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Qin Lun; Ch‘in Lun

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You are viewing the profile of Qin Lun born in Roman Empire. “A Roman merchant who told Sun Quan about the Roman Empire.” Qin Lun may not have existed in history. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Qin Lun


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A Roman merchant who told Sun Quan about the Roman Empire.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Ch‘in Lun
Simplified Chinese: Undefined

Birthplace: Roman Empire

Name Notes: His Chinese name is an ethnikon comprised of 秦(Qin), representing his Roman origins, and 論(Lun), representing his personal name.

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Historic (Unverified)

During the 5th year of the Huangwu period of the reign of Sun Quan [AD 226], a merchant of Da Qin, whose name was Qin Lun came to Jiaozhi ; the Governor of Jiaozhi, Wu Miao, sent him to Sun Quan, who asked him for a report on his native country and its people. He wrote his report [And gave it to them]. At the time Zhuge Ke said that in Danyang, they had caught black coloured short people. After seeing them, Qin Lun said: “In the Roman Empire these people are rarely seen.” Sun Quan then sent ten men and women, under the authority of officer Liu Xian of Kuaiji, to see Qin Lun off. They all died on the road, whereupon Qin Lun went straight back to his native country.”

- Book of Liang , Vol. 54



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