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Yuan Wei (Ciyang); Yüan Wei (Tz‘ŭ-yang); 袁隗

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You are viewing the profile of Yuan Wei (袁隗), styled Ciyang, born in Runan. “A famed minister, aided He Jin’s avengers. Killed by a vengeful Dong Zhuo.” Yuan Wei was affiliated with and the Han Dynasty. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Yuan Wei (Ciyang) 袁隗

Lived: AD ?–190

None Available

Served: Han

A famed minister, aided He Jin’s avengers. Killed by a vengeful Dong Zhuo.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Yüan Wei (Tz‘ŭ-yang)
Simplified Chinese: 袁隗
Pronunciation: Yuan2 Wei3
Min-Nan: Wan Hoai

Birthplace: Runan

Rank and Titles

Grand Herald; Minister over the Masses; Grand Master of Ceremonies; Minister over the Masses; General of the Rear; Grand Tutor

Family and Relationships

Yuan Tang (Father); Yuan Cheng, Yuan Feng (Brother); Ma Lun (Wife); Yuan Shao, Yuan Shu (Nephews); Yuan Hong (Cousin); Yuan She (Kinsman); Ma Rong (Father-in-law)

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 2, 4, 5


Historic (Confirmed)

Yuan Wei, Yuan Shao (Benchu)’s uncle, served the Han as Imperial Guardian. In AD 189 Dong Zhuo, who controller the capital, wanted to depose Emperor Shao in favor of Emperor Xian (Liu Xie). A short while later, Dong Zhuo discussed this plan with Yuan Shao who, uninterested in supporting him, suggested he propose it to Yuan Wei. Dong Zhuo became angry. Yuan Shao drew his sword and stormed out, but not before reminding Dong Zhuo, “Lord Dong is not the only man of power in the world.” In the novel, Dong Zhuo actually confronted Yuan Wei who, perhaps out of fear, voiced his support for the deposition of Emperor Shao.

Later, Dong Zhuo sent Humu Ban, Bearer of the Gilded Mace, and Wu Xiu, Court Architect, to Yuan Shao with an imperial edict ordering him to lay down his arms. Furious, Yuan Shao ordered Wang Kuang, Grand Administrator of Henei, to execute them. Yuan Shao then started to assemble an army, welcomed talent that was eager for revenge against Dong Zhuo, and started to occupy lands east of the passes. When Dong Zhuo discovered this, he had Yuan Wei, along with all the rest of Yuan Shao’s clan in the capital, executed. Yuan Shao went on to found the anti-Dong Zhuo coalition.



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