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Ren Jun (Boda); Jên Chün (Po-ta); 任峻 (伯達)

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You are viewing the profile of Ren Jun (任峻), styled Boda (伯達). “Looked after military stores with Mao Jie.” Ren Jun was affiliated with and the Wei Kingdom. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Ren Jun (Boda) 任峻 (伯達)

Lived: AD ?–204

None Available

Served: Wei

Looked after military stores with Mao Jie.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Jên Chün (Po-ta)
Simplified Chinese: 任峻 (伯达)
Pronunciation: Ren4 Jun4 (Bo2da2)
Min-Nan: Jim Cun (Pek-tat)

Rank and Titles

Commendant of Calvery; Colonel

Family and Relationships

Ren Lan, Ren Xian (Sons)

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 14, 17

Sanguozhi: Wei 16

Hou Han shu: 76

Jin Shu: 26, 44

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Historic (Confirmed)

Ren Jun lived in the county of Zhongmou during the period when Dong Zhuo took over the capital. He convinced Yang Yuan to take control of the area and enlist soldiers. Later, he and Zhang Fen arranged for the territory to surrender to Cao Cao. Ren Jun married one of Cao Cao’s cousins and henceforth served Cao Cao loyally. During campaigns, Ren Jun took care of logistics. In AD 196, Zao Zhi proposed the establishment of agricultural colonies. This idea was approved, and Ren Jun was appointed Commissioner of Agriculture to supervise the development of said agricultural colonies.

At the Battle of Guandu, Ren Jun was once more in charge of transporting provisions to Cao Cao’s army. He set up several camps along several roads, each with fences. These thwarted attempts by Yuan Shao’s army to raid Cao Cao’s supplies. Ren Jun died a few years later, in AD 204.

Source: A Biographical Dictionary of Later Han to the Three Kingdoms by Dr. Rafe de Crespigny



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