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Wang Ji; Wang Chi

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Wang Ji

Lived: AD ?–179

None Available

Served: Han

Adopted son of regular attendant Wang Fu. Oppressive and tyrannical.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Wang Chi
Simplified Chinese: Undefined

Rank and Titles

Chancellor of Pei (AD 174–Death)

Family and Relationships

Wang Fu (Adoptive Father); Wang Meng (Brother-in-Law)

Literary Appearances

Hou Han shu: 77

Zizhi tongjian: 57


Historic (Confirmed)

Wang Fu’s adopted son Wang Ji was Chancellor of Pei, and was particularly oppressive and tyrannical. Whenever he had a man killed, he would place the corpse on a cart, accompanied by a placard listing the person’s crimes, and have it taken to each of the counties under his

jurisdiction. In the summer months, the flesh would be rotted away, but he still tied the bones together and sent them around until they had traveled through the whole commandery. All who saw them were terrified. Altogether, during the five years that he spent in that post, Wang Ji killed more than ten thousand people. (1)

(1): Emperor Huan and Emperor Ling, ZZTJ 57, de Crespigny, Rafe



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