瑾)
Pronunciation: Zhou1 Yu2 (Gong1jin3Pronunciation
Cantonese (Yale): Jau Yu (Gung-gan)
Cantonese (Jyutpin): Zau Jyu (Gung-gan)
Min-Nan: Ciu Ji (Kong-kin)

Birthplace: Shu county, Lujiang commandery

Rank and Titles

Magistrate of Ju Jiao; Jian Wei Jiang Jun; Magistrate of Chun Gu; Zhong Fu Jun; Grand Administrator of Jiang Xia; Pian Jiang Jun; Grand Administrator of Nan

Family and Relationships

Zhou Jing, Zhou Zhong (Ancestors); Zhou Yi (Father); Zhou Shang (Uncle); Sun Ce, Qiao Gong, Sun Deng (In-Laws); Zhou Xun, Zhou Yin (Sons)

Fact vs. Fiction

Differences Between Fact and Common Fiction

  • Zhou Yu did not attempt to have Zhuge Liang assassinated. The rivalry between Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang was added to add to the allure of Zhuge Liang.
  • Was not visited by Jiang Gan during the battle of Chibi.
  • Zhuge Liang did not attend Zhou Yu’s funeral, though his death was mourned by Pang Tong.
  • Zhou Yu’s death in the novel comes a little bit after his historical death.

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 15, 29, 38, 39, 4356, 57, 60, 75, 77, 8284

Sanguozhi: Wu 9

Popular Quotation

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Chapter 29
Touching his head to the floor, Zhou Yu: “I would strew the very ground with my liver and brains to requite my dear friend’s love.”

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