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Song Zhong (Zhongzi); Sung Chung (Chung-tzŭ); 宋忠

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You are viewing the profile of Song Zhong (宋忠), styled Zhongzi, born in Nanyang. “Scholar under Liu Biao with Qimu Kai. Sent by Liu Cong to surrender to Cao Cao.” Song Zhong was affiliated with and Liu Biao. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Song Zhong (Zhongzi) 宋忠

Lived: Unknown

None Available

Served: Liu Biao

Scholar under Liu Biao with Qimu Kai. Sent by Liu Cong to surrender to Cao Cao.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Sung Chung [Tsung] (Chung-tzŭ)
Simplified Chinese: 宋忠
Pronunciation: Song4 Zhong1
Cantonese (Yale): Sung Jung
Cantonese (Jyutpin): Sung Zung
Min-Nan: Song Tiong

Birthplace: Nanyang

Other Names: Song Zong

Name Notes: Song Zhong’s name may have been written Song Zong 宋宗.

Family and Relationships

Qimu Kai (Colleague); Wang Su, Yin Mo, Li Ren (Disciples)

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 40

Sanguozhi: Wei 6, Shu 2

Hou Han shu: 74

Zizhi tongjian: 65


Historic (Confirmed)

Song Zhong, perhaps Song Zong, taught the Taixuan jing (Classics of the Great Mystery), a development of the Yang Xiong’s Book of Changes. He also compiled a treatise on government titled Shi ben. His many students included Wang Su, Yin Mo, and Li Ren. None of his writings survived.

In about AD 200 Song Zhong and his colleague Qimu Kai were among the scholars of the court of Liu Bieo. Under his sponsorship they prepared a series of detailed commentaries to the five classics, Changes, History, Poetry, Ritual and Chunqiu. This work was known as the “Later Edition”.

In AD 208 while Liu Cong prepared to surrender to Cao Cao, he sent Song Zhong at the last minute to inform Liu Bei, who was predictably quite upset.



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