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Liu Yao (Zhengli); Liu Yao (Chêng-li); 劉繇 (正禮)

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You are viewing the profile of Liu Yao (劉繇), styled Zhengli (正禮), born in Mouping County, Donglai Commandery. “Imperial Inspector of Yangzhou. Liu Dai’s brother. Defeated by Sun Ce, then died of illness.” Liu Yao was affiliated with and the Han Dynasty. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Liu Yao (Zhengli) 劉繇 (正禮)

Lived: AD 157–198


Served: Han, Liu Yao

Imperial Inspector of Yangzhou. Liu Dai’s brother. Defeated by Sun Ce, then died of illness.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Liu Yao (Chêng-li)
Simplified Chinese: 刘繇 (正礼)
Min-Nan: Lauw Yauw (Ceng-lee)

Birthplace: Mouping County, Donglai Commandery

Other Names: Liu Yong

Name Notes: Referenced incorrectly as ‘Liu Yong’ in many Koei games, along with a few other video games. Historical sources, and nearly all novel translations, use ‘Liu Yao’ instead.

Rank and Titles

County Magistrate in Liang; Assistant Officer; Marquis of Mouping; Gentleman of the Palace; Imperial Inspector of Yang Province; Grand Administrator of Danyang

Family and Relationships

Liu Wei (Father); Liu Dai (Brother); Liu Chong (Uncle); Liu Ji, Liu Shao, Liu Shang (Sons)

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 11, 15, 97, 120

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Sanguo Yanyi

Liu Yao, styled Zhengli (and sometimes incorrectly referenced as Liu Yong), served as Imperial Inspector of Yangzhou. He was Liu Dai’s younger brother. Employed the services of Taishi Ci. In the novel, he sent Taishi Ci to the aid of Liu Bei and Tao Qian while they were battling Cao Cao. He would later be defeated by Sun Ce (who would also employ Taishi Ci), and soon after died of illness.



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