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Zhang Yi (Junsi); Chang I (Chün-ssŭ); 張裔 (君嗣)

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You are viewing the profile of Zhang Yi (張裔), styled Junsi (君嗣), born in Wuyang in Qianwei. “Looked after affairs when Zhuge Liang was at war. Held hostage by Wu.” Zhang Yi was affiliated with Liu Zhang and the Shu Kingdom. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Zhang Yi (Junsi) 張裔 (君嗣)

Lived: AD 157–230

None Available

Served: Liu Zhang, Shu

Looked after affairs when Zhuge Liang was at war. Held hostage by Wu.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Chang I (Chün-ssŭ)
Simplified Chinese: 张裔 (君嗣)
Pronunciation: Zhang1 Yi4 (Jun1si4)
Cantonese (Yale): Jeung Yeui (Gwan-ji)
Cantonese (Jyutpin): Zoeng Jeoi (Gwan-zi)

Birthplace: Wuyang in Qianwei

Rank and Titles

‘Filial and Incorrupt’, Chief of Jiangyang; Prefect of Peiling; Grand Administrator of Zitong; Grand Administrator of Guanghan; Grand Administrator of Shu Commandary; Chief Controller of Laijiang, General of the Interior Who Pacifies the South (AD 231); Controller of the Front Army, Grand Administer of Fufeng; Commander of the Front (AD 234); Marquis of Guannei; Imperial Secretariat (AD 238); Marquis of Du Commune, General-in-Chief Who Conquers the West; General-in-Chief Who Guards the South (AD 255); General of the Chariots and Cavalry of the Left, Inspector of Ji Province (AD 259)

Family and Relationships

Zhang Miao (Son)

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 91


Historic (Confirmed)

Zhang Yi, styled Junsi, from Chengdu, was a scholar who specialized in the histories. He served Liu Zhang in various positions. He was sent to fend off Zhang Fei during Liu Bei’s invasion, but he lost. He was later sent by Liu Zhang to Liu Bei as an emissary to negotiate terms of their surrender. Liu Bei agreed to treat Liu Zhang with propriety and to be kind to the populace. After Liu Bei took over, Zhang Yi was made Grand Administrator of Ba, and was later appointed supervisor of weapon-making.

Around that time, there was a rebellion brewing in Yizhou to the south. It was headed by Yong Kai, a respected local leader who had allied with Sun Quan. Zhang Yi was appointed Grand Administrator if Yizhou and sent to handle the matter, but he was captured by Yong Kai, who sent him alive to Sun Quan.

After Liu Bei died, Zhuge Liang sent Deng Zhi to Wu to negotiate the return of Zhang Yi, who had now been living in Wu for years and was now approximately 58 years of age. It turned out, however, that Zhang Yi had already escaped and was in hiding. Sun Quan didn’t know where he was, so he agreed to the return.

After he arrived back in Shu, Zhuge Liang appointed aide-de-camp. When Zhuge Liang went to Hanzhong, Zhang Yi stayed to work in the Prime Minister’s office. The following year, he went north to greet Zhuge Liang, and was seen off by hundreds of people. Eventually, he was made General who Supports the Han. He died in the 8th year of Jianxing (AD 230), and his son, Zhang Miao, inherited his position.



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