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Zang Hong (Ziyuan); Tsang Hung (Tzŭ-yüan); 臧洪 (子源)

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You are viewing the profile of Zang Hong (臧洪), styled Ziyuan (子源), born in Guangling. “A loyal man, he was much admired and was the one that proclaimed the oath of the alliance.” Zang Hong was affiliated with Zhang Miao and Yuan Shao. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Zang Hong (Ziyuan) 臧洪 (子源)

Lived: AD ?–195

None Available

Served: Zhang Miao, Yuan Shao, Zang Hong

A loyal man, he was much admired and was the one that proclaimed the oath of the alliance.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Tsang Hung (Tzŭ-yüan)
Simplified Chinese: 臧洪 (子源)

Birthplace: Guangling

Rank and Titles

Junior Gentlemen; Country Magistrate in Langye; Officer of Merit; Inspector of Qing; Administrator of Dong

Family and Relationships

Zang Min (Father)


Historic (Confirmed)

Zang Hong was a handsome, intelligent man who started out his career as a Junior Gentleman. In AD 189, he became an Officer of Merit under Zhang Chao. While serving, Zang Hong became friends with Zhang Chao, Zhang Miao, Liu Dai, and Kong Zhou. Zang Hong had persuaded Zhang Chao to join the alliance against Dong Zhuo that was gathering in Chenliu. Because of his esteem, he was chosen to proclaim the oath of alliance that was then made among the lords of the anti-Dong Zhuo alliance.

Later, Zhang Chao dispatched Zang Hong to advise Liu Yu about Gongsun Zan. Before Zang Hong got there, fighting had already started. While Zang Hong was in the region, Yuan Shao appointed him Inspector of Qing province. Zang Hong ended up staying there for awhile, and his good government restored order to the chaotic region. 2 years later, he was made Administrator of Dong commandery. This territory bordered with Cao Cao’s. In AD 194, Zhang Chao and Zhang Miao both opposed Cao Cao, but were defeated after several battles. Zang Hong was in a position to assist Zhang Chao, but lacked the resources. Yuan Shao, wishing to avoid confrontation with Cao Cao at the time, refused to grant Zang Hong permission to aid Zhang Chao at Yongqiu. As a result, Zhang Chao perished and Zang Hong was infuriated. Zang Hong consequently revolted against Yuan Shao. In the siege that followed, Zang Hong’s men were starved out and may have even resorted to cannibalism; Zang Hong supposedly killed his mistress to provide food for his troops. At length, Zang Hong was beaten and executed.

Source: A Biographical Dictionary of the Later-Han to Three Kingdoms by Dr. Rafe de Crespigny



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