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Shen Cheng; Shên Ch‘êng; 沈成

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Shen Cheng 沈成

Lived: AD ?–200

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Served: Miscellaneous

Bandit who was defeated and killed by Li Tong.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Shên Ch‘êng
Simplified Chinese: 沈成
Pronunciation: Shen3 Cheng2

Birthplace: Runan

Other Names: Chen Cheng

Name Notes: Shen 沈 can also be translated as Chen, but this translation is not used in surnames. That said, you will still find him under the name Chen Cheng.

Rank and Titles

Bandit Commander

Literary Appearances

Sanguozhi: Wei 18


Historic (Confirmed)

Shen Cheng was one of the bandit leaders living between the Huai and Ru rivers along with Qu Gong and Jiang Gong, around AD 200. Li Tong began launching campaigns to clear them out in the same year (1). All under their command were routed and Li Tong delivered their heads to Cao Cao. This earned him the title Marquis of a Chief Commune and he was appointed Grand Administrator of Runan. (2)

1) Zhai Rong’s translation of Sanguozhi cites this as having taken place around AD 201, but according to Rafe de Crespigny’s research Shen Cheng died in AD 200.

2) Sanguozhi Wei 18, Li Tong’s biography. Translation by Zhai Rong.



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