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Zhang Xuan (Chuxu); Chang Hsüan (Ch‘u-hsü); 張玄 (處虛)

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Zhang Xuan (Chuxu) 張玄 (處虛)

Lived: AD ?–189

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Served: Miscellaneous

Advised Zhang Wen to use his command of the army to reform the Han government.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Chang Hsüan (Ch‘u-hsü)
Simplified Chinese: 张玄 (处虚)

Zhang Xuan (Chuxu)


Historic (Confirmed)

Zhang Xuan was the son of Zhang Kai. Zhang Wen, upon becoming Excellency of Works in 184 and 185, repeatedly offered Zhang Xuan an official position. However, Zhang Xuan never accepted any appointments. Later when Zhang Wen went to quell the Liang Rebellion in 185, Zhang Xuan advised him to destroy the eunuchs’ influence over the government. Zhang Wen, however, refused.

Later on, Dong Zhuo offered Zhang Xuan an appointment. Because Zhang Xuan refused, Dong Zhuo sent soldiers to force the issue. However, Zhang Xuan died soon after. (de Crespigny 1082)

Works Cited:

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