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Zhao E (Zhao Eqin); Chao O (Chao Och‘in); 趙娥(親)

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Zhao E (Zhao Eqin) 趙娥(親)

Game Name:
Zhao Eqin

Lived: Unknown

None Available

Served: Miscellaneous

Pang Yu’s mother. Killed Li Shou to avenge her father, Zhao Jun’an, then turned herself in.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Chao O (Chao Och‘in)
Simplified Chinese: 赵娥(亲)
Pronunciation: Zhao4 E2 (Zhao4 E2qin1)
Cantonese (Yale): Jiu Ngo (Jiu Ngochan)
Cantonese (Jyutpin): Ziu Ngo (Ziu Ngocan)

Birthplace: Jiuquan

Other Names: Zhao Eqin, Pang Eqin

Name Notes: Zhao E 趙娥 usually appears by the name Zhao Eqin 趙娥親. Appears as Pang Eqin 龐娥(親) in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI.

Family and Relationships

Pang Yu (Son)

Literary Appearances

Sanguozhi: Wei 18

Hou Han shu: 84


Historic (Confirmed)

Lady Zhao was married to a member of the Pang family. In AD 179 her father, Zhao An, was killed by his fellow countryman Li Shou. Other members of the Zhao household took ill and died. Li Shou became confident that nobody would avenge their deaths and held a banquet. It appears Lady Zhao’s husband was also killed.

When she was told by her son, Pang Yu, that Li Shou was boasting of his success she armed herself with a knife and set out to find him. She encountered Li Shou in broad daylight and stabbed his horse, causing him to fall from it. She then fought with and killed him, then cut off his head. With the head she went to the county office and asked to be executed. Magistrate Yin Jia resigned his position rather than punish her and when Zhao E persisted the commandery office had her escorted home.

An amnesty was issued thus she was able to escape punishment honorably. In admiration of her sense of duty the provincial authorities set up a stele at her gate while such courage and enterprise displayed by a woman were reported to the court and celebrated across the empire. Her son, Pang Yu, also earned a reputation for his courage and loyalty. (1)

1: Source: de Crespigny, Rafe: A Biographical Dictionary of Later Han to the Three Kingdoms (23-220 AD)



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