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Shi Hui; Shih Hui

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You are viewing the profile of Shi Hui. “Grand Administrator of Jiaozhi after Shi Xie’s death. Opposed Sun Quan.” Shi Hui was affiliated with and Shi Xie. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Shi Hui

Lived: AD ?–227

None Available

Served: Shi Xie

Grand Administrator of Jiaozhi after Shi Xie’s death. Opposed Sun Quan.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Shih Hui
Simplified Chinese: Undefined

Rank and Titles

General Who Gives Tranquillity to Distant Lands; Grand Administrator of Jiuzhen; Grand Administrator of Jiaozhi

Family and Relationships

Shi Xie (Father); Shi Zhi, Shi Gan, Shi Song (Brothers)


Historic (Confirmed)

Shi Hui was the son of Shi Xie. At the time of Shi Xie’s death, the Kingdom of Wu had been encroaching on Jiaozhi from the East. Meanwhile, Shi Xie’s general Dan Meng had lost control of Jiuzhen. After Shi Xie died, Sun Quan appointed his officer Dai Liang as Inspector of Jiaozhi. This nominally made Dai Liang superior in rank to Shi Hui. Naturally, Shi Hui rebelled against this action and refused to let Dai Liang receive his appointment.

However, Huan Lin remonstrated with Shi Hui, urging him to welcome Dai Liang into Jiaozhi. This advice infuriated Shi Hui so much that Shi Hui had Huan Lin flogged to death with a bamboo rod. Naturally, this draconian act in turn incited Huan Lin’s kinsmen to revolt. For several months, Huan Zhi, his son Huan Fa and others besieged Shi Hui. Neither side could gain the advantage, and in the end, both sides withdrew.

Lü Dai of Wu, with several thousand troops, had meanwhile begun sailing towards Jiaozhi. He had also befriended Shi Kuang, a son of one of Shi Xie’s brothers. When Lü Dai reached Jiaozhi, Shi Kuang went to Shi Hui’s court, and at length convinced him to surrender. Shi Hui and many other Shi clan members appeared before Lü Dai to honestly capitulate. Although they were seemingly received well, Lü Dai treacherously had all of them executed the next day.



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