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Huan Zhi; Huan Chih

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Huan Zhi

Lived: Unlisted

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Served: Shi Xie

Rebelled against Shi Hui after Huan Lin’s death. Fought against Lü Dai later, but was defeated.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Huan Chih
Simplified Chinese: Undefined

Family and Relationships

Huan Lin (Brother); Huan Fa (Son)


Historic (Confirmed)

Huan Zhi was the brother of Shi Xie’s Recording Official Huan Lin. In AD 227, Shi Xie died and Shi Hui succeeded him as the de-facto ruler of Jiaozhou. Sun Quan wished to seize Jiaozhou for himself; he appointed the officer Dai Liang as Inspector of Jiao, with nominal authority over Shi Hui. Shi Hui refused this and forced Dai Liang out of the province. Huan Zhi’s brother Huan Lin protested this action. Huan Zhi advised Shi Hui to welcome Dai Liang instead. This angered Shi Hui, who flogged Huan Lin to death with a bamboo rod.

Huan Lin’s death naturally enraged Lin’s kinsmen. Huan Zhi gathered his clan together and rebelled. Huan Zhi, his son Huan Fa, and the rest of the clan besieged Shi Hui for several months. However, the confrontation ended in a stalemate: both sides declared a cease-fire and withdrew. Later, Lü Dai treacherously succeeded in luring out and killing many members of the Shi clan. Huan Zhi and others rose up against Lü Dai when he tried to take control over Jiao, but Lü Dai easily destroyed them.



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