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Wu Ba; Wu Pa; 吴霸

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Wu Ba 吴霸

Lived: AD ?–c.185

None Available

Served: Yellow Scarves

A commander-in-chief for the Yellow Scarves. Defeated and captured by Li Tong.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Wu Pa
Simplified Chinese: 吴霸
Pronunciation: Wu2 Ba4
Cantonese (Yale): Ng Ba
Cantonese (Jyutpin): Ng Baa

Birthplace: Unknown

Rank and Titles

Yellow Turbans Commander-in-Chief (not Singular)

Literary Appearances

Sanguozhi: Wei 18

Wu Ba


Historic (Confirmed)

Wu Ba was a Yellow Turban commander-in-chief. Some time around the point at which Li Tong avenged his countryman, Chen Gong (1), by killing his treacherous brother-in-law Chen He, presumably in the mid to late AD 180s, Li Tong marched on Wu Ba. Li Tong was victorious. He even managed to capture Wu Ba and several of his underlings alive. (2)

(1): Chen Gong (陈恭). Not the strategist who served Lü Bu.

(2): SGZ Wei 18, Li Tong’s biography. Translation by Zhai Rong. Though there is no mention in Li Dian’s biography of Wu Ba having been killed, it is most likely what happened after he was delivered to the Han court.



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