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Liang Long; Liang Lung; 粱龍

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Liang Long 粱龍

Lived: AD ?–181

None Available

Served: Miscellaneous

Led a rebellion in Jiaozhi. Was defeated and killed by Zhu Jun.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Liang Lung
Simplified Chinese: 粱龙

Birthplace: Jiaozhi

Name Notes: Long may not have been his given name. It might have been his nickname: “Dragon Liang”

Liang Long


Historic (Confirmed)

Liang Long might have been a chieftain of the Wuhu people of Hepu. Prior to the Yellow Turban Rebellion, Liang Long led an insurrection in Jiaozhi. Among others, he persuaded the Grand Administrator of Cangwu, Chen Shao, to join him. In AD 181, the Han general Zhu Jun raised troops from Kuaiji to quell Liang Long’s rebellion. Zhu Jun executed Chen Shao and then managed to win over the people of the area. In a very short amount of time, Liang Long’s rebellion collapsed. He was executed in the aftermath.



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